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Pick of the Week #475 – Big Man Plans #1

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick is in the wind, and Jim Viscardi of comicbook.com and Let’s Talk Comics ably joins the fray with Josh Flanagan, who has trouble keeping time, and is worried what Conor will say on his return. But there is agreement on the Pick of the Week, and many good new comics out this week that need vigorous discussion. Mostly vigorous anyway. There are also a whole lot of #1 issues.

Running Time: 01:02:49

Pick of the Week:
00:02:34 – Big Man Plans #1

00:09:32 – All-New Hawkeye #1
00:16:31 – Descender #1
00:22:54 – Princess Leia #1
00:29:47 – Nameless #2
00:32:24 – Guardians Team-Up #1
00:38:41 – Spider-Woman #5
00:40:00 – Swamp Thing #40
00:41:06 – Saga #26
00:42:20 – The Names #7

Audience Questions:
00:45:43 – Tim B. wants us to dish on our experiences with comics pros.
00:52:15 – Caleb H. is 8, and he’s being taught comics in school. He wants to know how cool we think that is. (Very.)

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  1. No one ever needs to apologize for watching Total Recall unless it’s the remake.

    I was thinking that I have been experiencing a weird sensation about Image Comics.
    I think it’s akin to the supposed ‘new reader’ phenomenon with comics with a long history.
    The ‘oh it’s too much continuity’ to pick up that book.
    I think Image just has too many number 1’s
    I know it’s an embarrassment of riches but I feel it’ s a kind of barrage and I never get the chance to hear buzz build around as many books as could because Hey- Image has 5 new number 1’s this week and next week and next week.
    I find that it creates a feeling that at this point I just can’t catch up and it kind of makes me want to avoid Image.
    I know it’s weird- but just saying.

  2. Question for Josh: Who did you romance in Mass Effect?

  3. Nice.
    Miranda always seems like a good idea but then just no.

    Interesting interactive story elements, even if the finale was….

  4. Great show, always nice to hear Jim guest. And I do always wonder why, when there’s a guest, they don’t get the Pick – it’d change the flavour a bit, and just be a nice thing to do when someone’s helping you out.

    A Tony query, Josh – can something really be a cold open when it’s a first issue? There’s been nothing established, so it’s not like there’s a start that surprises because it’s apart from the norm.

  5. I’m gonna chuckle and hear Josh saying “This is th-th-THE TREAT!” every time I read a good comic for a while after this…

  6. Win for the Whiplash soundtrack.
    My favorite film of 2014.

  7. Nice show has ever, I’m really addicted to storytelling in games has in comics, and I was glad to hear you plaid Mass Effect, really enjoyed the story although it kind used to many ideas from Star Gate, mass relay – star gates, Citadel left behind by a unknown civilization – Citadel from Star Gate Atlantis (also left behind by old civilization), dormant specie the reapers – dormant specie the reapers. But the truth is Star gate having good original ideas the show is really boring, and my 100 hours of mass effect playing was very enjoyable.

    What do you think about Fallout 3? Bethesda has very good stories, even if Skyrim has a lot of Game of thrones ideas e really is something else. Do you have any suggestions for a good game with a good story?

    Also I wanted to suggest you do videos like, present top 10 pencils, colorist, storytelling, story in a game. I know there already exist a lot of tops out there, but one done by Ifanboy is more mature, serious, and it will attract a lot of viewers.

    Keep up the good work

    • Just to add my two cents.
      LA Noire is amazing- over 90% of 1947 Los Angeles was accurately recreated. Streets- store fronts everything. You play through a series of complex cases you actively have to investigate. Interview suspects to determine if they are telling the truth. A real sense of agency. Great voice acting as well.

      Red Dead Redemption – Old west gunfighter looking to put things right. LA Noire as a cowboy and like LA lots of open world exploration.

      Batman Arkham City- You’re Batman! Amazing game mechanics, punk crushing moves, tons of real estate to explore and a special steam punk treat with WOnder City that is beautifully rendered. Rich back story in the case files.

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