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Pick of the Week #487 – Where Monsters Dwell #1

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So, uh, this has never happened before, but a series of events have left us with only one host this week. So Josh Flanagan forges onward by his lonesome, and his fatigue is palpable. But the week’s comics still get covered, and then there’s some free-for-all at the end. This will never happen again. Maybe.

Running Time: 01:00:58

Pick of the Week:
00:02:09 – Where Monsters Dwell #1

Where_Monsters_Dwell_1_Cover Comics:
00:07:11 – Convergence: Shazam #2
00:10:45 – Old Man Logan #1
00:13:00 – Fight Club 2 #1
00:16:42 – Chew #49
00:20:27 – Black Widow #18
00:22:00 – All-New Hawkeye #3
00:23:27 – Invincible #120

Audience Questions:
00:26:48 – Jeff from Quebec wants to know what crazy comics are great, like Devil Dinosaur.
00:30:23 – Robert from New Orleans wants to know who else he should get commissions from.
00:32:53 – Brian from Maryland asks Josh about vinyl records. Of course.
00:38:22 – Free for all! Josh answers a string of questions from Twitter. #askifanboyjosh

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  1. I’m going to chime in with some turntable advice.
    It absolutely matters what kind of record player you select.
    If you pick a sub par player and channel that through a decent amplifier – you are literally amplifying the imperfections in the table and you’ll hear that all the more.
    You don’t have to spend a ton of money but somewhere in the 120 range I would recommend the Audio-Technica AT LP60 with this you are bound to get a decent needle- super important- it’s the point of contact and fidelity and even though in that price range you wont get a direct drive motor you will get a quality belt drive for smooth and dependable rotation – essential for proper spin= hearing the recording the way it was intended. Not to mention bass response. And this model has a built in pre-amp which means you can plug it straight into any set of speakers with ought and external amp if you want.
    It’s a good beginners table that has some upgradability.
    Another option is to go to a place like turntable lab or an older music shop and pick up a used table that has been serviced and cared for.

  2. Finally, the “i” in iFanboy makes sense! 😛

    1. Green Lantern: Start with issue #21 (2011) if you don’t want to read a mountain of comics or Green Lantern Rebirth, if you want to start at the beginning of Geoff Johns’ epic run.
    2. I wish Hero v. Hero stories would be put on the back burner for a while. I like those stories but we have ad so many of them lately that I’m just tired of them. Let’ get back to having real villains for a change!
    3. Agreed. Get creators to tell good stories. That’s all you need to revitalize Vertigo.
    4. Favorite event… Probably Siege but mostly due to the way it put a huge exclamation point on that darker era in Marvel history. It was a great capstone event that (unlike most events) actually stuck the landing.
    5. Skipped
    6. I drop comics like its hot. I can always go back and read them if I hear they turned out good.
    7. Gotta love the movies!
    8. Big events are important because the companies have trained their readers to only care about events. I’m glad DC is trying to break the cycle and focus on telling good stories outside of events again. Tie-Ins almost always feel like throw-a-way stories now-a-days. The problem is that if often feels like the creative teams are mandated from on high to write a tie-in book. It is honestly what killed the Nightwing book, it just could not get anything going before it was forced to tie into Snyder’s big story arc.
    9. Pull a Scott Summers! Abandon your wife and kids so you can chase your dreams! 😛
    10. Don’t read enough of Ennis’ work.
    11. I like waffles or pancakes or french toast with a side of bacon, sausage and eggs. Maybe some hash browns but… That sounds like a lot of food, so maybe not.
    12. Why?
    13. Terrible
    14. Movies and TV shows are the long con for comics. They get people addicted to superheroes at a young age, then when they are older (and have disposable income), it is easy to turn them into real comic readers. The 90’s X-Men cartoon is the reason why I read comics today. It grabbed me hook, line and sinker. Cool fact, even Axel Alonso has gone on record as saying the 90’s X-Men cartoon was one of their best gateway drugs as it captivated so many kids from my generation. I genuinely feel like, in 20 years, we will see a huge number of comic book readers who say the reason they read comics is due to the Marvel movies. The reason comic companies alter their comics to match their movies is simply for the hope of luring existing hardcore readers and casual fans into buying a comic because it resembles “that awesome movie.” I liked the DnA Guardians of the Galaxy but I’m not in the mood to read that right now. I want to read about quip-happy Star-Lord and his lovable gang of space buddies.
    15. I read at least one comic five nights a week. Its a quick read and leaves plenty of time to do other stuff in the day.
    16. Mad Men, more like Meh Men! 😛
    17. That sounds awful. Seriously one team…!? Yuck, I like diversity. I suppose you’d have to pick a writer who can write a variety of genres and an artist who can draw mundane and crazy things equally well… Hmm… Probably Grant Morrison. He can do simple stuff and crazy stuff equally well. No idea on the artist… Jack Kirby? Can I pick him? In this hypothetical, do I still have a wide diversity of inkers and colorists? Maybe Greg Capullo then… Bah, too hard!
    18. Cherry-filled Cronut.
    19. Hating other people’s fun can be fun
    20. If DC makes it a thing, we will just learn to ignore them like we ignore the full page ads. Not a big deal.
    21. DC likes to explain the structure of the multiverse because it is an integral part of their universe, especially since we didn’t have a multiverse for a long, long time.
    22. Spider-Man because I was a nerd in high school who dated all of the pretty girls at school… Wait, no, those were my day dreams. Darn you reality!
    23. No comment
    24. Don’t own any because they always seem too expensive.
    25. Backlash incoming
    26. Move on and come back when it reverts to the status quo
    27. Westerns are not my bag
    28. There is no balance, family first. You have to re-adjust your hobby life downward in terms of importance to your life. Buy fewer titles and be a bit more discerning in what you buy.
    29. Everything can be adapted, I just hope they do it well.
    30. Aging hipsters exist, sometimes they morph into old yuppies.
    31. Too many to list
    32. Never read it
    33. No. Binge it after the season is done.
    34. Give them something weird, like Swamp Thing
    35. Some hero that isn’t fast or athletic, that way I could keep up. So… Goldballs?

