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Pick of the Week #486 – The Fade Out #6

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This week Conor Kilpatrick imposes a harsh new rule for the audience questions and Josh Flanagan admits that he might have a drinking problem. Wait… what? Josh? (Also, there’s comics talk.)

Running Time: 01:02:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:35 – The Fade Out #6

Comics:The Fade Out_6
00:09:34 – Wytches #6
00:13:15 – Ultimate End #1
00:16:36 – Secret Wars: Battleworld #1
00:18:02 – A-Force #1
00:23:32 – Valhalla Mad #1
00:26:02 – Daredevil #15.1
00:29:42 – Satellite Sam #14

Audience Questions:
00:34:39 – Andrew B. from Mordor is looking to read more comics written by Brian Azzarello.
00:38:18 – Jeff B. from Sacramento, CA thinks that comic book movies might finally change the “never-ending” nature of superhero comics.
00:41:08 – Anthony C. from Brooklyn, NY has some questions about the process of critiquing comic books.
00:48:22 – Martin H. from the Outer Rim Territories wants to know how to know when to give credit to the writer and when to give credit to the artist.

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  1. The Fade Out is one of those series that I’ve considered dropping a couple of different times between the often lengthy time between issues, yet every time I finish an issue, I say to myself, there’s no way I can drop this book. It’s just too good and so well crafted. Sean Phillips art never fails to impress.

    On Secret Wars, I have to ask. Did either of you read Planet Hulk? If not, I’ll pitch it to you, since I found it by far the best of the tie-ins this week. I don’t think it has anything to do with the original Planet Hulk, and all you really need to know is that Doom is the overlord of this mashed world of characters that are from who knows what original universe. A badass gladiator Steve Rogers with his shield, an axe, and the red t-rex Devil Dinosaur he rides, have to go to the gamma irradiated region full of Hulks, and other creatures, to rescue his captured friend. Art is by Marc Laming, who I’d never heard of, but will certainly be on my radar going forward, and is really good. A surprisingly fun first issue.

  2. From what I understand of Secret Wars, all of the territories are a mishmash of realities, occupying the same world. I think that’s why the characters are not allowed to leave their area. If a character leaves their area and visits another, they’ll see that there’s another version of said character, and Doom would have a lot of explaining to do. The only characters experiencing that type of discovery are the 616 and 1610 characters, as their territory was merged into one.

    With the “616” and “1610” territories, I’m assuming that — while these characters are technically the characters we’ve known from each respective ongoing universe — their memories have been altered. Every character on Battleworld had their memories altered. While these are all alternate realities, these realities never worshiped Doom before the creation of Battleworld. That said, the only characters who seem to maintain knowledge of the prior status quo are those who managed to snag a life raft before the worlds collided.

    So, with Ultimate End, I think we’re seeing the two universes operating with no recollection of any incursions, regardless of these being the 616 and 1610 universes from Secret Wars #1. 616 and 1610 are in the same boat all the other territories are — Doom is their God, they don’t remember when he wasn’t, and they can’t leave their territory.

  3. Did either of you read Master of Kung Fu? I understand your trepidation about the Secret Wars tie-ins based on Battleworld and A-Force, both of which I read, but I thought Master of Kung Fu was a great example of how a creative team can tell an interesting, cool, well-written story with the Battleworld set-up.

  4. I have no idea what happened in Ultimate End. I too feel like we missed a story or three in between Secret Wars #2 and this comic.

  5. Regarding Satellite Sam – according to the next issue solicitation (https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/satellite-sam-15) they are headlining it as the ‘THE END of the first SATELLITE SAM STORY!’. Not sure what this means, but this series is one I’ve been wanting to start since it was first mentioned as the POW back in EP# 393 (yes, better late than never)…

  6. Ok, so, two books that I would love to hear you guys (Josh and Conor) discuss would be Vaughan’s web comic The Private Eye and Fraction’s ODY-C.

    I know that you posted previously that ODY-C is not your deal, but it is truly a unique creation. it is fresh, emphasizes the diversity of the form, and the art is great. Fraction is creative with a classic story. Each time I get a new issue, I always think that it would be great to hear your thoughts on it. Might be worth watching for the trade?

    The Private Eye is cool for a number of reasons. The web format & pricing model are not as unique as they might have been in the past, but it is still cool. They are working to get this out in multiple languages. But, the story is also great (which is most important). Vaughan unfolds a unique world with its own rules.

    Ok, thanks for your work. I always look forward to my commute when I have a new iFanboy episode.

  7. For Josh (and anyone else interested in how law and superheroes intersect), you should check out this book, “The Law of Superheroes,” written by James Daily and Ryan Davidson. Both are lawyers who are also comic fans, and they do a very good job of hitting on common legal issues that pop up in comics, especially the ones Josh was talking about on the show. They also have a blog devoted to the topic (http://lawandthemultiverse.com). Amazon has some pretty cheap new and used copies in hardcover, why not help out iFanboy and get a good book at the same time?

    As for “Ultimate End,” I just read it after hearing you guys talk about it, and I don’t think you missed anything. The scene with Tony and Amadeus was from the “All New X-Men” storyline where the young X-Men crossed over to the Ultimate universe, but it seems to have been changed to fit in with Battleworld. From what I can guess, both 616 Manhattan and Ultimate Manhattan were separate realms, but whatever Ultimate Tony and Amadeus did fused the two realms together. In all cases, they recognized Doom as the overlord of this world, just like all the other realms, and Ultimate Fury would seem to be the “Baron” of this new fused state. Since no one seemed to know that Doom was involved at all before the end of the two universes, all these characters have been “rewritten” to accept Doom as master just like everywhere else. So, if you read it like A-Force or Planet Hulk (these realms seemed to have just popped up out of nowhere), and forget that these are the characters we know, then it might read better.

    BTW, really loving how the Thors are being written similar to the Green Lanterns of DC. Such a fun idea.

  8. Huh somehow I missed out on The Fade Out despite being a rabid Brubaker/Phillips fan so thanks for that! Picked up the first trade and can’t wait, using the amazon link no less.

    Josh or Conor have either of you read, Beautiful Darkness? It is easily one of the most quietly disturbing comic books I have ever read. Definitely something to check out if you haven’t.

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