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Pick of the Week #494 – Astro City #25

Show Notes

This week on iFanboy: Conor Kilpatrick is not prepared to say when a series ends, Josh Flanagan has an unpleasant realization about cartoon character bathroom habits, and Ron Richards threatens those who would not support the show.

Running Time: 00:57:22

Pick of the Week:
00:01:19 – Astro City #25

Comics:Astro City_25
00:12:16 – Captain Britain and The Mighty Defenders #1
00:16:28 – Hawkeye #22
00:24:37 – Ant-Man Annual #1
00:29:06 – Silver Surfer #13
00:33:21 – Years of Future Past #1
00:34:14 – Siege #1
00:34:53 – Justice League #42
00:37:00 – Black Canary #2
00:39:33 – Empty Zone #2
00:41:45 – Godzilla in Hell #1

Audience Questions:
00:43:38 – Norman C. from Canada wants to go to San Diego Comic-Con or something like it.
00:47:14 – Dave from Beverly, MA is looking for the iFanboys’ favorite Star Wars stories outside the films.

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  1. Chuckees?
    Is that what they call chucks in Canada or something?

    Didn’t Marvel already do this version of Black Canary- wasn’t it called Dazzler?

    Anyone else feel a ‘it was all a dream…’ coming in Secret Wars?

  2. I also read an incredible amount of expanded universe Star Wars stuff back in the late 90s. I stopped reading the books a year or so before Chewy died, but I remember that well as a friend of mine was still reading at the time.

    The Thrawn books were the best books in my opinion, followed by Shadows of the Empire.

    For the comics side Dark Horse should be commended for the work they did. Dark Empire was what got me “back” into Star Wars shortly before the release of the Special Editions. It remains one of my favorite comic series of all time. Dark Empire II and Empire’s End (part 3) were also ok, but part 1 was amazing. Other great comics were – Crimson Empire 1 and 2, and Tales of the Jedi. Tales of the Jedi was one of the first books/comics to touch on the very old back story of the jedis and the sith.

    On another note, I wonder how many listeners of the podcast have a garage/room/or even boxes full of old Star Wars stuff from the 90s? I know I do lol.

  3. Hey Ron, just a heads up on the Captain Britain book:

    All the Judge Dredd stuff comes from the Jeff Parker Thunderbolts run. It was an alternate future where Luke Cage’s descendant was a “Boss”.

    So the book is Captain Britain fighting american superheroes as parodies of an British parody of Americans.

  4. I’d like to check out C2E2, hopefully next year. My friend and I have been going to Fan Expo in Toronto for several years. It’s convenient because it’s only about a three hour drive for us. The guest list isn’t quite like other shows, though I believe iFanboy had a presence one year, but it’s a good time.

  5. @Ron –

    The Jedi Knight and Dark Forces games are all readily available on Good Old Games – no emulators needed.

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