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Pick of the Week #545 – Black Hammer #1

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In a rare event, we’re coming to LIVE from the San Diego Comic-Con 2016! Well… that may not be entirely true. But Conor Kilpatrick is our man on the street bringing the latest comics news to the masses, while Ron Richards sits idly by at home seething with jealousy (not really.) And where is Josh Flanagan? Two words: Pokemon Go.

Running Time: 01:00:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:47 – Black Hammer #1

00:10:34 – The Hellblazer: Rebirth #1
00:14:31 – Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1
00:19:25 – Snotgirl #1
00:25:59 – Betty and Veronica #1
00:30:41 – Velvet #15
00:37:32 – Spider-Man #6
00:38:27 – Batman #3
00:39:23  – All-New Wolverine #10

Star Wars Corner:
00:40:17 – Star Wars #21

I Got This:
00:42:02 – Scooby Apocalypse #3

San Diego Comic Con Live Report:
00:42:38 – Conor on the exhibit hall floor (not really)


Audience Questions:
00:47:00 – “Reverse” Jared from Indiana figured out the origin of thinking about things and has a question about power sets.
00:51:02 – Ian from Staten Island, NY is pondering ditching his physical comics after moving again.

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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again- forget floppy single issue comics, people are starting to sell off their trades. I sold all my collection except for 10 seminal titles (Killing Joke, Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Superman Red Son etc.) With a 128GB Ipad and 3TB containing complete golden age to modern age uninterrupted runs, I am spoilt for choice with everything. I can walk around with an entire library now including my EC Comics, old Charlton as well as smaller and now defunct publishers. I also have tons more room in my house. I believe in the next couple of years publishers will have to move to hardbacks and omnibus’ to entice customers to buy paper, sell your trades while you can get some money for them.

    • I’m confused. Are you basically saying the comic book companies should continue to make single floppies, but we as consumers shouldn’t buy them? I would imagine you see the flaw in that situation.

      Or, are you saying the companies should stop making floppies and just come out with trades, etc? I also hope you see the flaw in that business model.

      Believe me, overall I really enjoy reading trades. The uninterrupted flow in the story is great. However, I still want my single issues. That’s partially the collector in me. It is also a case of me wanting to support the creators.

    • Snts6678,
      I think he means just buy digitally not paper which I assume can still be done in the single and trades options to support creators in an ongoing manner similar to buying the monthly floppies. I do find it interesting how people who are all digital or all paper tend to proselytize like it’s religion. I myself am a physical media curmudgeon which extends to me still buying LPs, CDs and the occasional bluray or DVD and all of my books worth keeping are purchased physically. I stream content and pay for Apple/Spotify but I still prefer physical whenever affordable and possible and will continue to do so until it is no longer an option. I figure if there’s every a tech glitch that erases the cloud stuff (ala Private Eye) I’ll be rich in media! But seriously, when it comes to books and comics I can’t make the digital shift. The last thing I want to do after staring at a computer screen at work all day is come home and stare at another one to read my comics or books while trying to relax, it’s just not the same experience whatsoever, at least not fore me. I also collect and like tangibility though after several cross state moves in recent years I get the cumbersome and heavy deterrant in stacks of comics and books but once I get where I’m going I’m happy to have them again. I will admit I sale or trade or give away 50-70% of my floppies purchased in a year at the end of each year because I try to limit the space I donate to them, but I always pick up the collected editions out of those for my favorite runs. I have no intention of getting rid of those if I don’t have too.

    • Carlosparlos,

      Well said, and I’m right there with you. I will buy the occasional digital comic, but nothing replicates the experience of holding a physical copy of a comic. Never has. Never will.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for reading my email. When I was thinking about this there were some characters that came to mind, and like Conor said, most of them are mystical or magic based: Dr. Fate, the Specter, Scarlet Witch. For most of my reading I would like to know what a character’s limitations are, and watch them struggle against those. But every so often I like reading a book where I don’t really know what the character is capable of. That being said, I think I will skip the Hellblazer series. If I want to know what Constantine’s powers are I’ll ask Josh to keep me updated.

  3. Just one note on the new membership subscriptions. I went in to unplug my paypal subscription and saw that I have racked up $300 in annual subscriptions over the years. BEST investment I could have ever made. Keep it going guys, glad to have the trio back and firing on all cylinders.

  4. Did anyone else have a problem with the way women were drawn in Batgirl and Birds of Prey? None of them seemed very…womanly(?) to me. Their body shapes and especially faces had harsher lines and noses than I’d expect. Maybe the mere fact that I feel that way is indicative of the normalization of “cheesecake” depictions of women in comics? I don’t know. I just wasn’t a huge fan of the art. Just me?

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