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Pick of the Week #502 – Batman #44

Show Notes

Okay, first of all, Josh Flanagan was traveling this week so sitting in for him is iFanboy buddy and grand poobah of ComicBook.com, Jim Viscardi. Second, Ron Richards was also traveling this week but he dialed in from his hotel and therefore his audio isn’t that great. We apologize for the hum. Third, there’s a lot of Star Wars talk this week. Like, a lot. Get used to it — we’ve got a long way to go until December 18th.

Running Time: 00:59:52

Pick of the Week:
00:02:58 – Batman #44

00:10:12 – Starve #4
00:14:34 – Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #2
00:18:57 – The Wicked + The Divine #14
00:21:32 – Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #1
00:27:40 – Darth Vader #9
00:31:06 – Giant-Size Little Marvel #4
00:34:44 – Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special #1
00:36:15 – Ms. Marvel #18
00:37:54 – Quake: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1

Audience Questions:
00:39:37 – Jim explains the lame email he sent in to last week’s big all-email show.
00:40:35 – Adam M. from Indiana wants to know what everyone’s level of media black out is for The Force Awakens.
00:50:27 – Greg M. from Medford, NJ is looking for some final thoughts on Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s recently wrapped Daredevil run.
00:52:35 – Jason M. has some questions about digital comic book sales.

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“Star Wars”
Bill Murray


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  1. “I’m always in favor of just pulling the fuck it we’re going to ignore everything”

    No- no you’re not. If you were you would be a little more open to what Snyder is doing now instead of #Notmy…
    I mean you sound in favor of it if the characters and stories go your way.
    It’s always different when it’s your character and it’s personal.
    It’s always been a mixed message here- ‘forget continuity just tell good stories’ but wait doing change ‘that’ ‘that’ is my character and he needs to be ‘this’ way.

    I agree their are core elements of stories and characters that should remain intact in any ongoing main universe title. They should bc to my mind it’s like someone being true to who they are- it marks a writer who gets it.
    But I am always amused when this sort of issue surfaces here.

  2. If you downloaded the show in the first minute it was published and got the wrong file, delete it and re-download to get the correct show.

  3. Does DC still draw the line at 2.99?

  4. Yknow I think the height thing might be because you all were sitting down and slouching in the video shows

  5. Thanks for answering my Star Wars question. I sort of fall somewhere between Conor-Ron’s position and Jim’s. Like others of my ilk, I’m always chasing that feeling of watching Empire in the theater or waking up to a line of action figures and a Tauntaun on xmas morning in 1980. No matter how long and hard I chase the Krayt Dragon tail, I’m fully aware I’ll never recapture that particular feeling as long as I live. There’s only one, and will only ever be one, Empire Strikes Back. It’s the greatest film in history and I’m resigned to the idea it’ll never be matched.

    I may start to tune out if the promotional volume gets too loud, but thus far I’m feeling like it’s not been too bad. It sort of doesn’t matter to me if I know some new characters’ names or not. I also have a TRU “official certificate” from May 3, 1999 when I foolishly bought those ridiculous toys; but in the end that had nothing to do with why Episode I was such a disaster of a film. I really hope Force Awakens is great, but I’m trying to keep my expectations somewhere around the level of JJ’s first Star Trek film: really enjoyable, rewatchable, worth owning on Blu-ray, but not life-changing. If it can hit that mark or better, I’ll be satisfied.

    I did make some toy purchases (both the Sphero and Disney Store BB-8, all the regular 3.75″ figures and one vehicle.) But I have 4-year-old twins (yes, I may have briefly contemplated naming them Luke and Leia.) So that creates a whole different equation for toy buying. I’m afraid they’re gonna have to let me live vicariously as I watch them open a bunch of cool Star Wars toys on xmas day.

    • Im purely on blackout. I havent even seen either of the trailers all the way through.

      I was a HUGE SW fan in the mid 90s prior to the release of the special editions. And I rode that wave through Episode 1. Episode 2 I dont rememebr if I saw it in teh theaters but Episode 3 I never even saw until years after its release. I still have a garage full of star wars stuff, original action figures, the 90s action figures, most of them still unopened.

      Im about to go through it and sell it all, even though I know its not worth much.

  6. thanks for the shout out at the beginning, ron. my name is mark, though, not matt 🙂

  7. I really recommend checking out Tet #1 from IDW. It’s a murder mystery/romance set during the Vietnam war. Felt a lot like War Stories. My pick this week for sure.

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