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Pick of the Week #511 – Airboy #4

Show Notes

In an unprecedented event, Conor Kilpatrick gives the pick to the 4th and final issue of Airboy, making it the first series to get the pick of the week for every issue of the series (we’re pretty sure at least…). Well deserved and Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards echo the sentiment. Viva Airboy! Also, Ron not really on his best game this week, but Josh is really into the Revolutionary War. Whaddya gonna do?

Running Time: 01:00:52

Pick of the Week:
00:02:30 – Airboy #4

00:15:01 – The Goddamned #1
00:20:46 – All-New, All-Different Avengers #1
00:24:19 – All-New Hawkeye #1
00:28:52 – The Ultimates #1
00:31:00 – Thors #4
00:35:03 – Superman: American Alien #1
00:36:47 – The Twilight Children #2
00:38:06 – Batman and Robin Eternal #6
00:39:01 – All-New Wolverine #1

War Corner:
00:40:36 – War Stories #14
00:42:42 – Rebels #8

Star Wars Corner:
00:46:22 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #12
00:47:09 – Return of the Jedi HC

Audience Questions:
00:49:14 – Aaron writes in to ask about the Star Wars Prequels for some bizarre reason.
00:53:56 – Corin from Birmingham, UK had a dream about iFanboy and the fate of his relationship which leads to a personal question.

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“Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault”


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  1. I was hoping to see Tom King and Doc Shaner’s Darkseid War: Green Lantern up there. That was my book of the week by far.

    The Shazam one was good too. Much better than the Superman and Flash one-shots.

  2. It’s always interstesting to hear Josh and Conor talk about how much they hate the prequels.
    Yes they were boring- and the acting was so oddly stilted- and demystifying Darth Vader to that extent was the worst.
    But there were interesting design elements- impressive sceninc views.
    And I am personally more comofortable with midichlorians than the Force being ‘Magic fairy powers’
    But that’s me.
    However coming from two guys who probably saw each of the prequels combined double digits each movie.
    The vitriol seems… battered partner syndrome?

    emoji- emoji

  3. I would have liked to have seen “Last Sons of America” reviewed. A great book from Boom.

    I reread Airboy #4 after listening to the podcast and got more out of it the second go-around.

  4. People were complaining about Superman: American Alien? I loved it. Right behind Airboy. Also curious what you thought or this week’s Southern Bastards written by Latour. I know Josh loves those dreams sequences

    • The less said about that issue of SOUTHERN BASTARDS the better.

    • I’m with you. Superman: American Alien would totally have been my pick of the week. I felt like its one of the only takes on early Superman that really looks at what it would have been like for Jonathan and Martha going through what, let’s admit, would be a legitimately frightening experience.

      Plus Nick Dragotta’s art was superb.

  5. Who picked the music for this one?
    I assume you saw those videos of Blake playing Jawbreaker songs live from Fullerton last week? What happened?

  6. Glad for the Tom Taylor love! Really enjoyed when he took over Earth 2 after James Robinson. Was able to take this amazingly bleak book (which was good) into something really inspiring and heroic. Definitely recommended. Going through Superior Iron Man on Unlimited and it actually gets good after a few rocky issues. So yeah – definitely down with Tom Taylor and hoping for more high profile assignments.

  7. Do the orbs in Twilight Children make anyone else think of The Prisoner, or is that just me?

  8. I’m also curious about what you guys thought of CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE #4. Maybe you didn’t discuss it because you’d just repeat what you’ve said in the past, about it being so great? I certainly thought it was. Such beautiful art, such wonderful writing. And also disturbing, in that #4 came out two days before the Paris attacks, and featured Cap et al planning to attack Red Skull’s troops in the streets of Paris. I happened to read it only after Friday’s horrific tragedy; in doing so, it added to my appreciation of this comic – a story which, among other things, ponders the nature and perception of war.

    An added note: is anybody else distracted from time to time that Cap’s narration of this entire miniseries – his “Bucky is dead, oh God, it’s my fault” point of view – seems a bit wonky in light of Bucky being alive? Lol That would mean that Cap had to have sat down to narrate this book in the now retroactively (and ever increasingly) brief time between his Avengers thaw and the events of the Winter Soldier story. Though of course, one can see the larger, more important CAP: WHITE allegory – one of our entire country’s guilt and gratitude for the sacrifice of so many to defend us.

    Still, I just want to grab this Cap to let him know: do not worry – Bucky’s alive! 😀 Happily, he was captured and brainwashed and experimented on and lost his left arm and was forced to kill countless innocents through decades of mind-controlled misery – but you’ll soon see him again, and then engage in a ruthless fight with him, and then become friends again!

    • “Maybe you didn’t discuss it because you’d just repeat what you’ve said in the past, about it being so great?”

      Pretty much. Wanted to give some other books some air time this week. But it was really excellent again.

  9. The prequels are expensively produced fan-fiction. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to know what the clone wars were. I still do.

  10. Hi guys,
    I’m a long-time listener, for the past six years or so, and it’s one of my favour things on the web. If I had more cash I’d donate, if I lived in the states I’d use the Amazon link. As it is I just listen and spend a good few hours each day meditating upon your words. Anyway something you talked about today, the story, themes and general plot of the Star Wars films got me thinking. There are a couple of Youtube videos I sort of assumed everybody had seen but they address how to bring the prequel films more in line with George’s original trilogy. The very things Josh thinks are boring the guy in the video ‘un-boring-ifies’. And there are some really obvious choices he makes. Call Naboo Alderaan for example. Make them about Obi Wan and his emotional journey. I know you might shrug it off but seriously do give them a watch. Honestly thing you may like them. The only thing is you will then really want to watch these films which don’t exist.


  11. I enjoyed The Goddamned, but it had way too much unnecessary swearing. The reason I say this is when you just put “fuck” in the book for almost no serving purpose, I feel the writer doesn’t know what to write. It also takes me out of the book and I say… people don’t talk like that. Like when a rap artist fills his music with fuck 10 times, I think to myself, ” You have 3 verses in which you have a limited word count….why keep using the same word that has no purpose?” I don’t want you to think that I don’t think motherfuckers can’t swear. Just don’t over use it and dumb down the medium. Still can’t wait to read issue 2.

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