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Pick of the Week #521 – Unfollow #4

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards are together again, and yet separated by many miles, just as they like it. The comics of the week come up, sure, and a great many wonderful comics they are. But there’s also a heck of a diversion on the concept of just what a sandwich is, and a literary discussion! Because that’s the kind of show we run. And we don’t apologize.

Running Time: 01:01:47

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – Unfollow #4

00:11:05 – The Sheriff of Babylon #3
00:15:37 – Spider-Man #1
00:22:48 – Spidey #3
00:25:15 – Scarlet Witch #3
00:32:59 – The Vision #4
00:29:58 – Nova #4
00:35:23 – Uncanny X-Men #3

War Corner:
00:38:30 – War Stories #16
00:40:48 – Johnny Red #4

Audience E-Mail:
00:43:10 – Patrick from NC would like to know what Neal Stephenson novel he should start with.
00:48:30 – Aaron from Boston asks about Transformers vs. G.I. Joe.
00:52:01 – Ralph from Hampshire, UK is an old soul who wants to know if comics today are aimed at the same people they were 10 years ago.

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  1. Thank you so much guys. The podcast always makes me smile.

  2. Speaking of overlooked comics, where’s the love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now there’s a comic where reboot and continuity mean something in the sense of the day’s of yore. It would be great if you guys took a risk every week, at least, on something new or at least off the beaten path. Love the show! 🙂

    • At least two of us tried that last big IDW relaunch. Talked about them on the show too. Didn’t stick with the book, though.

    • I would counter that Transformers and TMNT do not count as “off the beaten path”.

    • Yeah, was it Paul or Conor that was doing the “IDW report” during the big not-a-crossover crossover between all the different licenses (Ghostbusters, Trek, Joe, Transformers)? I remember whoever it was being really disappointed both by the story and by the lack of interaction between the different characters. Is this one of the “relaunches” you referred to Conor?

    • @BC1: No, I was referring to the launch in 2011 that Kevin Eastman co-wrote.

  3. Just an FYI regarding War Corner. There’s actually a third Ennis war book being published, this time by AfterShock (yeah, I dunno) and entitled “Dreaming Eagles”. It’s written by Ennis with art by SImon Colby, of Royals fame, and revolves around an old man telling a younger man about the Tuskegee Airmen. It’s two issues in.

  4. Are you guys reading the Ennis book Code Pru? I was hoping to hear your take on it .

  5. good show but i could have lived without the burger sandwich stuff. Re Ralph’s question, as I am older again that ye youngsters I would agree that writing styles change significantly over the years. Just look at any comic made up to 1990 and the sheer amount of words on most pages looks odd to younger people.

    But am curious about Conor’s point that some writers are aiming towards a twitter bubble audience. I can see one clear example – Batgirl , which is a terrific series , what are others ?

    I can see that a lot of creators are using twitter for promotion (which is fine ) but maybe I am just not noticing it within the comics as my old feeble eyesight fails yet again.

    in my ancient opinion people on twitter esply don’t seem to realize that most of the world is not on twitter and doesn’t give a flying f*** about it , and when they do think about it believe it is equivalent of drunks shouting at each other in a packed bar.

    I have been thinking about this for at least 20 years

  6. I’m an old man about your age and I haven’t really noticed feeling out of touch reading marvel but I can say that Marvel definitely gears different books to different age groups. MIles, Nova, Kamala are geared for early twenties to middle school kids, the Avengers is more high school to college age. I read Daredevil like Conor reads Batman (no matter who’s writing it) and I have found it’s for grown ups and probably was when I was a kid and just didn’t notice. And the rest I decide by writer and basically by you guys. Nothing by Aaron, Waid, Fraction ever made me think it was geared younger.

  7. A testament to Conor’s point about the twitter voice.
    Bonus: A ‘viral video’ reference And a dig at traditional media all in one image!

    From the latest All New X-men Hopeless proves he really knows what the kids are talking about.


    #lame skeptical emoji face. IMHO <–(see what I did there)- also a reference that should be retired- Oh I did it again.

    There is a huge difference between portraying something organically and being that person who wants to be Seen doing it.

  8. I’m loving Johnny Red too. Are any of you on Ennis’ Dreaming Eagles? I came to it late but it’s great. His dialogue is really good and the art is good too. Good War Corner talk!

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