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Pick of the Week #470 – Batman #38

Show Notes

Paul Montgomery rides off into the sunset as a regular co-host of the show, but before he goes it’s time to talk about the week that was in comics one more time with Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick. Also poetic Picks, numerology, and Slash’s bitchin’ guitar solo in “November Rain.”

Running Time: 01:06:22

Pick of the Week:
00:01:13 – Batman #38

00:11:05 – The Multiversity: Guidebook #1
00:20:23 – Thor #4
00:24:32 – The Unwritten: The Apocalypse #12
00:28:24 – Batman: Eternal #43
00:30:54 – The Dying and the Dead #1
00:37:50 – Effigy #1
00:40:20 – Flash Gordon #8
00:41:32 – King: The Phantom #1
00:42:47 – Alex and Ada #12
00:44:15 – Sex Criminals #10

Audience Questions:
00:47:01 – Jay has a couple of really important questions about Star Wars names.
00:51:15 – Matt from Charlotte, NC is uncomfortable with the idea of war stories as entertainment.

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  1. You will forever be in my heart Paul. I look forward to your future endeavors on Panels.

    Zuckuss is a Gand, while 4-LOM is a bug-headed Protocol Droid. The toy line mixed up the names but Lucasfilm corrected the error in later publications.

    The “Oh SNAP!” moment in Batman this week really astounded me. I had no idea Batman was headed to the Court. Such a cool turn idea.

  2. All the best with your future endeavors, Paul, and thanks for all your work on the podcast and for keeping the site going longer than it probably would have. Those were huge shoes you were stepping into but you did a great, if quite different, job of it.

    Oh and Josh, I gave up Fables a while back as well for much the same reasons as you but, believe it or not, it’s actually ending, apparently for good, in a couple of issues.

  3. If you haven’t been reading the Batman backups, the Joker has been giving all sorts of origins to people. Him being unknowable is definitely the point.

  4. You guys talked about so much interesting stuff this ep.

    My prediction for Thor: I think we’re supposed to think it’s Roz, but I’m guessing Jane probably? Last we saw of her didn’t she leave Midgard to serve some unspecified function on Asgard?

    Snyder/Capullo prediction: they go the full 52 issues of Batman volume 2. Then we get a new #1 or pre-boot back to the old numbering.

    I think Josh was correct about hypertime. Morrison uses it to a degree, but the whole ‘time is a river with various tributaries’ thing came from Waid and The Kingdom.

    Sweet Child O’Mine is Slash’s greatest guitar solo. It is a fact so beyond the bounds of argument, I will say no more on the matter.

    I’m with Jay. Star Wars is ‘Star Wars’ for me, not for any philosophical reason, but just because that’s what comes out of my mouth when I talk about it. The same reason I call Princess Leia ‘Lee-ah.’ That’s what I called her at age 5 in 1980 when my brain became irrevocably consumed with the whole thing, and there’s just no stepping back.

    And I also always get tripped up on the Zuckuss / 4-LOM thing, because of the stupid mislabeled toys. I have to stop and think which one’s the droid and that it has to have a droidish name.

    PAUL. It seems so obvious and unnecessary to even say, but you were a really great part of the iFanboy team. I’m an overly-frequent Panels-dot-netizen and anxiously devour each new Oh Comics! podcast, so I’m happy to see you throwing more of your energy into that project. Really glad you’ll still be guesting iFanboy on occasion. Well done.

  5. Catwoman’s mafia run in her own book is great.

  6. Paul! Thanks so much for everything! So sorry to see you leave. I hope everything goes your way. Best wishes!

  7. Are we getting that Agent Carter Special Edition Podcast?

    Worried about the health of the guaranteed weekly show now Paul is leaving. I need to know what comics to look out for every week

  8. Lafuente recently drew All-New Doop.

  9. Paul, to paraphrase the great Air Supply… you are every (wo)man in the world to us! I mean Conor and Josh are awesome, but still, you will be missed. I hope you don’t forget iFanboy between return visits (because that would be amnesia, dementia, or denial) and if you get lonely, I follow you on The Instagram. I will go to Panels.net/OhComics too, to check on you.

  10. GOODBYE Captain Paul. Will miss you

  11. Just finished Batman #38
    Wow- so the Joker is made of Midi-chlorians now?

    This better be a fake out.

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