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Pick of the Week #538 – Green Arrow: Rebirth #1

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Ratings… Ratings… Ratings! With DC Rebirth upon us we’re bringing back the classic ratings by utilizing the PRRs system of Pick a comic, Read a comic and Rate a comic. Conor Kilpatrick kicks things off with his Pick of the Week and Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards are there to put in their two cents. Ratings! In addition to Ratings, we’ve got the end of an era, the start of an event that no one seems to care about and much more!

Running Time: 01:01:09

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Green Arrow: Rebirth #1

00:15:27 – Batman: Rebirth #1
00:21:03 – Superman: Rebirth #1
00:25:40 – Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1
00:32:54 – Hellboy In Hell #10
00:40:14 – Civil War II #1
00:46:19 – The Revisionist #1
00:47:00 – Moon Knight #3
00:47:27 – Deadly Class #21
00:48:11 – All-New Wolverine #9
00:49:13 – Unfollow #8
00:50:05 – Deadpool #13
00:52:36 – Paper Girls #6

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  1. Ratings

  2. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Am I the only one who was hoping DC would use Rebirth as an excuse to update the hideous Batman title logo?

  3. Re: Josh’s feelings on Superman: Taking the most obvious off the table (Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Grant Morrison, et. al) who would you like to see on the Superman titles?

  4. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Re: Civil War II: Haven’t read #1 yet, but I just read the Free Comic Book Day Civil War II story, and it has the War Machine and She-Hulk thing happen in it. So, yeah, no uproar about that going on a month now.

  5. I thought Mignola was taking a break from doing art in comic? Isn’t he still gonna write BPRD and past Hellboy stories?

    • http://www.ew.com/article/2016/03/14/mike-mignola-hellboy-hell

      “It was only in the past year and a half I started thinking I’d like to focus on personal art for a while. I’ve been averaging about one painting a year. If you only do a painting once a year, you kind of have to re-learn it every time you do it. So to buy myself this chunk of time and say for a year to carve out this big chunk of time, produce some work with no expectation and then at the end of the year, look at it and say well what did I do? Is there something here? And it’s been 25 years since I didn’t have any work lined up.”

      It sounds like he’s still going to keep an eye on B.P.R.D..

  6. I don’t think you guys are as lost as you think on the plot of “Hellboy in Hell”, because it was pretty basic. Hellboy has been told over and over that one day he would rule Hell and lead its armies to Earth to trigger the apocalypse. We obviously knew he wasn’t going to do that, because he’s been breaking his own horns off of his head since “Seed of Destruction.” But he does conquer Hell while he’s at it. It turns out that the whole thing is an anti-climax, because the monsters and demons of myth and legend have been rotting down there a long time. He quickly dispatches Satan and then roams around Hell hunting down all of Satan’s lieutenants. When they’re all dead, he finds a quiet, peaceful corner of Hell to rest in. He’s Hell’s conqueror, but not its ruler.

    But what you guys DID miss, which is a huge part of the emotional impact of the ending is the references to “The Magician and the Snake.” If you’ve never read “The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects,” then you need to read that right now. Talk about story telling and comedic timing in comic book form… It’s one of the best collections of comic books short stories ever imo.

    Anyway, in brief, the story of “The Magician and the Snake” is that the Magician makes three solid objects disappear to impress a king and become known as the greatest magician in the world. His friend the snake is thrilled until the magician tells him that some day the shapes will reappear and on that day the Magician will die. They decide to live life to the fullest in the meantime, but one day the shapes do reappear in the sky and the snake rages at them from the pinnacle of a tower. Mignola says his daughter came up with this story when she was seven. It’s hard not to read it as a child’s way of dealing with the concept of death, and if the magician is anyone, it’s her father, who as an artist, of course, is a master of shapes. Connecting the dots, when I turned the page and saw those three shapes hovering there, I felt like the snake.

  7. Batman took place over a week. Calendar Man had a machine for that.

    Also, every double shipping comic has two artists who swap every arc (or in Wonder Woman’s case, every issue since it’s going back and forth between arcs) Mikel Janin is the second artist on Batman. All the artist pairings were announced at that Rebirth conference.

