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Pick of the Week #527 – Superman: American Alien #5

Show Notes

This week, Conor Kilpatrick just woke up, Ron Richards does his best to wrestle with hotel wi-fi, and Josh Flanagan takes on a new and surprising title: Defender of Continuity.

Running Time: 00:56:10

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Superman: American Alien #5

Comics:Superman_American Alien 5
00:09:54 – Power Man and Iron Fist #2
00:13:21 – International Iron Man #1
00:17:21 – The Infinity Entity #2
00:20:22 – Spider-Woman #5
00:26:19 – Starve #7
00:28:23 – Superman #50
00:31:54 – Huck #5
00:33:11 – All-New X-Men #6 / Extraordinary X-Men #8

Audience Questions:
00:37:56 – Greg B. from Oakland, CA likes Invincible but hates Invincible.
00:43:26 – Patrick F. from Greenville, NC wants to take a look at Stan Lee’s legacy.

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  1. You can thank Kieron Gillen for the mess with Tony Starks parents-non parents.
    SPolier- he he also has a brother who is the legitimate son of the Starks.
    You can blame Bendis for not chooisng to sue secret wars to wipe that all out.

  2. Also atleast Extraordinary X-men has some kind of plot. Uncanny x-men is issue after issue of sad sack teens roaming around the country looking for opportunities for exposition about their feelings.
    Hopless seemed to naile balance in Avnegers Arena this book seems like angst and chances to drop twitter- and snapchat references constantly.

  3. Hi Guys, I’m unable to stream or download from via Podcruncher on iOS. Other episodes download just fine.

  4. The Infinity Entity < The Rural Juror.

  5. Another great episode, I am hopeful that they use American Alien as the jumping off point for Rebirth.

    Loved the Stan Lee discussion. I am sort of a Stan Lee apologist. He’s gotta be the top creator in the history of comics even if you just give him half the credit for the F4 world.

  6. Stan lee at Fanexpo in Toronto Canada sept 1- 4 , 2016 his last Canadian appearance.


    Great show as always

  7. I switched to an iPhone 6 from an ITouch 4 and I don’t have the show notes anymore. Is there something I’m missing?

  8. Appreciate your measured comments about Stan Lee. Given what information we have I suspect only a professional historian could disentangle a reasonable account. I offer three thoughts. First, I think we should be be modest in our criticism and generous in our appreciation for all the major creators of that period at Marvel. It was transformational. Second, Stan Lee or whoever made the move toward routinely giving credit to the creative team in the books helped transform the industry. Third, when I look across the many new ideas at Marvel then, primarily Fantastic Four but also Spiderman, all the Avengers, X-Men, Dr. Strange, etc. is seems the one thing constant was Stan Lee. And when I look at the original work of Ditko and Kirby after their time at Marvel, while it has a lot of merit, it is not at the same level as that burst of creativity in the early-mid 1960s. So whatever the “Marvel method” it seems as if Stan Lee had a huge positive influence on what was going on then.

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