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Pick of the Week #522 – Jonesy #1

Show Notes

Comic books are discussed. Intergalactic bounty hunters are body shamed. Portentous personal revelations are made. It’s our Valentine’s Day gift to you!

Running Time: 01:00:35

Pick of the Week:
00:01:09 – Jonesy #1

00:11:36 – Low #11
00:14:54 – All-New X-Men #4
00:20:40 – All-New, All-Different Avengers #5
00:25:44 – Batman / Superman #29
00:32:50 – New Romancer #3
00:34:45 – Deadpool #7
00:36:49 – The Autumnlands #5
00:38:01 – Batman #49
00:40:55 – Starfire #9

Star Wars Corner:
00:42:25 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #16

Audience Questions:
00:43:53 – Zach from Virginia asks a horrifying question.
00:49:05 – Brian from Astoria, NY thinks it’s time to look back on The New 52.

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“Crackity Jones”


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  1. One of my iFanboy drinking games is to take a shot every time Conor says in some form “I know a guy on the inside but I can’t talk about it”

    New talent=Yes.
    Batgirl works bc it’s unique to itself I don’t need the Bedford Avenue-ification of all of DC that would be obnoxious.

  2. A little disappointed iFanboy answers your romance questions didn’t happen this year

  3. So…was anybody else completely put off by the new art for Starfire #9? I get that having a more light-hearted feel to the book was appropriate for this book, but some of the panels just looked really weird. There are a couple in particular that had Kori’s eyes significantly wide-set.

    Not a fan of the change.

  4. @Conor Any news on what Snyder will be doing next?

    • I heard Snyder is going to move over to Detective to be able to still write Batman stories but not be beholden to the pace of the main title. Capullo is leaving entirely, at least for a while.
      I think this could actually be pretty cool for Snyder and for Batman fans.

    • That’s disappointing. I had hoped he would try a new character.

  5. My school had the 1-2 punch of the carnation delivery AND a computerized questionnaire that matched you with your true love. I consistently got matched with the made-up students that people put in there with fake answers.

  6. I miss the Flash. I can’t remember the last issue I read (though it was probably just after Booth joined) and I don’t like the TV show so I’m hoping the “rebirth” brings a more interesting Flash back. I’m nervous that the success of the show is going to influence the book much like Marvel movies are influencing their books and I don’t want that. They should bring back the TV show book for the group that want more TV Flash. #notmyflash

  7. “Well it’s not Greg Land…” Ron Richards of iFanboy. That’s going on a cover.

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