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Pick of the Week #471 – Hawkeye #21

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And then there were two: with Paul Montgomery following Ron Richards off into the sunset, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick carry on as a comic book chatting duo!

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:34 – Hawkeye #21

00:14:00 – Velvet #9
00:18:33 – Superman #38
00:23:34 – Nameless #1
00:28:50 – Ant-Man #2
00:34:46 – Action Comics #39
00:37:50 – Sheltered #14
00:39:18 – Star Wars #2
00:44:52 – Wolf Moon #3

Audience Questions:
00:46:33 – Joshua S. from Boys Ranch, TX asks about jumping back on a book.
00:50:22 – Josh from Chicago, IL wants to chat about The Manhattan Projects with somebody. Anybody.

“Two of Us”
Aimee Mann & Michael Penn


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  1. Sub par art and questionable plotting and voices seems to equal bad comic to me.
    Maybe it isn’t so much that this book isn’t ‘for me’ maybe Star Wars just isn’t for this creative team.

  2. You guys summed up my feelings on Star Wars #2 pretty well. The confrontation in this issue really does change the big Luke/Vader battle in Empire. Granted, nothing here is really contradictory and it all technically works, but I like the idea of their battle in TESB as being their first confrontation face to face. Otherwise I did enjoy this issue, especially the Vader stuff. I really do get the feeling that going forward this book will have the characters off on their own having adventures and we probably won’t see much of Vader, especially since Vader will have his own book.

  3. I feel what Josh was saying on Manhattan Projects. While I still love a lot of the concept, and a lot of specific moments, I just felt like it never got around to telling an actual story. It was just an ongoing series of “and then THIS crazy shit happened.” I remember reading an interview with Hickman in which he said he wasn’t carefully plotting out the book, with a particular endgame in sight, like he does with most of his books. He was just taking each issue as it came, deciding what to do next. And frankly, it shows. It doesn’t seem to have a direction. Maybe that will happen more with the new focused arcs coming out–but if it doesn’t show signs of change, I’m probably out.

    • Check out his interview on the 11 o’clock Comics Podcast this week. He talks about what his goals for the book are going forward. Essentially, each character or pair/group of characters will be off on their own in a certain genre of storytelling (space opera, government conspiracy, etc.), which was his goal all along.

  4. Superman doesn’t have fingerless gloves. He has long cuffs. You can see it plainly in the page where he’s coming out. Not that it doesn’t still look silly.

  5. I loooooveee ANTMAN so much.
    THat has been my PotW for both issues so far.

    This series got me excited for the movie more than the Antman trailer.

  6. Did you guys read Postal #1? I bought it on a whim, and it turned out to be my favorite this week. It’s got an interesting set of supporting characters, and the lead has a unique point of view.

  7. Why does Hawkeye look like Bruce Lee on this cover?

    Marvel cancels the FF and we’re talking about Superman’s sleeves.

  8. Just heard about this comic subscription service, but it sounds interesting:


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