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Pick of the Week #514 – All-Star Section Eight #6

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Josh Flanagan is back on the podcast and thankfully as Lady Death has come a’calling for Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards. But our heroes were able to hold on, for you dear listener, so that the massive stack of this week’s comics can be discussed as well as we begin our look back at the year of 2015 in comics.

Running Time: 01:09:04

Pick of the Week:
00:02:05 – All-Star Section Eight #6

00:12:31 – Prez #6
00:16:21 – Daredevil #1
00:24:24 – Black Science #18
00:26:28 – Robin War #1
00:30:51 – Totally Awesome Hulk #1
00:33:40 – All New X-Men #1 / Extraordinary X-Men #3
00:39:02 – Spidey #1
00:40:55 – The Vision #2
00:41:37 – The Sheriff of Babylon #1
00:42:29 – Unfollow #2
00:43:25 – Barrier #1
00:45:41 – Citizen Jack #2

Star Wars Corner:
00:46:52 – Star Wars #13

Audience Voicemail:
00:48:39 – Ryan from Minnesota is looking for some gift recommendations for his awesome, awesome parents

Best of 2015 – Creators:
00:53:17 – Conor’s Top 5 Creators
00:55:36 – Josh’s Top 5 Creators
00:59:00 – Ron’s Top 5 Creators

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“Dominick the Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey)”
Lou Monte


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  1. Top 5 creators this year (alphabetically): Jordie Bellaire (elevates EVERY book she colors), Gabriel Hardman, Stuart Immonen, Terry Moore (Rachel Rising is aces), Declan Shalvey.

    You know what, this list is probably applicable to the past few years.

  2. Lots of brilliant artists and writers in the industry these days. It’s sort of ridiculous to narrow it down to five names. But I enjoy making lists, so here goes:

    Sean Phillips, Michael Lark, Fiona Staples, Greg Capullo, Steve Epting.

    • I wish Epting were more prolific, but I’ll take how ever many issues of Velvet I can get.

    • That’s certainly true. We’re gonna see maybe four or five issues this year? I guess there’s something about his particular process, or the amount of time he chooses to spend on it–who knows? Anyway, yeah, I’m gobsmacked every time I crack open a new Velvet.

  3. Man, Conor sounds even worse. I am going to pray to my Old Testament God and ask Him to save our stalwart friend by the end of Hanukkah.

    I thought about my favorite 2015 comics for a few hours today and I’m pretty solid about my top 3 (in no particular order):

    – *Jupiter’s Circle* by Millar & Torres

    – *O Human Star* by Delliquanti

    – *The Private Eye* by Vaughan & Martin

    *Jupiter’s Circle* has been talked about a lot this year, and I’ve got nothing new to add to its praises, other than I only discovered it after getting issue #1 for free long after its debut, and after reading it, I quickly sought out the following issues / devoured them / then told lots of friends about this wonderfully mature take on Golden & Silver Age comic book heroes. Just loved it. Cannot wait to dive into vol. 2 when it’s done.

    Technically speaking, the web comic *O Human Star* started in 2012 and hasn’t really ended yet… but its first “three chapter” arc was assembled into digital comic form and released on Comixology this summer, where I discovered it. As with *Jupiter’s Circle,* I tore through it / then was delighted to find a whole new chapter four already waiting for me on writer-artist Blue Delliquanti’s *O Human Star* website (for free!), and quickly tore through that / and have told lots of people about this comic, too. (I bet my friends are sick of me telling them about comics.) If the idea of a “sci fi rom-com” appeals to you at all, check out *O Human Star.* I am so very glad that I did.

    *The Private Eye* also has been praised and discussed a lot, and it also started before 2015 and continued into the first three months of it before ending. I’d been collecting the “issues” to read all at once upon the title’s completion, and hot damn – this was fantastic. Imaginative, beautiful, thought-provoking. AND its very distribution was fascinating in itself; seeing this title’s creators experiment with the downloadable “pay what you want” format – and reading their own takes on it in the letter columns – made me feel like I was their partner on this adventure. “The Private Eye* was a true example of thinking-outside-the-box storytelling in every way. A huge bravo to its creators.

    • Btw, no hate on *Air Boy,* its def in my top 5! 🙂

    • I think you have to like separate them into different genre’s because There’s a big different between say Aaron’s Thor and Airboy in what they are actually asking from their readers.

      I’d say “Real World Comic” – Southern Bastards or Fadeout

      Super Hero Comic- Fraction Aja on Hawkeye holy moly

      Sci Fi Fantasy- I’m partial to saga but I will say Wicked and Divine

      Cartoony/Comedy- Phonogram the immaterial Girl

    • Oh, *Saga*… this has been my favorite comic title until this year. I just haven’t been enjoying it as much since the [spoiler] got [spoiler]ated.

  4. Dominick the Donkey!

    I miss that guy. He gets no airplay here in Los Angeles.

    • hee-haw hee-haw

    • I’ve never heard that song, I must download it at once.

      Conor, hope you’re feeling better, thanks for doing the show. I really didn’t think the Robin Wars art was bad at all, though of course, one good artist throughout would’ve been great.

  5. There is going to be a Civil War II !
    Holy shit. I know marvel is a company and companies want to make money. But there is a difference between continuing a succesful product and griding it into the ground.

    • It’s Bendis so unlike Secret War this might make sense and have an ending. it also makes sense because of Sam Wilson’s disenfranchisement right now. I hope it ties into the current Anti-Muslim sentiment or the war on terror stuff to make it a bit more poignant.

    • We haven’t even finished the earth shattering event to end all earth shattering events in Secret Wars!
      Can we relax with these game changing events for a while…
      And yes I am sure Bendis will do a fine job. And this will probably be the thing that brings Steve Cap back.
      I think that story was told in the original Civil War. Marvel is burning a lot of good will with the really transparent marketing.

  6. Ok. My creators:
    Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman
    Mark Millar
    Rick Remender
    Sean Murphy
    Michael Lark

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