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Pick of the Week #482 – The Black Hood #3

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick will talk about comics even if they can no longer remember the names of any of the characters in them. That is their level of dedication to you and to themselves. Also, Josh completely flabbergasts Conor with a display of genuine emotion, comes to a startling realization about himself, and makes a forthright plea to the audience. It’s fun!

Running Time: 00:56:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:29 – The Black Hood #3

Comics:The Black Hood_3
00:09:53 – All-New X-Men #40
00:16:46 – Velvet #10
00:21:16 – Satellite Sam #13
00:25:23 – Lazarus #16
00:27:24 – Invisible Republic #2
00:29:53 – Kaptara #1
00:30:50 – Deadly Class #12

Audience Questions:
00:33:12 – Bryan W. watched the Batman v. Superman trailer and now needs to flee back to the loving embrace of old DC Comics.
00:37:12 – Adam L. from Dayton, OH is sick of analog and spin-off characters.
00:42:38 – Wes A. from Newport, MN recently re-watched Unbreakable and loved it.
00:47:02 – Christ H. from Iowa wants to know the iFanboys current Top 5 ongoing series.

“Philadelphia Freedom”
Elton John


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  1. Hey guys! Long time listener, first time commenting. I was surprised that Conor and Josh didn’t like Lazarus #16. I thought the issue added even more depth to Rucka and Lark’s dystopian world. I thought it was actually one of the best issues of the series. It’s also a great setup to prepare us for the oncoming war with the Families. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. Lazarus has become my current favorite ongoing series, though I’m also in the process of starting Black Science. I hope the pessimism around Lazarus sales is just a running joke (or folks at least take heart and give it a shot), Rucka and Lark have built a world and story that I want to read through its intended conclusion.

    It it appears Lazarus will double ship in June due to no issues released in May – https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/lazarus

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