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Pick of the Week #528 – Klaus #8

Show Notes

Listen, sometimes an Art House German in a black turtleneck with a cigarette shows up to your podcast and you just have to deal with it. Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards try their best as they discuss this week’s books and the intricacies of reality and art.

Running Time: 01:01:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:51 – Klaus #4

00:12:37 – The Ultimates #5
00:17:43 – The Infinity Entity #3
00:17:21 – Batman #50
00:30:31 – Art Ops #6
00:33:25 – Birthright #15
00:36:07 – Superman: Lois and Clark #6
00:38:57 – Star Wars #17

Audience Questions:
00:47:16 – B. James wants to place some blame on writers for destroying characters.
00:52:32 – John from Buffalo, NY asks for some Superman story recommendations.
00:54:39 – Edward from Nashville, TN asks about costume redesigns, citing the most recent Steve Rogers/Captain America costume.

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  1. You guys record before the Rebirth announcements? I haven’t listened yet but didn’t see it in the show notes.

  2. Top show, I really wish we’ had the Hyperion review. It wasn’t great, was it?

    I have to say, Cyclops’s ruination as a sympathetic character came while Claremont was writing, when he had him abandon Madelyne and his baby son because Jean had returned. OK, history says he was against the creation of X Factor, but he could’ve, I dunno, made Cyke seem more sympathetic by just killing off Maddy (a dumb character) and the kiddie.

    • I wanted to like Hyperion 1 because I like Wending as a writer and Varela as an artist (loved her work on 1872) but the art doesn’t fit the book and this whole macabre circus of weirdos would be more interesting with a less powerful hero to go up against. Hyperion is basically Superman. I won’t be getting issue 2.

  3. Part of what makes The Ultimates so good is the same thing that is making Contest of Champions kind of fun to read as well.
    Its address the complete lack of substance Hickman peddled out with Secret Wars.
    If you’re going to write an event the is about the dissolution of everything and I mean everything and then it’s rebirth.,
    There needs to be some attention paid to how – why- where- etc.
    Beyond the game of thrones wank that we got- there was very little – science(yes I mean marvel comic book science) and attention to detail paid for these giant cosmic/all reality level actions.
    The Ultimates does that. Like it or not- at least appreciate that Ewing is the guy in the meeting that sits there after the manager talks about being a ‘Disruptive leader’ and say – Yeah but how?

    Oh and Ron- B V S? You are completely right- Hot Garbage.
    New York City in the summer with a sanitation stirke- Hot Garbage.

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