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Pick of the Week #504 – Weirdworld #4

Show Notes

This week the guys come up with an idea for a new podcast while also announcing the arrival of their new show: Goodfellas Minute! Plus, Battleworld finally breaks Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan can’t find clothes that fit him, and no one can help snorting at juvenilia.

Running Time: 00:59:10

Pick of the Week:
00:02:27 – Weirdworld #4

00:10:53 – 1872 #3
00:15:06 – Astro City #27
00:17:49 – Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #1
00:20:38 – Grayson #12
00:29:55 – Hellboy in Hell #8
00:32:40 – Invisible Republic #6
00:33:53 – Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Special #1
00:35:48 – Days of Future Past #5 / X-Tinction Agenda #4

Audience Questions:
00:41:27 – Nick P. from Luxembourg via Newport Beach, CA is concerned about the rising price of comics.
00:48:37 – Rick Z. from Topeka, KS wants to know how his new local comic con can attract better talent.

New Podcast:
00:54:27 – Goodfellas Minute launched this past week!


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  1. This week wasn’t an embarrasement of riches but Weirdworld- 1872 – and Greyson are enough for a solid week..

    Continuity like anything else it can be valuable but abused it is bad.
    Absolute lack of it is dangerous you lose the “backbone” of an essential framework.
    The ‘just tell good stories’ theory does Not work in this comics model. Basically that’s for Image.
    Secret Wars, what Exactly are those again? People are quick to defend ‘cash grabs’ by Marvel but are there even Any ‘secret wars’ happening. Really blatant market, so ok but was it worth it?
    Hickman’s plot has wrecked Marvel for almost a year- and I don’t just mean this event itself, but more even the whole story leading up to ‘Universe’ ending.
    All titles lost complete responsibility to write anything that mattered. TIme travel endings, things like Axis for DOOM’s sake happend.
    Why, b/c none of anything was going to matter b/c Secret Wars was coming.
    Some of Secret Wars/Battle World has been fun.
    Yes and some very fun, but nothing that couldn’t have happened
    by Bringing Back= What If!!
    Damn 2015 was rouuughhh for Marvel as a whole.

    I haven’t read that book, but I can almost bet that ‘American Chibi’ must be pronounce a different way than Ron is saying it.

    Also can we just all agree that the days of someone being able to go by the nickname/abbreviation for Richard as Dick are over!
    That’s over and it’s done, everyone stop.

    And not Batgirlling all the books would be ok IF they mean stop treating everything like it’s set in Williamsburg.
    That I am totally ok with.

    Sounds like Josh would be on of those people who would actually benefit from Trunk Club.

    Nice discussion on the sales side of things. I do believe that some degree of ‘art critique’ if appropriate in this kind of medium. This isn’t a widget producing business for steel mills. The product IS art. Art through a business prizm.
    Data helps but it’s not the whole picture.

  2. Has anyone else having issues downloading the past 2 POW on iTunes?

  3. Thanks for reading my question!

    I guess I wrote my signature wrong. I am from Newport Beach but now live in Luxembourg

    And FYI, hello in Luxembourgish is “Moien”

  4. I saw Jimmy Eat World OPEN for Burning Airlines and the Promise Ring at the Black Cat in DC around 1999ish. It was a hell of a show!

    In regard to all these Cons popping up everywhere Wizard World recently bought out Pittsburgh Comicon. I thought about going but when I looked at Saturday tickets I would be in for $135 bucks between me and my 2 kids and that’s just to get into the door. I know the “celebrity” guests need to be paid but that is prohibitively expensive. It’s further and further from comics anyway. My LCS put on a bunch of sales as counter programming that weekend.

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