    • Sorry, commenting as I listen. Even though I didn’t like Tomasi’s Final Days of Superman, I am WAY into him and Pat Gleason on Superman, cause their Batman+Robin comic did so well with the father/son dynamic, and that’s what Superman has now, raising the new Superboy.

      I can see that fun arc where Damian got superpowers as a kind of test run 🙂

  8. I’d like to hear the end of that water supply argument. I’m fairly certain that Josh is talking about well water, while Conor is saying even though his water comes from a system of pipes from his city water supply it also is delivered from under the ground. Unless of course Conor is saying he does have well water in which case I would advise him against ingesting said water. LA and the surrounding area was filled with industrial complexes, oil fields and cow pastures from what I remember. That might color the flavor slightly,

  9. You guys must have a lot of listeners. That Green Arrow comic is on it’s way to being the highest selling Green Arrow ever. And I agree with Josh. I’ve always carried a secret dream to write comics and if I was going to write anything DC it would be Green Arrow.

  10. Awesome! I love Green Arrow and the comics, past and present. The rebirth of Green Arrow story direction and art look good and I’m excited to see where it leads. Good pick guys! *Thumbs up*

  11. On Green Arrow, I loved the Woody Guthrie reference: ‘This machine kills Facists.” Either Johns or one of the art team actually knows something about American progressive/left politics.

  12. My RATINGS based on the PRR system.

    Green Arrow – 5/5
    Green Lanterns – 3.5/5
    Superman – 3/5
    Batman – 2/5

    Green Arrow is the first book to achieve what Rebirth promised and what Nu52 failed at. I hope to see more of this in the coming weeks. As you guys mentioned, the reason this was a 5* book and not a 4 was Otto Schmidt’s art. If DC wants to show a true change, they need to bring in more unique artists, like Otto, and move past the house style of old. Today’s announcement of a Mitch Gerads exclusive is a good start.

    Green Lanterns was interesting enough. I am surprisingly excited for the partners who have to learn to like each other shtick. I can’t decide if I am excited for the whole what’s-in-the-box-? setup of that new Oan, though I loved his character design. I am decidedly not excited for more Red Lanterns. Not Unless Guy gets involved.

    Superman was surprisingly boring. But at least i have a better understanding of where the El Family stands in new continuity.

    Batman. I was not a fan of this issue. It felt very hollow but somehow compressed at the same time. You guys mentioned Civil War 2 telling and not showing, this did the same thing in a different way. On one page Batman needed to find the Calendar Man’s mysterious machines, on the next he found them. Just like that. I liked the new layer of the Calendar Man being reborn. The story itself was fine, I’d like to have seen it play out in a double sized issue.

    Great ep as always.

  13. Civil War II described in one sentence: ‘Beautiful artwork presenting a terrible concept.’

    The way the first issue went kind of felt like Bendis’s heart wasn’t entirely in it. Oh, and I agree 1,0001% with Ron’s assessment as to what was wrong with the issue. I’ll still check out a few more issues to see where the story goes, but as far as I’m concerned it seems fundamentally flawed from the get-go (mostly on account of why the book is being written in the first place).

  14. I think Cagnazzo just summed up my feelings on Marvel in general lately. What are the books that people are reading and getting excited about right now from Marvel because they seem to be in my blind spot. The only thing that I see that’s been consistently good for a while is Ms. Marvel.

    The nice thing is since I’m cooling on Marvel so much that opens the door for Rebirth. If it’s not a total disaster I can afford to switch over to some of those titles.

    • Power Man and Iron Fist is great, Everything by Aaron but especially Dr. Strange. Black Panther is really good. And Vision was special. Oh and Robinson on Scarlet Witch

    • Thanks I’ll have to check some of those out. None of those titles would have been on my Radar.

    • Silver Surfer for sure. That book is outstanding.

      @yorickrand – I’m not loving this Strange story, it feels a lot like the Thor God Butcher story retold.

    • @Urthona, well Aaron is literally writing 5 amazing books a month. You’re right that the villain seems eerily similar, but the whole using magic costs a toll thing, using the different magicians, and the way he writes strange as in his personality, is really good. It’s the best thing Strange since Vaughn.

  15. I’m running a week or two behind on the podcast, but for those wondering why Greg Smallwood’s name sounded familiar is that not only was he the primary artist on DREAM THIEF, but he also is/was a member of the iFanbase.

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