  3. The solo adventures of Josh!You did great!Excellent work!

  4. I would have picked Fight Club 2. You’re right that there is way more visually going on that you might expect for first time writer going into comics, although it borders a bit on too much, like a student filmmaker that throws in all the “tricks.”

    What’s strange is that your criticism for Fight Club 2 is that it’s more of the same, but that’s exactly what you say makes Where Monsters Dwell such a pick this week. Maybe I just don’t like the typical Ennis bastard character, but really there’s nothing special about it beyond just a pulp adventure. If it were billed as just a pulp adventure, it’d be fine (while still not really bringing anything new to the genre.) Just saying “look! there are *dinosaurs*” isn’t enough anymore to make it distinguishable.

    • I get what you’re saying, but the fact is, Ennis is my favorite comic book writer, so wanting more of the same from him, is like wanting more of the same from any artist. Where in the case of Fight Club, it’s taking this old story, which concluded, and resurrecting it, like the Terminator, or Jaws 4, or anything they wanted to wring more use from. It’s not necessarily bad, but if I was a Chuck Palahniuk fan, I’d love more new stuff from him.

      Similarly, if Garth Ennis came out with Preacher 2, More Preachening, I’d be dubious.

    • Sure! Sequels are always tricky. But the way I’m reading it Fight 2 is emerging as a slightly different story. The first was the story of the title character’s recovery from madness (and some social commentary,) delivered to the audience thanks to the famous “twist” reveal. Now that the reveal is out of the way, so to speak, the story becomes more of a horror story, like a ghost story/haunting that has to be exorcised. And some social commentary. It feels like a logical second chapter and not a retread, at least so far.

      I wrote a review of both stories for weeklycomicbookreview.com but my editor didn’t publish the Monsters review yet. 🙂

  5. Awesome job on your first solo outing, Josh! Yeah, it’s not the same without someone else for you to bounce off of but you still did a great job holding down the fort on your lonesome.

    My pick this week must surely be Deadly Class, which was arguably the best issue yet. And, man, that ending! Funny how little discussion it’s had on the interwebs…

  6. You performed admirably, sir.

  7. The short-lived, yet highly regarded, “Lone Jamoke” era. Thanks for stepping up Josh. Enjoyed it.

  8. Well done solo appearance, Josh. Always appreciate the podcast Monday mornings.

  9. Nice job holding down the fort.

  10. A) Nice loner hand Josh. It was kinda cool, actually, more intimate.

    B) Best DC “event” would be “Batman:No Man’s Land.” Didn’t change the whole world, just really messed up Gotham and gave everyone a fertile playground for new stories. Best DC “stunt” would be “Wednesday Comics.” Great art and storytelling, especially when creators really utilized the format (Gaiman/Allred “Metamorpho”). Best Marvel event? “Siege” and “Infinity” were both good, “House of M” was good too. Honestly, any late 80’s/early 90’s X-Verse crossover would be good too.

    C) You want batshit crazy out-there comics that aren’t truly good but they just have that something? Axe Cop. (Drops mic)

    • Stellar pull on No Man’s Land.

      I actually tired of both Axe Cop and God Hates Astronauts to a certain extent. Sort of like Family Guy.

  11. Eat your heart out Broadway, this was a “one man show” with soul & sass to spare… Great job, Josh!!

  12. Josh is way too hard on himself for someone who has that much talent for podcasting/radio… (to me it’s radio since I listen in the car).

    This was yet another great iFanboy podcast. As others have said more intimate, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

  13. Speaking of Westerns – I *highly* recommend The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  14. Belated congrats on a fine show, Josh – there was an appealing intimacy, it felt very late night. It’ll be good to have Conor back, but you did us proud.

  15. Hey Josh, I enjoyed the show. Kind of reminded me why I miss Augie De Bleck’s Pipeline podcast so much.

  16. Thank you so much for making this the pick of the week. This comic completely fell through the cracks for me so I would have missed it. I just finished issue 2 and am loving it. I’m a big fan of Ennis, especially this style Ennis where it is more witty banter than well orchestrated ultra-violence.

  17. Josh – I thought you did great going solo, enjoyed the show as always.

    I find the current climate of comics interesting. Maybe it is just me or my personal tastes, but it seems that Image is really benefiting from the redundancy of stories coming out of the big two. This is the first time that I’ve ever considered subscribing to an ongoing series (I was previously a trade reader) and both series I’m interested in pulling are over at Image (Fade Out and Lazarus) – original stories that are right in my wheel house that I’m having a hard time waiting for the trades to catch up on. In the past, I would have caught onto these types of stories at Vertigo or other publishers – but I’m glad creators are able to retain ownership at Image.

    Now I just wish Image had a ‘netflix’ like distribution model…

  18. Lot of respect for handing this so well on your own, Josh!

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