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Pick of the Week #541 – Aquaman #1

Show Notes

Ratings… ratings… wait a minute… no ratings? What the hell? This is BS. Oh well, I guess Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick will talk about comics like they always do. But did Superman catch his train?!?!

Running Time: 01:04:21

Pick of the Week:
00:02:21 – Aquaman #1

00:11:02 – The Flash #1
00:14:17 – Wonder Woman #1
00:18:07 – Justice League #52
00:20:19 – Action Comics #958
00:22:37 – Power Man and Iron Fist #5
00:22:53 – The Totally Awesome Hulk #7
00:30:53 – Black Road #3
00:31:54 – Civil War II: Choosing Sides #1
00:32:40 – The Ultimates #8
00:33:57 – Ms. Marvel #8
00:36:38 – Captain America: Sam Wilson #10
00:39:20 – The Mighty Thor #8

Star Wars Corner:
00:41:14 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens #1

Audience Question:
00:44:03 – Ryan H. from DC wants to know if Aquaman should go Game of Thrones?
00:49:05 – Levins from Sydney, Australia goes deep into the archive to revisit the question of Kirkman, Bendis, or Millar?

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  1. Great show. Will you guys be fixing the registration process to be an iFanboy member?

  2. Aquaman was a very enjoyable book def an interesting story setup and the art was a big plus.
    I will say though reading a few other Abnett books this week and I am hoping he lays off the heavy exposition going forward. I know Conor would say that this is how they used to do comics all the time before and it’s early issues-, but to me nothing takes me out of story more when a character says things like – “I am me and being me of course you know that my arch foe is…”

  3. Josh, was Aftermath worth reading? I’d planned on reading it right away until seeing the reviews, but I’m still considering it. If you could time travel, would you advise past-Josh to read it or skip it?

    • My question precisely! What say you, Josh?

      I read Rucka’s Shattered Empire comic miniseries but it didn’t scratch my itch for finding out what exactly happened bridging Episodes VI and VII. Am wondering if Aftermath does.

      P.S. Loved hearing Jesus Jones again 🙂

  4. When you guys were mentioning Bendis i didn’t hear any of you mention Jessica Jones. That’s a pretty successful show. I’d still pick Millar, his comics are amazing and Civil war…

  5. Just because you guys didn’t like Nemesis* and didn’t even try** Kick-Ass sequels (also awesome. especially the final kick-ass series) does not mean Millar had some sort of creative dip like you mention everytime his name comes up. And I’ll keep whining every time you do! 🙂

    **”The human eye can only read so much Kick-Ass, Mozart” – Conor Salieri

  6. On the last question I’m surprised you guys had so much trouble with the definition of “best”. You say it every week at the top of your show with the pick of the week. To me he asked the same question. The “best” creator meaning whose work you enjoyed the most, for any reason, either before or after 2009.

    For me their best works are:

    Bendis – Powers (00-04), Ultimate Spider-Man (00-10), Daredevil (01-06), Alias (01-04), New Avengers (04-10), Dark Avengers (09-10), House of M (05).

    Kirkman – Invincible (03-16), Walking Dead (03-16), Irredeemable Ant-Man (06). Walking Dead episodes.

    Millar – Authority (00-02), Superman Red Son (03), Ultimates (02-07), Ultimate X-Men (02-03), Kick-Ass (08-14), Jupiters Legacy/Circle (13-16) . Kingsman Movie.

    I can see why this question came up in 2009 as all three had done a tremendous amount of great work by then. I would say Bendis has had the roughest time recently as I didn’t enjoy his x-men run while Millar has made a comeback with the Jupiters Legacy/Circle series. Best today for me would be Millar but over the span of their whole career I would say Bendis.

  7. I can understand why you guys aren’t vibing on the story in Wonder Woman, that we’re rehashing the origin once again. But it’s interesting still. For one, Rucka is trying to either integrate these two vastly different origins or show why one is the truth and one is false. He’s not just moving on from what Azarello introduced in his run. Better to address it now than let it turn into a Hawkman-level mess. Also could make for some great drama. Secondly, the fact that she keeps saying “The story is changing” is a really fascinating choice – there are all kinds of textual and metatextual implications of phrasing the dilemma like this, from her role as a figure of living Greek myth to the fact that she’s a 75-year old character who’s had a lot about her story change. Lastly, other than maybe Hawkman, has any comic character confronted the fact that their story is constantly in flux? I almost expect her to shake her fist at the air and shout in the direction of the writer in some Grant Morrison-inspired rant about “Stop changing my story!” Would rather see a serious move like that than a more jokey John Byrne She-Hulk attempt.

    • I have no problem with it as a re-telling of her origin — I love the retelling of superhero origin stories. I also really love the metatextual elements.

      I just think the execution is a bit boring, which is the same problem I had with Rucka’s original run on this book.

    • @BC1 – What came to mind for me was Donna Troy, and her own “messed up / constantly in flux / let’s make a story out of that!” origin. I’m giving Rucka et al time to tell their story, and I did like the WW Rebirth issue. But I also agree with sentiments heard on this ep of iFanboy: instead of telling a story about all the conflicting origins, and getting meta about it, just choose one and tell me a great story within that!

  8. Aquaman was pretty rad. He is my favorite DC character so I’m clearly biased.

    Re: RH’s question–I tried to turn my sister onto Lazarus by describing it to her. She replied that she had already read Game of Thrones.

    I’ve never listened to MATES and was bummed to learn that “Ratings” is not an iFanboy original.

    • Dude- Shhhh
      Don’t say that about the ratings bit- it’s a comedy homage. If Josh hears you he’ll get a complex about it.

  9. On the question of Bendis, Kirkman, or Millar, I’m with Kirkman. I read very few books from week to week and month to month anymore, but “Invincible” and “The Walking Dead” are both on that list. Plus, Skybound releases a lot of swell books, including the criminally overlooked “Thief of Thieves.” I wrote more about it here: http://www.pipelinecomics.com/kirkman-bendis-or-millar/

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