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Pick of the Week #493 – 1872 #1

Show Notes

With Conor Kilpatrick broadcasting on broken equipment from the vicinity of San Diego Comic-Con, and Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan safely hundreds of miles away, we tackle a very good week of comics, starting with a western surprise. We ask, what is it that makes a Lobot, and oh, how we laughed.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – 1872 #1

00:09:38 – Archie #1
00:15:48 – Black Science #16
00:19:34 – All-Star Section 8 #2
00:22:11 – Star Wars: Lando #1
00:26:52 – Batman / Superman #22
00:33:42 – Bloodstrike #1
00:35:19 – Big Man Plans #4
00:36:50 – Justice League of America #2
00:38:46 – Justice League Unlimited #11
00:39:40 – Age of Apocalypse #1

Audience Questions:
00:42:45 – Wes A. from Newport, MN is concerned about the status of Miles Morales.
00:46:50 – Jonathan O. from Burnsville, MN wants some recommendations for his fiancé, and that leads to a whole thing.
00:52:18 – David G. has wicked good questions about accents.

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  1. Soule can wrtie a damn good book, but it’s clear he did less prep and just plain doesn’t get Lando than he was able to do Wolverine any justice.

    These Star Wars books- honestly eff ’em all.
    They Are Not Good.


    • I don’t get the hate for the latest Star Wars comics. The Darth Vader book and Star Wars proper are both incredibly fun adventure stories with unique twists and loving tributes. Lobot qualms aside, the Lando book is off to a good start too!

      Comics, cartoons, books, etc are the best place for further exploration of the Star Wars universe and no matter how many times an executive calls them official cannon, they’re not actual movies. The new stories aren’t going to effect Episodes VII, VII, or IX directly in the film. Don’t expect references such as Leia saying to Han “this is worse than the time you didn’t tell me you were already married!” or Luke recalling that his SECOND confrontation with Vader was on Bespen rather than on the second Death Star in Jedi.

      Listen, I grew up on Star Wars during the pre-THX Remaster era where the Expanded Universe stories like the Thrawn Trilogy and Dark Empire were all the rage and The Force was my freaking religion. I remember how exciting it was when the Power of the Force 1995 action figures came out and when Tales of Jabba’s Palace, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, and Shadow’s Of The Empire were released to such fan fare you would have thought there was a new film released!
      Then the unthinkable happened and the special editions WERE in the theaters and I remember waiting in long lines each time and being so excited that i didn’t even notice how horrible the CGI looked and I was pleased with the “restored” footage of Jabba on Mos Eisley because well that’s more Star Wars!!

      It wasn’t until the prequels that it finally sunk in that the franchise was no longer speaking to me and after Episode III came out I pretty much hung up my lightsaber for awhile and slowly came back to the universe over time with weery eyes and depressing memories.

      The Force Awakens trailers and the Marvel books make me feel like a kid again. I’m once again salivating at the notion of a Star Wars feast coming this Christmas and until then I’ll be snacking on these nachos and candy bars in the form of Marvel Comics.

      I’m honestly shocked that anything other than an actual movie would bum ANYONE out. The audience for these things are pretty clear and no one is FORCE-ing you to accept anything other than your own imagination.

    • Hey man no one is saying that there shouldn’t be more comics and I certainly am not saying that there shouldn’t be more Star Wars stories.. In fact I really enjoyed a lot of the Dark Horse stuff, to me many of those stories nailed that feel of the STU from Ostrander to Hardman and Becho,
      But this Marvel stuff, we all really want to like it – great creators on great characters and yet– No.
      It’s like going back to a place you used to live that had these great hardwood floors and you walk in and the new people put carpet down everywhere. Its a personal choice and maybe some love it, but it’s definitely the wrong one.
      And so far that’s what Marvel seems to be doing making a series of choices and changes that just aren’t right.
      To me anyway.

    • I personally liked Lando. I don’t have any expanded U baggage, so maybe that helps.

  2. I can’t stand jeans and t shirt superman. Unless Levis got their hands on a bolt of Kryptonian denim – it’s just crazy unrealistic that his clothes wouldn’t completely shear off from the friction in addition to just looking stupid.

  3. Anybody know what the music was this week?

  4. Great episode, guys! Still loving having Ron back.

    For the guy looking for stuff for his fiance, if she likes Buffy, definitely give Wayward a shot. The characterization isn’t quite there yet but it’s still a similar sort of feel. Plus, you get some really beautiful art and some really interesting insights into Japanese culture to boot.

    And the Buffy comics are up and down in quality but season 10 has been by far the best to date – it just takes a while to get there.

