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Pick of the Week #483 – Inhuman #14

Show Notes

Last week, Josh Flanagan put out a call for audience questions about art and artists and boy did you people deliver! This week, he and Conor Kilpatrick talk about art as well as the new comics of the week. Plus Conor reveals a fantasy he has about Josh.

Running Time: 01:04:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:31 – Inhuman #14

00:12:27 – Batman #40
00:20:27 – Fantastic Four #645
00:24:09 – Daredevil #15
00:27:20 – The Multiversity #2
00:33:40 – Convergence: Shazam #1
00:37:36 – Superman #40
00:40:22 – Conan the Avenger #13
00:42:23 – Justice League #40
00:44:47 – Rumble #5
00:45:58 – Hit: 1957 #2

Audience Questions:
00:48:34 – Greg from Medford, NJ wants to know the iFanboy’s current Top 5 Favorite Artists.
00:55:53 – Bryan from San Francisco, CA brings up the difficulty of following artists.

“Like Humans Do”
David Byrne


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  1. I thought the janitor at the Gotham theatre was Bruce at the end but I too was confused by the armor in the dumpster.

  2. Will be interested to hear what you have to say about FF 645. The first Marvel comic I bought and read was Fantastic Four #1. I have read every issue since then. Fantastic Four #645 will be the last Marvel comic I buy or read until Marvel sees fit to bring back “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine,” as Stan Lee put it.

  3. I know I know it’s business. But what Marvel is doing to their own titles- sabotaging the X-Men and ‘ending’ the FF seems to lack integrity.
    It’s certainly not above board for Axel, Loeb, and Bendis even to constantly proclaim that Marvel had no intention to sabotage these properties.
    It’s similar to an NBA team purposefully tanking games so they ruin their record and get a higher draft pick the next year.
    All business right?
    Only the consumer suffers.
    The Inhumans are fine but personally there is a d&d – Game of thrones vibe to them I have never been really able to get into.
    It’s not a straight substitute for the X-Men and the character history there.

  4. Let’s dispense with this notion that the inhumans are replacing the xmen one would only need to look as far as secret wars to see that the number of c books is pretty substantial.8 mutant related books at my last count. This inhumans vs xmen thing is unproductive, the inhumans offer a long history and a interesting story. Enjoy it and don’t worry they Xmen are here to stay.

    • I didn’t say anything about ‘replacing’ but if you haven’t noticed a purposeful shift in focus currently and going forward post secret wars based on licensing issues you simply aren’t paying attention.

  5. I was referring to the pod cast in my comment specifically where they state that inhumans are being used to replace xmen. I did not read your comment. With all the x titles (for secret wars at least) I’m not sure how much more focus could be put on the xmen.

  6. Surprised last week you guys didn’t say Saga, and this week you guys didn’t say Fiona Staples.

  7. Inhumans vs. Mutants – while they both have powers, anyone could be a mutant, being an Inhuman implies that somewhere in your genetic history you have Kree blood (at least in the comics, whether that will be true in the MCU is open, though Agents of SHIELD has strongly implied that Skye does since she also survived the TAHITI treatment). So, that brings in a whole new wrinkle, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it.

    As for FF, the book may not be around, but apparently the characters are. In the backup story of the Avengers FCBD issue, Johnny is hanging out with the Inhumans. So, Reed, Sue and Ben might still show up somewhere too (maybe in Avengers?). I mean, isn’t there some thing where if they don’t use an IP for a certain length of time they risk losing it? Isn’t that why they have to trot out a Ghost Rider and Moon Knight book every so often?

    • re: “..isn’t there some thing where if they don’t use an IP for a certain length of time they risk losing it?”

      the answer is of course yes and no. (No “Law” but there is”case law”) and not that anyone cares but I explained it all briefly (in the Gen X sense not in the Millennial sense) below:

      1. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, only expressions of those ideas. (That great idea of a super hero family cannot be copyrighted only the actual book illustrating that idea may)

      2. IP is protected mainly by Copyright, Trademarks, Patents and Trade Dressing. (Patents and Trade Dressing don’t really apply to comics so skip those)

      3. Thank to Disney’s billions in lobbying, copyrights and their derivative works (which protects a person or company’s creation; applies to all the images printed in the books) are pretty much protected from the moment of creation until hundreds of years later and sometimes beyond. So your favorite H.E.R.B.I.E. drawings are protected till those Twinkies expire.

      4. Trademarks protect consumers from confusion in the marketplace by securing rights to a name or image for a product or company. So in the future, when you by something labeled Fantastic Four its got the Marvel family you know and love and not some odd food pyramid scheme pamphlet.

      5. Trademarks last the lifetime of the company. So in theory, Marvel gets a Trademark for the Fantastic Four name of a comic book and it lasts the entire time Marvel is a company.

      In your comment, you are talking about Trademark Abandonment. Which is exactly as it sounds. If a company goes out of business or changes its business type or stops producing those kinds of products the Mark may be considered abandoned and able to be used by others.

      Remember, Trademarks protect consumers in the name of commerce, not companies or people. Gotta keep the capitalist engine moving, fast and efficiently. So if a Trademark is not being “Vigorously Defended” (read that as suing everyone who comes close to copying you) of used “Frequently in interstate commerce” then it can be argued in court to have been abandoned and up for grabs.

      So every generation (10 years) paranoid corporate lawyers will make the companies trod out a “Wonder Woman” or Ghost Rider book in order to secure the title of that comic book as a Trademark. (See everyone we still make this “product”) Technically not required by law, but printing a crappy book is way cheaper than suing people.

      Google “Murphy Bed Company” and “Trademark Abandonment” to learn more about the case law and see the USPTO for more on Trademarks.

      till next time true believers.
      hey wake up.
      its over.
      yeah. you can go now.

    • Thanks dude, that’s awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. And don’t sweat the boring; if anything, comic book afficianados are suckers for minutiae!

  8. Oh, and the site I think you were thinking of Josh was Comictwart. http://www.comictwart.com/

  9. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Conor talking about not wanting Alfred sitting around with only one hand makes me think that Endgame isn’t for me. I’m mostly trade only these days but hopped off BATMAN during Zero Year because I was banking on a big all-encompassing trade of that coming out eventually. Hearing what’s coming for Alfred means that I probably won’t go back and fill in those Zero Year gaps.

    I dunno. After this baby came along I’m even less into these types of stories than I used to be, and I really wasn’t all that into it before either. The maiming and the blood and the cards stuck in people’s eyeballs. Sounds like it’s done really well but…

    Where’s the Dick Sprang collection of 1940s and 1950s Batman stories that I’ve been dreaming about for over a decade? Now that is way more up my alley.

  10. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    By the way, I’m only two weeks into Convergence and I’m really enjoying it. Preordered the entire thing beforehand, so maybe I’ve tricked myself into loving it since I spent so much money on it. In either case, I’m cool with the story as it’s been presented so far. The only downside to the event is the main book itself, which in no way plays to my DC nostalgia so get that shit outta here.

  11. The armor in the dumpster – That was from the beginning of Endgame, it was to dress up as a god for that theater Bruce funded that he and Superman fought in. That it was being thrown away was symbolizing Batman being “dead.” Because he’s a little godlike.

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