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Pick of the Week #476 – Ms. Marvel #13

Show Notes

This week, Conor Kilpatrick returns from the freezing east coast to re-join Josh Flanagan to talk the week that was in comics PLUS northeast accents! Story balls.

Running Time: 00:58:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:28 – Ms. Marvel #13

Comics:Ms Marvel_13
00:10:43 – Astro City #21
00:14:13 – Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #11
00:17:32 – Southern Cross #1
00:24:30 – Howard the Duck #1
00:28:10 – Action Comics #40
00:31:46 – All-New X-Men #37
00:33:53 – Sheltered #15

Audience Questions:
00:37:43 – Andrew B. is having trouble jumping into the middle of comic book series.
00:42:26 – Anthony C. from Brooklyn, NY wants to know the difference between Boston accents and Maine accents.
00:47:04 – Enda from Waterford, Ireland has some ideas on what makes a successful comics-to-screen adaptation.

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“Going Out in Style”
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  1. Howard the Duck was the most awesomest comic I read in a while

  2. The Bizarro opposite talk review of Action Comics was fun, but very uncomplimentary to Aaron Kuder!

  3. I think what you’re saying is: You am love Bizarro 🙂

  4. It’s funny both Howard the Duck and Bizarro are chacters that I have never understood the love for. They both seem like product of a different time that have run their course.
    Howard just plain creeps me out. He’s a sleeze. And just – well dumb. I know it’s nostalgia but who now is into this?
    Also- the collector scene in Guardians was in general just straight up whack.
    Bizarro is slightly more tolerable in general but Not when he starts with that Bizarro speak bullshit.
    Plus no two writers can ever agree on what convention to use- is it all backwards or just verb and pronouns is it a mix?!
    It’s infuriating!
    If he was just a twisted and conflicted ‘bizarre’ copy of Superman it would be so much better maybe even cool.

  5. If someone wants to listen to some good Maine accents there’s a documentary on Burt’s Bees on Netflix with lots of good examples.

  6. Dont say bad things about Event Horizon!!! Underrated and scary! 🙂

  7. While I agree that the latest Astro City arc was absolutely fantastic and the idea of heroes aging interesting, for me the reason the story worked so well was because it was such an interesting LOVE STORY.

    I actually got upset when I saw the cover to the current issue…soooo good! What did I feel worse about,, Crackerjack being dead or Quarrel losing the love of her life? Let me nominate this already as cover of the year.

    I think the Love Story really affected me because it showed so well why these two were right for each other, especially Crackerjack who seems like the last person anyone would ever want to be in a relationship with. The earlier issue where Quarrel dumped good guy MPH seemed terribly authentic to me. So Busiek made me understand why the death of Crackerjack would leave such a gaping hole in Quarrel’s life. Bravo.

    Still absolutely lovin’ IFanboy, don’t quit you guys!

    FWIW I nominate Evie (sic) as the permanent 3rd person. The shows always crackled when she guest hosted..

  8. Have you guys taken a look at ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward? I have been enjoying it, but I am particularly interested in the letters pages and the academic response they are getting. Next issue (#4) they are including essays about mythology.

    The art is trippy, and I have to say sometimes I have to study it closely to be sure I get it. But, I enjoy that it makes me pay attention. The language is written in verse.

    Anyway, I kind of feel like it is an event. It is moving along pretty well. Would love to hear you talk about this one.

  9. Ah, unfortunate. Hope you keep an eye on it. I love all the things they are trying to do it with it.

  10. What’s really interesting is the the author of Ms. Marvel isn’t actually from Pakistan she is a person who converted to Islam.
    Makes it even more interesting in how she portrays the character and culture from her perspective.

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