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Pick of the Week #520 – Spider-Woman #3

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It’s the All-New, All-Different Two Jamokes podcast as Josh Flanagan is joined by Ron Richards in a hotel room in San Francisco, to bring YOU this week’s Pick of the Week Podcast. After eating a big Chinese food dinner, you can literally hear the point where the MSG hits Josh. Two Jamokes! Live, not live in San Francisco!

Running Time: 00:59:16

Pick of the Week:
00:02:20 – Spider-Woman #3

00:12:13 – Southern Bastards #13
00:16:00 – Jupiter’s Circle, Vol. 2 #3
00:18:10 – Daredevil #3
00:21:57 – Last Gang in Town #2
00:27:45 – Chew #54
00:29:58 – All-New, All Different Avengers #4
00:32:45 – Superman #48
00:34:52 – Old Man Logan #1
00:36:43 – The Twilight Children #4
00:38:12 – Deadly Class #18

Audience E-Mail:
00:41:50 – Zac from Wales, UK has a question about Astro City.
00:45:43 – Pavel from St. Petersburg, Russia is curious about folks stopping reading comics.
00:50:23 – Patrick from North Carolina wants some real talk about slabbing comics.

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“Crimson & Clover”
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  1. Hopeless does some interesting things- I don’t think that pregnant Spider-Woman is one of them.
    Before this plot line- I thought it was really going somewhere with Ulrich and the return to her p.i. work.
    Art is great – really more than half of the draw here, but the truth is – if she really was a good mom- and that’s part of the deal here to depict motherhood- she would take herself completley out of the game for a while – Right?
    And no- pregant women staying active and work while pregnant is not analgous to fighting people with death rays.
    There might be a reson we haven’t seen a pregnant superhero before.
    Again – art is great as most of the discussion of this book centered around it- but the story on it’s own- drawn by someone else?

    [ Call us at 1-888-FANBOYS (326-2697) and leave a voicemail ] – Why is that still there? Is it still useable?

    Ron- don’t question Josh’s love for Soule, it runs too deep.

    Also Rufus Dayglo did a lot of design/animation work for the Gorillaz.

  2. I feel like I must be too easily impressed by comic book art. Every issue that has been talked about looks gorgeous. I do not understand why anyone would have a problem with Ron Garney’s Daredevil work. It looks STUNNING!

  3. The only way I would “slab” or even resell would be to buy more comics. When the CHEW #1 fiasco was happening all those years ago I got one of the few issues from my comic book shop. I thought really hard about selling that thing on EBay and just buying one of the reprints in since it was going for a lot of money. That could have supported my comics budget for close to a whole year on its own.

  4. One of the things about this issue of “Southern Bastards” that made me want the story to go the other way (and this is the teacher me talking) is the kids, and that’s what adds another level of pathos to this story. When you say the football team is the bad guys, that’s really broad – the coaches, the adults, even the dickish fans in the stands are the bad guys, but the kids have no involvement in any of this, and the fact that they are brought down by events caused by the adults makes this even more sad. Ron, if you wanted to watch an episode of Friday Night Lights that best resembles this issue, watch the season 4 opener. It’s a start-over of a sort, you can watch it without a whole lot of context, and it will give you a sense of what the show does well. It also reminds me a lot of what this issue of SB felt like – you feel horrible for the kids because what happens is not their fault.

  5. Has it been brought up anywhere that the current Spider-Woman arc is essentially about a barely allegorical attack on a Planned Parenthood office? And that’s not even touching the fact that the extremist Skrulls are trying to hijack a prince who might one day be a king of kings.

    If that’s not intentional, fine, it works as a great story either way, but if it is, holy shit, nice on Hopeless for sneaking that in there.

  6. Oy yeah-
    Ron – Everything you ever wanted to know about Friday Night Lights can be summed up in this Amy Schumer sketch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM2RUVnTlvs

  7. Have you guys been keeping up with Dr. Strange? Aaron’s Strange has been good but it seems too much like God of Thunder to me. (Guy or group eliminating god as opposed to Guy or group eliminating Sorcerer Supremes)

    • They’ve discussed pretty much every issue of Aaron’s Doctor Strange…check out earlier podcasts where that book is listed in review list.

      Me, I’m not a big fan of the book and have preferred other incarnation of the character like Remenders Doctor Voodoo or the Doctor Strange depicted by Hickman in Illuminati / secret wars. Don’t need magical Tony Stark.

  8. Neal Adams himself convinced me to slab a comic, but I now regret it. CGC didn’t think it was in nearly the shape Neal thought it was (and frankly, so did I–they must have crazy high standards). Now I have a moderately valuable comic in a slab, but I’d rather be able to look at it.

  9. Just want to echo the `Boys regarding Twilight Children. I got issue #4 and sat down with #1-3 and then read #4 after re-reading the whole mini-series (a great way to enjoy the end of a mini if you have the time).

    I’m so bummed with Gilbert Hernandez. Because these books are absolutely gorgeous to look at. And Hernandez did make really interesting characters who interact with each other in interesting ways. I cared about them.

    But the whole story made no sense at the end (e.g. what happened to Tito’s husband?) and even during. What’s worse, the whole sci-fi element seemed so entirely unnecessary. I wish they had made this just a mystery/love story book. Because all the sex/flirting/mystery was really interesting.

    I hated taking all that beautiful art by Darwin Cooke and gorgeous Stewart colors and throwing them in the recycle bin in the garage, but it was pretty clear I’d never want to read the series again, the plot was such a major detraction.

    Wishing Cooke had teamed with someone else…he only has so much time and to see it wasted like this…

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