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Pick of the Week #539 – GrizzlyShark vs. SeaBear #3

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Ratings (ratings) continue as we tackle more DC Rebirth books. But first, we have to deal with some beautiful wacky wildlife insanity. There’s some good Chaykin, there’s some long term thought, and there’s still a stupid glowing spider logo.

Running Time: 01:00:26

Pick of the Week:
00:01:17 – GrizzlyShark vs. SeaBear #3

00:10:27 – Aquaman: Rebirth #1
00:18:53 – Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1
00:25:12 – The Flash: Rebirth #1
00:32:54 – Action Comics #957
00:35:02 – Detective Comics #934
00:39:32 – Daredevil #8
00:44:20 – Midnight of the Soul #1
00:46:08 – The Vision #8
00:48:48 – Wacky Raceland #1
00:51:16 – Howard the Duck #8

Star Wars Corner:
00:52:55 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #21

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  1. I laughed out loud multiple times with GS vs. SB (Unlike BM vs. SM: DOJ).

  2. The chuckle I get recalling Josh busting into the Red Robin commercial copy about” a savory beef patty and applewood bacon” when Tim was first saddled with the Red Robin identity years ago is enough to make the RR tolerable. The glowing spider, on the other hand makes absolutely no sense practically or visually. It’s an unpleasant clash to have that green amid the classic red & blue. If they really needed the glow they could have at least made it yellow and tied the look together through primary colors. Alas, even if this tweak was made, nothing can help those new boots. Anyone know who designed the new Spidey look? I refuse to believe Camuncoli would do this…

  3. Conor was spot on. Josh doesn’t seem to like many books. Great show though. Thanks guys.

    • I don’t think that’s true at all. Josh just isn’t caught up in the nostalgia soup that is rebirth, Green Lantern was good and Flash is really good but everything else rebirth is just a redux of what they were post Flashpoint, it’s not great, DC still hasn’t fixed their creativity problem on many books. Josh is just the only one willing to say “Hey do something different”

    • It’s totally cool if anyone doesn’t like them, or to want something new. I’m head over heels in love with them, but I recognize that a lot of that may be because I’m newer to the DC Univers than most. As such, many of the stories that others like Josh may have heard before are still new and fresh to me.

    • Yeah, totally fine for people to not like these books or any others. I just found it amusing that Conor poked fun at Josh a little bit about not liking anything. As a long time listener, I’ve definitely noticed that Josh is more picky with his comics than Conor or Ron (or Paul etc.)

      P.S. I’ve really been enjoying the ratings segment. Would love to see that more often even beyond the rebirth books 🙂

    • The Rebirth plan ‘we are reviewing all these books, period’ runs counter to the IFanboy ‘lets opt for picking books we can be positive about’ attitude. I’ve gotta say I am completely unexcited about the fact they’ve decided to renumber/relaunch the books YET AGAIN. I get excited about great creative teams (screw that says DC, we go with our same old Tomasis, etc, and btw, we care so little about creative teams we are going to put out books at a rate impossible for a single creative team to keep up with…no thanks I say). You go Josh! I can’t wait to hear the hangover from Conor when the books he likes suddenly switch teams.

      You could hear the show pick up with excitement once they left the Rebirth discussions and actually talked about they wanted to talk about.

    • @Urthona: “You could hear the show pick up with excitement once they left the Rebirth discussions and actually talked about they wanted to talk about.”

      You might be hearing what you want to hear. Ron and I, at least, are very excited to do the Rebirth ratings segment. We’ve been talking it for weeks. (Amongst ourselves and on the show.)

  4. I’m not such a big fan of the glowing spider on the the costume either. But is there a bigger example nerd nitpicking than to be upset about this? Why does Batman take such pains to dress in the night and then sometimes wear a safety yellow Bat symbol in the middle of his chest?
    Maybe it s the same principle that area is heavily shielded so it’s a target away form other vital areas?
    I was hoping that the spider symbol was glowing b/c it was the source of some kind of energy shielding but that doesn’t seem to be the case?

  5. Howard the Duck is amazing and under-appreciated. In fact, it is my favourite comic coming out from Marvel right now. Keep reviewing it, to hell with the duck-hating speciesists!

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