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Pick of the Week #499 – Astro City #26

Show Notes

It’s throwback week at iFanboy! Conor Kilparick and Ron Richards return to New York where it all started, while a special anniversary Pick of the Week makes Josh Flanagan extremely uncomfortable.

Running Time: 00:58:16

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – Astro City #26

Comics:Astro City_26
00:11:51 – 1872 #2
00:17:05 – Archie #2
00:22:29 – Birthright #10
00:23:52 – Star Wars #8
00:30:24 – Hip Hop Family Tree #1
00:34:10 – Trees #12
00:36:13 – Howard the Human #1
00:38:01 – Invincible #122
00:40:50 – Secret Wars: Secret Love #1

Audience Questions:
00:42:45 – Andrew M. from Santa Cruz, CA is irritated by a particular phrase used in some comics criticism.
00:47:43 – Brian K. wants iFanboy to expand their comic book scope.

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  1. Are you on Woowoo?
    Nah son, Ifanboy is on Woowoo.

  2. For almost the exact same tone and a similar artistic look to ‘1872’ with no connection to Battleworld and completely new characters in grounded western world ala Jonah Hex let me suggest Dennis Hopeless & Tigh Walker’s ‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ from Marvel. This book just wrapped last week,but the other 2 Disney Kingdoms/Marvel series (‘Seekers of the Weird’ & ‘Figment’) both got sequel minis so there may be another before long. Oh, and it saddens me to inform you guys that ‘1872’ ends with issue 5 (although, it seems Red Wolf will stick around in the all-new Marvel U).

  3. Haven’t listened yet but I’m assuming we’re all in agreement that Immonen pretty much destroyed on Star Wars #8. (Story notwithstanding.)

  4. Magneto was a really good book, extremely dark. Battleword completely destroyed it, as well as pretty much every good Marvel book. A real shame, they were firing on all cyclinders for like 7 months there.

    Great banter this week lads, although you guys are the experts on comics, the chemistry between the 3 of you is why I download week after week.

  5. If you guys are genuinely taking requests/recomendations, I really love the IDW Ghostbusters books that Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening have done.

    The series is a continuation to the video game from a few years back which is the closest we will ever get to a Ghostbusters 3. I personally think Burnham nails the character’s voices and every issue is LOADED with background jokes like a Zdarsky book. It deals with continued fallout from the movies/video game while still building on that world.

    The Hardcover collections are gorgeous, I heartily recommend you pick up the first one, Total Containment.

    Upfront I will say Ignore all those zombies/GIJoe/Transformers crossovers and just stick with the main books.

    Happy reading!

    PS don’t ask Paul about this book because if memory serves he hates all Ghostbusters.

  6. If you’re looking for recommendations – have you checked out WE CAN NEVER GO HOME? I like to think of it as an American indie rock response to PHONOGRAM, if that makes any sense.

  7. I would 2nd We Can Never Go Home, it’s great.

    Also Boom has started putting out some really good stuff, I really have enjoyed The Woods, Hexed, and Fiction.

  8. If you haven’t already go here- http://dccomicsmovie.com/vixen-episode-1-review/

    And check out the Vixen CW Seed spin off of sorts – Flash/Arrow in animated form

    Marc Guggenheim
    Greg Berlanti

    This is a really very promising DC Animated offering.
    More raw and honest.

  9. Avatar photo aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

    Here’s the book I think Josh and Connor should try: Uber.

    Yes, I know, it’s Avatar,and the art is not the best, and you just did a whole bit about why you don’t read Avatar books… (I still think you’re wrong about that first Crossed story at least, which is basically Garth Ennis doing The Road, not SO shocking and a very moral story. Also Spurrier’s books).

    BUT UBER is mostly Kieron Gilen crafting a fascinating, thoroughly researched, World War 2 alternate history, full of fascinating characters, real or invented for his story. That’s the Kieron Gilen I think you want: all the smartness and the talent, no music, lots of history geekery. There’s gore, but not very much more than in War Stories or, I don’t know, Preacher, and it is definitely appropriate for the subject matter. Basically, you were such fans of The Royals: Masters of War that I don’t know why you’re not already reading it. And come on, it would be an excuse to do War Corner EVERY MONTH!

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