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Pick of the Week #474 – Criminal: Special Edition #1

Show Notes

This week, Josh Flanagan comes to a troubling realization, Conor Kilpatrick is traumatized, and an age old iFanboy debate returns!

Running Time: 00:56:16

Pick of the Week:
00:01:13 – Criminal: Special Edition #1

00:09:08 – Batman #39
00:15:39 – Darth Vader #2
00:17:43 – Aquaman #39
00:20:45 – The Black Hood #1
00:25:36 – Sex #20
00:28:05 – Thor Annual #1
00:30:53 – All-New Invaders #15
00:33:49 – Fantastic Four #643
00:35:16 – S.H.I.E.L.D. #3

Audience Questions:
00:37:05 – Johnny M. is taking his family to Wonder Con this year and needs some tips!
00:44:22 – Matt B. loves Garth Ennis’ war stories and wants to know if there are any about The Troubles.

“Put a Little Love in Your Heart”
Leonard Nimoy


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  1. No, don’t pack Alfred’s hand in ice! I know, that’s what everybody says to do, but in fact you risk damaging the blood vessels and making reattachment more difficult.

  2. I really enjoyed Swierczynski’s Black Hood, and I wanted to touch upon Conor’s “realism” comment. I agree, which is why I was left wondering how the Black Hood jumped off a multiple story building and landed running? It really seemed to break from the rest of the story without any explanation.

  3. Captain America has never really been about a man out of time more to the point it’s about a man who’s character and tactics are timeless.

  4. Listen, I really like your work!

    Ps: 92 was Olympics year in Barcelona. Maybe 90 or 94?

  5. About Garth Ennis writing stories on the Troubles : Josh mentioned Kit , the love interest from Hellblazer, Ennis and Dillon did a one shot ( about 40 pages) called Heartland about her returning to Belfast

    It’s excellent , and Ennis mentioned at a con in Dublin that more stories of this type were on the horizon( he mentioned it to me as I asked him while getting Preacher signed). Nothing has come yet , although something called City Lights has been rumoured for ages.

    The Punisher went to Belfast in an issue of the Marvel Knights ongoing series , again with Dillon , don’t have the issues to hand but I think it is Number 18. It’s a lot more cynical than Heartland and as it turned out a bit too cynical ( a bit )

  6. Johnny M: If you are looking for cheap trades/hard covers, they can be found. I’ve never been to WonderCon, so West Coast/San Francisco prices may vary, but at the Cincinnati cons I go to, I can usually find BOGO sales or “volume” discounts from various dealers. Example: I got the “X-Cutioners Song” oversized hard cover for $25 and the Lee/Kirby “Avengers” Omnibus for $60, which at regular retail would have been about $150 total.

    However, don’t expect that you’re going to get very recent stuff on sale. Most of what you’re going to find are older non-evergreen trades or new books that didn’t sell as well and the dealer is trying to dump inventory. Upside: this is a great way to try out things you might not otherwise try. I picked up the first trades of the new Nova and Deadpool series this way. Downside: if you’re trying to find a cheap copy of CoIE because George Perez and Marv Wolfman are both signing at your con, probably not going to happen.

    Also, if you go back-issue diving, you might be able to negotiate, especially if you’re buying a lot of non-consecutive issues or issues of various series. But don’t expect much budging if you’re going for a consecutive run of a particular series. Truthfully, unless you’re just trying to fill in some gaps with less valuable issues (maybe ones you missed originally, for example), single issues are exceptionally expensive at cons and should be avoided if you don’t have the pockets.

    Enjoy your time! I’m guessing the guest list is going to be amazing!

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