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Pick of the Week #525 – Old Man Logan #3

Show Notes

It’s a podcast full of delights! Josh Flanagan is able to avoid missing the show and good thing, because Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards have developed an uncomfortable dependency on Josh’s personal brand of comics criticism. And how better to celebrate the week in comics than be coming down hard on fan theories or childhood memories of the B-52s.

Running Time: 01:02:46

Pick of the Week:
00:02:22 – Old Man Logan #3

00:12:22 – Spider-Man #2
00:17:15 – Black Widow #1
00:21:01 – Unfollow #5
00:26:41 – Deadly Class #19
00:31:43 – The Sheriff of Babylon #4
00:33:33 – The Walking Dead #152

War Corner:
00:35:46 – Dreaming Eagles #3

NOT Star Wars Corner:
00:38:54 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #17

Audience Questions:
00:40:29 – Sarah from Banbury, Oxfordshire wants us to wish her boyfriend Adam a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
00:41:30 – Wes from Newport, MN wants to know what we think of the 1966 Batman TV Series.
00:48:50 – Ryan from Worcester asks who our hero picks are in Heroes of the Storm.
00:51:39 – Mik from Dapto, Australia is looking for some advice on writing comics.
00:56:02 – Matt from Minnesota is looking for us to weigh in on the Darth Jar Jar theory. WE WILL NOT TAKE THE BAIT.

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“I’m Done”
World Be Free

The B-52s sketch by The State on You Wrote It, You Watch It from 1991:

B52s from TheState on Vimeo.


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  1. That one skeleton is Quicksilver, not Kate. Check out his new dumb costume in Uncanny Avengers.

    • You mean the Fast Fwd button he has on his chest?
      I like Duggans work but I think he is wrong for that book and the whole book is kind of unreadable art and story.

    • I was never a huge fan of Stegman but his art here is really cartoony. Why does Steve Rogers look like Aunt May? And why do people have such huge, pointy elbows? It’s like the Rob Liefield school of drawing.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Deadly Class as well. Remender is definitely pumping his heart and soul into his IPs even more so since breaking off from Marvel. I’m hoping that Wes Craig will have some of his covers for Deadly Class issued out in poster form.

  3. The B-52s would have made great Batman 66 villains.

  4. Great episode of Star Wars Corner guys!

  5. I picked up Deadly Class just for the record store talk! That really takes me back to college….

  6. Not sure what you guys have against the plot set-up in Spider-Man. Miles gave a guy a cheeseburger, in return he got back everyone he loved in an alternate universe. Fair trade.

    • That did not happen in the book I read. Miles gave the guy a sandwich and he got to escape into a universe that he did not originate from.

    • I think the Molecule man reviving his mother from the dead in the main universe for Miles is an important detail.

    • I’m still confused who remembers Secret Wars/ the before time.

      The whole cheeseburger trade seemed… unnecessary. I was under the assumption molecule man was remaking the universe(s) as they were before. I am guessing what IronyJohn said is what he fixed, but at the same time he left his original universe out of existence save for a few members of his cast.

      If they are trying to say that the nu616 was rebuilt ONLY because Miles burger-traded and Miles was deposited into it, they went about telling us that in a weird way.

    • In SW #9, Molecule Man seemed to indicate he owed Miles one for the cheeseburger. I’m guessing Bendis wanted to be able to transport Miles’ little bubble of the Ultimate Universe into the 616 so he wouldn’t have to deal with Miles being all alone without anyone that he knows (other than Peter). Hickman gave a mechanism to justify this. A silly one – by the Battleword timeline that burger was 8 years old – but, ok.

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