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Pick of the Week #519 – Captain Marvel #1

Show Notes

It’s a very special episode as we bid adieu to the beloved voicemail line. Some laughs are had and an old, old friend makes a triumphant return. But before we hand the show to the select last group of listeners, we’ve got comics to discuss! Bonus moments as Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards reminisce over how Voltron blew their minds as kids and Josh Flanagan does his best Sheev impression.

Running Time: 01:02:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:51 – Captain Marvel #1

00:11:39 – Batman #48
00:15:38 – Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #6
00:18:10 – Silver Surfer #1
00:21:07 – Lucifer #2
00:23:01 – Devolution #1 / Tokyo Ghost #5
00:26:00 – Uncanny Inhumans #4
00:28:04 – Star Wars #15

Audience Questions:
00:33:28 – Jared from Northern California has a theory about THE CLOSET.
00:38:25 – Wes from Newport, MN wants to hear the Christmas gifts that were given.
00:43:17 – Bionic Dave from West Hollywood, CA is looking for some support in converting non-comics readers.
00:45:46 – Mark from Austin, MN has some thoughts about purging and pruning a collection.
00:49:06 – Pat from Wisconsin is looking for some Elfquest and Battletech love.
00:53:31 – Anonymous NEEDS MORE TIME TO THINK.
00:54:06 – Someone named “Ryan” wants to be on the show.
00:56:22 – It’s Darrell, stalking the streets of New York for one last time…

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“Are We Alright?”
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  1. RYAN’S BACK!!!!

  2. DARYL.

    Holy shit, I did NOT expect that. My heart skipped a beat as soon as I realised it was him.

  3. It’s ok to diasgree with Marvel’s current strategy it doesn’t make you negative or non-positive.
    One or two ‘positive’ books does not right the ship.
    So while it’s great to want to see the best in 2016 and informed opinion on what isn’t working- especially when it’s liine wide
    is not only healthy, it’s expected.

  4. The only book you guys need to read about the mob is by NY Times crime reporter Selwyn Raab called ‘Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mafia Empires’ . Nearly 1,000 pages providing comprehensive insight into every family, main players and bios, all done sequentially from the ‘honoured society’ origins in Sicily till post 9/11 rise. Also goes into detail about the origins of RICO and the FBI’s efforts in the 80’s to convict. It’s the only book you ever have to read about Cosa Nostra. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  5. The “Wormy” nickname for Luke is in the radio drama of ANH. Also Connor, are you listening? The Star Wars comics are fun, no need to treat the franchise like porcelain.

    • Great; I’m glad people are enjoying them.

    • Think most people first came across the “wormy” nickname in the deleted scene Conor et al described (Luke going in to tell his friends he saw a space battle, they not believing him, dismissing him with the “wormy” nickname).

      Also it is curious how in one moment filling in the blanks on a character ruins the character (see podcast mention of Wolverine) yet people gobble it up for other characters (see Insert any Star Wars character here)

      I always felt the best thing about the original Star Wars movies were how much was left to the viewers imagination. where did those aliens come from? What was early Jedi adventures like? So much was suggested in those films and never explained that it sparked imaginations, much like how comics work filling in between panels. getting to fill in the blanks with myself and friends was the fun part that let the series live on longer than other movies of the era.

      Sad sign of the times I guess.

    • @jokingofcourse: Your second paragraph is pretty much why I’m staying away from everything except the films*. People may want those blanks filled in–and that’s fine–but I don’t.

      * For now at least.

    • I can’t pretend to know why, but the OT is securely compartmentalized deep within my very being. When I watch those films, there is a complete disconnect to anything else I’ve seen or read regarding Star Wars. So while there may be LOTS of Star Wars related media that I find uninteresting, I don’t shy away from things that seem like they could be fun. Similarly, although I read and enjoyed Rucka’s Shattered Empire mini, it doesn’t seem (to me) like it “really” happened. At least not in the same universe as The Force Awakens film.

      I dropped off Aaron’s Star Wars. It was good, but there are other comics I like better. I was never very interested in Gillen’s Vader. For both those titles, I may eventually get around to catching up. I’ll read the one-shot about C-3PO’s red arm. I’ll give the Poe comic a chance. But it won’t affect anything for me with regard to the films. Those exists on some different mental dimensional plane.

      I’m glad Josh and Ron are keeping Star Wars Corner alive. I’m also fine with Conor plugging his ears. Just don’t hum too loudly on mic when you do.

  6. I always thought the closet was all of Wanda’s memories that she had forgotten. So after Clint’s romp with Wanda who had previously obliterated him he realized that the old Wanda could come back whenever and that’s why he left so quickly.

  7. Where can I find Daryl’s podcasts? / which ones do you recommend?

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