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Pick of the Week #481 – Chrononauts #2

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Josh Flanagan has returned from the Caribbean, and he’s way chill. This is good, because there were not a lot of books this week, so he and Conor Kilpatrick talk about some comics, then dive into a lot of listeners questions, and finally, well, there’s some Star Wars talk. Obviously.

Running Time: 01:07:25

Pick of the Week:
00:03:19 – Chrononauts #2

00:11:37 – Thor #7
00:16:08 – Letter 44 #15
00:19:14 – Convergence
00:24:23 – Revival #29
00:27:09 – The Fade Out #5
00:30:27 – RunLoveKill #1

Audience Question:
00:34:22 –¬†West from MN asks about the dark gritty comics, and if it was inevitable.
00:43:51 – Tyler from California is looking for unexpected surprises of quality in comics.
00:46:21 – Josh from Texas asks which Marvel and DC writers are the Beatles equivalent.

Trailer Talk:
00:53:03 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“Same Song”
Digital Underground


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  1. I dropped off Thor a while ago- but why isn’t Thor still named Thor. I mean that is his name the hammer says that anyone who is worthy shall have the power of Thor not BE Thor.
    Has Aaron changed this?
    Also in the past Ultron has tried to lift mjolnir and couldn’t so it is supposed to be about being worthy not just being organic or not. Not a fan of this change.
    Also if there is any movie crossover check then in the first Thor movie- tow trucks, lifting equipment and whatever devices SHIELD tried were unable to move it.

    I think the convergence matchups are so far not great and in the very least odd- but I have enjoyed about half of the under the dome stories. A just straight up street fighter go around would be pretty boring. If you want that play Injustice.

    Of course the evolution of comics was inevitable. Calling it grim and gritty is reductive.
    Media in general has become more ‘realistic’ containing more challenging and sometimes adult themes.
    You wouldn’t expect to turn on the tv and see 50’s television forever.
    Comics as ifanboy frequently points out- is medium not a genre- so there are and can be ‘kids’ comics and adult comics and new archie comics but the market wants what the market wants or at least what diamond tells it it wants.
    There are a lot of reasons why what is selling is selling but I think as modern media grew from it’s infancy in the 40’s 50’s it stands to reason that as societal norms expanded so would it’s pop culture expression change.

  2. But what about the ’60s creators? For Marvel, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee are obviously Lennon and McCartney. But for DC … John Broom and Carmine Infantino? Certainly, Julius Schwartz is George Martin.

  3. Really dug the discussion around West’s question. Simultaneous with comic hero “replacement” with Dark Knight: cultural “replacement” of 1960’s/70’s rock guitar gods by rappers. Coincidence or not? Talk amongst yourselves…

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