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Pick of the Week #472 – Southern Bastards #7

Show Notes

Love is in the air, and two morons who don’t know how the kids text are here to give you their advice about it, after dispensing with the best and most notable comics of the week. It’s the Valentine’s Day special podcast. So sit back with the one you love, and enjoy our thoughts on sequential art and romance, one of which we know quite a lot about.

Running Time: 01:17:14

Pick of the Week:
00:02:13 – Southern Bastards #7

00:11:54 – Thor #5
00:18:10 – War Stories #5
00:20:52 – Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special #1
00:23:47 – Astro City #20
00:25:52 – Darth Vader #1

Comics News:
00:32:35 – We get caught up on, and discuss DC’s new slate of books, and what it might mean.
00:40:05 – Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? WHAT?!

Valentine’s Day Audience Questions:
00:44:07 – Darin from London has a girlfriend who doesn’t care for comics no matter what he does.
00:49:45 – Does fortune favor the bold for Andrew?
00:53:27 – Wes from Minnesota needs to know the rules of texting in relationships, and how that works, and boy, did he come to the wrong place.
00:59:55 – Nick from Philadelphia, PA wants to know if he should spend all the money on a big wedding, or maybe invest it somewhere else.
01:06:07 – Joe’s lady friend can’t let go how she didn’t like younger Joe, and current Joe isn’t sure what to do about that.

“You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You”
Dean Martin


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  1. Great podcast.

  2. I was a little apprehensive of the start of this arc of Southern Bastards because as you guys pointed out the obvious parallel is with Red Crow in Scalped and I was worried that the point of the arc was going to be trying to make me like Coach Boss. I don’t like Coach Boss and I don’t want to like Coach Boss. He’s just all the way through a bad person (as you can see from the shorts). This arc, and especially this issues, didn’t change that at all, but it did make me care about him. Like Conor I’m really just itching to see what happens next and when we get back to where issue #4 left us I’m not going like Coach Boss any more or sympathize with him at all, but I am going to care and I think that’s a really important step for this series.

    I also thought the comment about the art in some ways resembling Jeff Lemire’s work on Essex County was really interesting as from the start I’ve thought there were a lot of interesting parallels between Essex County and Southern Bastards in terms of the small town settings with the sports and just what each work means personally for its creators. I like to imagine there’s some alternate universe where in 2007 instead of creating Scalped Jason Aaron goes to Top Shelf and pitches his idea for a series of small town tales called Craw County.

  3. Great banter this episode lads, was giggling to myself on the tube this morning.

  4. My wife and I had a similar conundrum as Nick from Philly. We decided to spend our money on a dream vacation and got married in Japan. When we got back we had a couple low-key receptions for family and friends (that we let our parents plan and pay for). We certainly don’t regret it, especially now that we have young kids. It’ll be many years before the two of us can have another big adventure like that together.

    One other thing–did you get her a diamond engagement ring? If so, I think you can rationalize splurging on that New Mutants 98 (or whatever). I used that justification to get myself a nice souvenir from our Japan trip.

  5. Absolutely do not go into debt for the wedding. But wedding vs something practical? Wedding. It’s the specificity of the memory. Even old man Flanagan said his marriage was the happiest day of his life (pre-kids). You remember your wedding vs “Remember the time we did that thing?” or worse “Remember that time we paid that bill for that thing we really wanted?”

    Master Destructo and Jeff did both – wedding in a memorable place.

    Are you setting up your married life to say, “We do the practical thing not the romantic thing.” This is not to say you can’t make the day of the courthouse ceremony into something special. The point is that you’re recognizing the event as something WORTH making special.

  6. I hated the idea of weddings until my best friend got married last summer. It really hit home how important that transitional ceremony is. It is like graduating from high school or college, it represents something momentous in your life. It should be celebrated and cherished.

    Having said that, there is no way weddings should cost 60 grand. I mean, seriously!? Get married in a park and have a reception in a community center. There is no way a ceremony should ever cost 60 grand. Ever. Even Brad and Angelina should not spend that much. A wedding can easily cost 10 grand. I accept this. Imagine what you could do with the remaining 50 grand? That’s a down payment on a HOUSE, that you will live in, rear your children in and grow old in! That could be 2 very nice cars! That could be a camper and a truck that you take out into the back country once a month to make thousands of great memories in! Imagine the kind of vacation you could have for 50k? You could literally go around the world!

    Have a wedding? Definitely but save the bulk of your money for things that will help you make even more memories.

    P.S. I totally agree with Josh about splurging on a good photographer. Oh man, I have seen some HORRIBLE pictures in my day and… I cannot fathom the disappointment that the couples have with themselves for not hiring someone good.

  7. “Friends” to “more than friends” is a tough thing. Stuff to watch out for: how does she feel coming out of the long term relationship? How do you feel coming out of yours? Are you mature enough to handle her saying “no” to leaving the friend zone? Is she going to weird out (that’s a huge variable)? Has she ever said anything along the lines of “I really value our friendship”? In my experience, if you are really good friends and you try to take things up a level, you can still be friends afterwards if she says “no,” provided that you accept this and get past it. If you keep trying to force the issue, forget it, it will start getting creepy and she’ll (rightfully) want to bolt. But it’s also good to read the signs. I had a situation after college with a friend where I was starting to get those feelings, but almost as if on cue, she would bring up how messed up she felt after her previous relationship (with another friend of mine). I never went for it for that reason.

    You also have to be careful how you broach the subject, but I’ll let wiser heads take on that problem.

  8. Avatar photo aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

    Great show!

    Josh: I just wanted to let you know that DC did release the end of Hitman in TPBs a couple of years back. They rereleased the first 4 and then published 3 giant trades for like $30 each that go all the way to the JLA/Hitman mini. So use that iFanboy Amazon link and go to town before the Section 8 miniseries comes out!

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