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Pick of the Week #533 – Batman #51

Show Notes

Some deep comics talk this week as Conor Kilpatrick’s Pick of the Week puts the toys back on the shelves and Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards ponder the questions of life related to motorcycle helmets, deaths in comics, and even a little bit of oral sex. Plus… Bobo.

Running Time: 01:02:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:08 – Batman #51

00:12:50 – 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1
00:20:44 – Star-Lord #6
00:22:13 – All-New Wolverine #7
00:27:13 – Velvet #14
00:30:36 – Daredevil #6
00:33:13 – Sex #27
00:35:20 – Jacked #6
00:37:01 – Batgirl #51
00:38:09 – Ms. Marvel #6
00:40:22 – Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega #1

Audience Questions:
00:43:20 – Bill “Bobo” Simoni is looking for recommendations about how to get back into the comics game.
00:50:35 – Jared from Muncie, IN is looking for recommendations about how to get into the Golden Age/Silver Age comics game.
00:53:52 – Eric from Detroit. MI sends in a voicemail and is looking for recommendations about how to get into the Eisners game.

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“My Heart Went Cold”
The Thermals


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  1. Why is the voicemail line number Still on the page then?!

    • Pretty sure they still use it.

    • what voicemail line number? 😉

    • I stand corrected. Apparently I missed the part about this week’s being an email voicemail.

    • Tricky Richards- tricky.
      Incidentally I feel your line wide pain regarding marvel. I don’t ever want to see editorial stifle creativiity- New 52 style. But there really seems to be a need for the kind of editor who has a comprehensive overiew and is involved in an almost wrting style cpacity. Many of the marvel books are just- sloppy and not great right now. IMO.

  2. Blowjobs you say?

  3. With you all the way Connor, I thought Batman was fantastic this week. It was like everyone in Gotham just wanted to take time to catch their breath…even several of the villains. The proverbial calm before the next storm.

    Am I wrong in remembering the Joker actually appearing in this issue, maybe for a panel or two? Wasn’t he the guy sitting on the bench swatting at a fly near his neck?

  4. How many times has a Snyder/Capullo Batman book been the POW? Has to be almost 10. Pretty solid showing. I loved it!

    • Looks like 12 times.

    • Absolutely. I thought it was fantastic, and it appears the gentleman of iFanboy enjoyed it as well (of course, there were hiccups here and there, but that’s normal)!

      Call me crazy, but I truly believe that years from now this may be considered the greatest creative team run on the character, ever. I realize others have been with the character longer and were excellent as well, but…….just saying.

    • @Snts6678: I think you definitely have to put Snyder/Capullo in the all-time Batman creative team greats conversation, but for me it would be hard to top Grant/Breyfogle.

      If we were still writing articles this would definitely be a fun one to write and explore.

    • Conor, I agree. I really enjoy when people share who/what their favorites are and why. No giving people who have a difference of opinion a bad time. Just good old fashioned discussion. Heck, the suggestions of others lead me down paths of discovery I may not have found on my own.

  5. Ultimates #6: Holy crap, get Christian Ward off of that book NOW. I feel a little bad saying that, because I can appreciate originality in art. And I can even admit, Ultimates is probably one of the best landing spots for it, especially after reading the first few issues of ODY-C.

    But the faces look bizarre, the colors look like someone ate too many Skittles, the panel layouts are far too random (and not in an awesome Sorrentino way)…Please go back to Rocafort.

  6. I *may* have listened to Capullo’s pre-Batman books ten times. Maybe. Ok, definitely.

  7. i’m curious as to what this “Hipster Aesthetic” is tha everyone aside from Conor was trying not to say? Do books by Davis Aja have that characteristic? I’m not a fan of his Hawkeye nor am I fan of Chris Samnee, those styles just don’t speak to me. Is that what’s referred to by the Hipster thing?

  8. @Conor #52 will be written by Snyder as well. The way you spoke of #51 it sounded like that was the last issue.

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