    Of course, you also can’t go wrong with Strangers in Paradise (I was waiting for one of you to mention it) but Queen and Country is another top series that features (primarily) a female protagonist – though it’s quite a bit grittier than the other stuff mentioned. And, while we’re talking about Rucka, the brilliant Lazarus surely counts as well. As does Brubaker’s Velvet and Fatale.

    It might be slightly reductive to expect women to only want to read about women protagonists but if she actually does in this case, there are boatloads of great comics that more than fit this criteria.

    But, oh, for the record, I hate Identity Crisis with a fiery passion so maybe our tastes won’t always exactly be in alignment.

  5. Your discussion led me to google “why does Jughead wear a crown?” It started as a zig-zag cut fedora (like Goober’s hat on the Andy Griffith show) and then just morphed into an actual crown over the years. Basically a succession of artists playing telephone-game over the decades.

    I’m your fact checkin’ cuz.

  6. Superman, the cornerstone of DC comics, disliked in print and in film:
    and the saddest part is it could be solved with one phone call:
    “Hello? Mr. Morrison? Yes hi I was hoping you could explain the character of Superman to us”
    and if he doesn’t pick up, have an intern call Mark Waid. It’s like this company is being run by monkeys,,,

  7. Not sure why they are so down on the Secret Wars books and yet love the Image stuff. Surely if they liked 1872 they would also like Master of Kung Fu, Weirdworld, Ghost Racers ect

    • 1872 was really good and Ghost Racers is as well, but for each one of those books there is a Battle World and Ultimate End to pick up and struggle to get through. Not to mention the leaky ship that is the main title. What Marvel should have done is just a series of What Ifs without some half baked and convoluted story that needs to frame the existence of All existence. It’s too much to depict and to be beholden to.

    • “Not sure why they are so down on the Secret Wars books and yet love the Image stuff. ”

      I’m not sure what the correlation is between these two sets of comics. Help me out here.

    • I mean, I didn’t want to say it, but Conor did, so yeah.

    • I didn’t get this either and then after thinking about it for a long time, at least 11 hours I can see there are maybe a couple of parallels. Image often has a flood of number ones with no shared universe. One off or usually limited series stories with a variety of sci fi concepts. Kind of the flavor of the Secret Wars titles- for better or for worse.

    • Yeah, to be honest while all the Secret Wars books ‘technically’ tie in with the overall story the majority don’t do much more than reference Doom once or twice. They’re generally all their own, basically, elseworld stories. I think that works a lot better than most of the forced tie ins of past events.

      How annoying was it when a Daredevil, Spider-man, or X-factor ongoing story had to be interrupted by a single issue of the Skrull invasion or the Everyone Has a Hammer story?

      Each story can completely be read on it’s own as a cool possible world. Thus Carol Corps AND Carol in A-Force AND Sheriff Carol in Age of Apocalypse AND Carol in Civil War (as example). I’m much more excited for the variety of stories that we’re getting than any concern over continuity.

  8. Ever since my LCS closed back in February, I haven’t been able to listen to the podcast when it comes out (I’m getting my books through DCBS now, so I only get books every couple of weeks). In any case – just listened to the Howard the Duck #4 episode and wanted to tell Ron it’s great to have you back. I’ve missed the maniacal laughter.

  9. It’s incredible how fast you three found that old magic. Nothing against the 2 man shows or when Paul was on. But there’s just something about the 3 of you guys together. The perfect mix that leads to so much funny. The way you guys bounce off each other and compliment one another is a sight to behold. So good having you back, Ron. You guys haven’t missed a beat.

    PS – It’s something how much funnier Josh is when Ron is around.

  10. Avatar photo HDTran (@HuyDucTran) says:

    Tell Jonathan O’s fiance to read Wayward! That is made for Buffy fans.

  11. Hearing all 3 of you guys on this pod cast bought a smile to my face. Good times 🙂

  12. To the guy looking for stuff for his fiancee, I tend to agree that “good is good” but if she is dead set on reading books with female protagonists I’d recommend Rachel Rising. There are at least five if not six collections out now so there is a lot to read before you get caught up to the monthlies. The cast of characters is almost entirely female. Aside from one male character who is more of a side character the four or five major players are all women. It is full of supernatural world building (witches, demons, magic, etc.) just like Buffy. It strikes a nice balance between action, drama and humor just like Buffy. I’ve been reading it since #1 and over the past three years it has consistently been in my top 10 if not top 5 comics every month. My one caveat is that it’s in black and white which I know can be a deal breaker for some people, especially people new to comics, but if you can get past that it’s a really great book that sounds like exactly what you and she are looking for.

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