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Pick of the Week #532 – Criminal 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Show Notes

Listen, this week we looked at our stack of comics and decided to let it rip. Why? Because there’s so many delightful comics to be talked about, many of them ending in 6. Josh Flanagan had the Pick of the Week, it ends being a long one so Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards held on for dear life. Plus an update on our Jeepers Creepers Bobble Heads inventory and some other bonus items.

Running Time: 01:08:56

Pick of the Week:
00:01:56 – Criminal 10th Anniversary Special Edition

00:12:36 – The Mighty Thor #6
00:17:02 – Huck #6
00:19:15 – The Walking Dead: The Alien
00:26:45 – Hawkeye #6
00:36:34 – Superman: American Alien #6
00:39:09 – Lucifer #6
00:40:47 – Karnak #3
00:43:36 – Astro City #34

2016 Eisner Nominations:
00:47:41 – We review this year’s Eisner nominations and highlight a few categories.

“Let’s Go Crazy”


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  1. Delightful show, guys!

    Listening to your talk about the Eisners, though, highlights something about your show that I really miss: the graphic novels. I know that you got burned on the formal book of the month thing but any chance of bringing back the occasional graphic novel review to the show? I’ve discovered loads of great books from your recommendations and I do miss not having that part of the show/ website around anymore.

    • I second this request. Just last week while reading the Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One, I found myself wondering what you guys thought of the work.

  2. Wanted to bring your attention to a couple of new series that premiered from Dark Horse this month.

    -House of Penance dramatizes the construction of the Winchester Mystery House, and the descent into madness of its owner. Issue 1 of 6 was very promising, combining a Peter Tomasi story with beautiful, macabre artwork from Ian Betram and colors by Dave Stewart.

    -Dept. H presents an Agatha Christie style murder mystery in an undersea research lab. The story and setting so far have presented a compelling case to follow. The highlight is the artwork by Matt and Sharlene Kindt, which features watercolors and rough panels. These give the page a damp, moldering look that marries perfectly with the subject matter.

    It’s a bit of a ongoing debate as to how relevant DH is as a publisher, so it’s nice to see what they can do with their best foot forward. Not sure if you guys are sleeping on these titles or if they just didn’t make the podcast- but you should give them a look!

    • Yes, Dept. H

      How these guys never spoke of Mind Mgmt is only due to memory erasure I am sure.

      Winchester Mystery House! Interest piqued for House of Penance. Since I’m lazy and poor, please post again when it’s all done to let me know if it’s trade worthy.

      below’s a link for episode about Winchester Mystery House on 99% Invisible podcast. It’s a nice overview for anyone interested:


  3. Show was Delightful as always 🙂 I’m not much into non-Marvel or DC with the exception of Walking Dead and Saga, but listening to Conner gush about Airboy made me go ahead and preorder it off instocktrades. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for bringing new things to the attention of old farts like me that don’t usually look at indie books.

  4. “Delightful” is the new “elegant”

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