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Pick of the Week #524 – The Goddamned #3

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Josh Flanagan has a bit of a crisis on his birthday weekend, mysteries are solved mid-show, and some comic books are discussed. It’s all in a day’s work for iFanboy!

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:03:20 – The Goddamned #3

Comics:The Goddamned_3
00:12:05 – Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1
00:17:43 – Saga #34
00:22:10 – X-Men: Worst X-Men Ever #1
00:25:08 – Daredevil #4
00:30:32 – All-New X-Men #5
00:30:58 – Black Magick #5
00:32:10 – Nexus, The Comic Strip #1
00:34:34 – Chew #55
00:35:41 – All-New, All-Different Avengers #5
00:38:06 – Karnak #2

Audience Questions:
00:40:49 – Eric from Brooklyn, NY has a problem with the way many Image books are paced.
00:45:46 – Tom from Wales thinks that Damian is the best Robin.
00:48:59 – Michael from Brooklyn, NY posits a “what if?” scenario about the industry.
00:50:38 – Nick from Melbourne, Australia was surprised iFanboy gave Superman Returns a positive review.

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“The Absence of God”
Rilo Kiley


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  1. Great show has always, Goddamned is the best comic right now (and Nowhere men), I read the first comic 3 times, Jason Aaron dialogues are awesome dark/funny “ you didn’t have no scars. What kinda man don`t have no scars? Even babies got scars.”

    Guéra art has evolved so much since Scalped, this team is total brutalist. When I open this week`s comic and saw the Adam and Eve scene I thought this seems to biblical boring, but then you read the dialogues and you see the mastery of it.

  2. I came out of “Superman Returns” merely underwhelmed; the more I watch it, I think it’s the worst of the 6. The bigger issue, though, is: Why can’t we have a good Superman movie?

  3. The Goddamned is definitely a good book but I’m probably going to be dropping it soon simply because, I don’t know, the older I get, the less nihilism holds any real interest for me. Frankly, I would love to see Jason Aaron do something light, fun, even romantic with his creator-owned work because, though I do think the world of Scalped, I’m not so into the same kind of tone for The Goddamned and, dare I say it, Southern Bastards either.

    As for the Superman movies, yeah, I loved Returns when I first saw it, as it did harken back so much to my childhood but, the occasional awesome sequence aside, it doesn’t hold up. I mean it is infinitely better than Man of Steel but, hey, what isn’t? Also, it’s funny, Brandon Routh looked way too young to be Superman but ever since Scott Pilgrim, I’ve thought that he now actually looks pretty much perfect with exactly the right kind of charm to pull it off.

    And while I don’t think Superman II is totally unwatchable, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who prefer the third one over it by quite a bit. In fact, dare I say it, I think it is pretty easily the second best Superman film to date.

    • If you watch Routh on “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” you realize that he wasn’t the problem with “Superman Returns.” The rehashed Superman I and II plots and Absentee Father Superman brought this film down.

    • BC1 – That is being Very generous about Routh.

    • Maybe it wasn’t the best role for him, he’s a bit too much Clark Kent and not enough Kal-El, but he’s not bad as an actor. I’ve liked him in pretty much everything else he’s done (Chuck, Arrow, LoT). I just don’t feel like he’s the main problem with that movie. It’s that Bryan Singer wanted to act like Routh was the second coming of Christopher Reeve so he could do a Donner-style Superman III. Which would have been fine in 1985, but by 2005 not so much. It didn’t help that Nolan was departing from the Burton/Schumacher mold with Batman Begins and creating a new Batman for the 21st century while Singer desperately wanted to recapture Superman’s 70’s/80’s glory days.

    • I think Movie Superman’s had a tough time of it because he is a hero in a society which (since the mid-1980s?) has preferred edgy antiheroes.

  4. Great show as usual! Thanks!

    Its funny I have listened to every show since the beginning but I never cared about spoilers as I usually read the books several years after they came out so I would forget the details, but Saga I skip over when you guys talk about it as I am mostly caught up (need to read the last 5 or 6 issues). I did the same thing with Scalped.

  5. I’m curious as to your level of excitement/trepidation for BvS? My concerns all center around Snyder’s Watchmen and what seems to be Frank Miller reproduction in some of the shots

  6. Good discussion, chaps. Also loving Goddammed- I thought it was interesting how RM Guera is so much better at drawing the ransacked ruined landscape than the lush paradise 🙂

    On long-term plotting BK Vaughn was talking about this at the NICE Con last year and said he knows the end of Saga and milestones along the way, but its going to be a looong series (maybe over 100 issues) and he’s always open to revising plot ideas, especially coming from artists. Its all recorded on the Orbital in Conversation podcast.

    Meanwhile Rick Remender seems to thinking more in terms of limited series- judging by what he said about Tokyo Ghost and Matteo Scalera says they are planning Black Science to finish between 30 and 40 issues. I think its better for creators to think in these finite terms and announce it rather than the pretend infinite ongoing.

  7. I’ve also noticed the varying pacing structures to Image comics as well. I tend to drop off from titles that don’t seem to be really going anywhere.

  8. Love the Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis in the intro/outro this week!

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