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Pick of the Week #530 – The Fix #1

Show Notes

While Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan all agreed it was an exemplary week of comics, there’s a lot of mud slung this week. Something’s in the air, apparently. Either way, all hail the coming of Space George Lucas! In celebration, we went long.

Running Time: 01:10:09

Pick of the Week:
00:01:57 – The Fix #1

TheFix_01-1 Comics:
00:13:14 – Black Panther #1
00:20:10 – Superman #51
00:24:16 – The Vision #6
00:27:03 – Empress #1
00:34:00 – Unfollow #6
00:35:38 – Scarlet Witch #5
00:38:15 – The Sheriff of Babylon #5
00:40:42 – Grizzly Shark #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:43:35 – Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1

Audience Questions:
00:48:57 – David from Ontario, Canada would like to know what we thought of the Image Expo announcements and the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story teaser.

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  1. You know there is an actual band called The Fix.
    And they’re pretty good. Maybe—

  2. Great pick with The Fix…I couldn’t agree more.

    Last summer I had the chance to talk to Steve Lieber at a comic book show in Columbus. I was telling him how much I enjoyed Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and he really seemed genuinely appreciative of my appreciation for that book. At that point he really opened up more (he had initially seemed a bit more guarded when I approached the table he was at) and started telling me more about his next project with Nick Spencer…something he was really excited to talk about. He ended by taking a comic book backing board and drew a sketch of Boomerang from Superior Foes on it for me. The whole experience with him was fantastic.

    Also in complete agreement on Sheriff of Babylon. Best issue of an already great series. Any comic that is willing to give us a slowed down moment between two characters is welcome by me.

    Finally, in Rogue One I was very happy to see Ben Mendelsohn. He looked great.

  3. I should have clarified in my email that I refuse to call Rogue One by its official “A Star Wars Story” subtitle.

    Besides that and Forest Whitaker, I’m very excited for this new movie. I’ve heard complaints about another Death Star in a movie but it’s not like it’s a new Death Star and besides their cool as hell! I look at it like the Empire or the First Order don’t have an imagination and stick to the same idea for their bases. Thank you for addressing the complaints about the Bothans not being involved.

    Also, great share with your text conversation Ron! It’s nice to hear about new generations getting that excitement for Star Wars.

  4. I’m surprised Black Widow #2 isn’t on the docket here, expecially as you guys are all Chris Samnee fans. I thought the art, especially in the first half of the book, was absolutely wonderful. I’ve always really liked Samnee, but this may be my favorite work of his already.

    • A lot of books this week. I quite enjoyed BLACK WIDOW but had nothing really to say about it other than that.

    • @Conor yeah I can see that. Thinking about it there really isn’t much to say about it, it’s more about just appreciating the art for yourself. But my lord is it gorgeous. I’m glad to know you still enjoyed it.

  5. From the solicit, it sounds like N52 Superman will remain as civilian Clark Kent.

  6. Great show as always.

    Random question: Any chance we’ll see a booksplode interview with Glen Weldon about The Caped Crusade. I really enjoyed the interview Paul did with him about the Superman: The Unauthorized Biography.

    • At this time it’s unlikely. Creator interviews were really Paul and Josh’s bag and Paul’s over at Panels and Josh just doesn’t have time.

      It’s possible that could change in the future, though.

    • If you’re interested in an interview with Glen Weldon about The Caped Crusade, you could check out Word Balloon podcast with him from last week:

  7. Speaking of Star Wars blackouts – will we be hearing about the C-3PO one shot this week in “Star Wars Corner?” Or are you going to avoid the story of how he got his red arm?

  8. Vision as Clark Griswold is the best, most unexpected comparison I have heard. It’s BRILLIANT. It’s the most banal horror book (in the best way)!

  9. Just drove by House of Pies in Los Feliz, it’s still open and busy 🙂

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