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Pick of the Week #467 – The Fade Out #4

Show Notes

We’re (mostly) back! Old friends Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan tell old jokes, and feel old and talk about old things, and comic books about people who would be old. Old. But it’s also very good to be back on the comics horse talking about the books of the week after the holidays. Help us shake the rust off and get back to picking of the week. Won’t you join us? There’s some war talk. We can’t help it.

Running Time: 01:04:08

Pick of the Week:
00:02:10 – The Fade Out #4

00:12:08 – Ant-Man #1
00:18:01 – Birthright #4
00:22:45 – War Stories #4
00:28:40 – Deadly Class #10
00:31:30 – Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1952 #2
00:33:23 – Justice League 3000 #13

Audience Questions:
00:37:35 – Sam wants to know where we stand on the Miracleman reprints.
00:42:57 – Aaron needs a recommendation, without giving much to go on.
00:51:22 – Eoin asks why more comics aren’t on handheld gaming devices.

“Street Spirit (Fade Out)”


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  1. Conor, you’re not alone in your Batman Ennui. In fact, I think it’s a symptom of a bigger malady: DC Ennui.

    • The homogenous coloring has a lot to do with that for me, leaves me with feeling waterlogged.

    • While I like Snyder’s stuff, I am getting a little tired of these big, years long story arcs. I understand that “Endgame” is supposed to be the last of these. He said he wanted to more shorter arcs and one-offs, citing Dini’s run on Detective as an inspiration. Batman is the only Bat-title I’m interested in because Snyder is writing it. His stories are so big, I’m at the point that I’d rather wait for trades or collections. It feels harder to keep the story straight and re-attain the suspense when reading month to month.

      I’m excited by Convergence and if there are any big status quo changes coming out of Multiversity but I may use the Convergence break to drop a lot of the DC titles that I’ve become ‘meh’ about.

    • @alexhoward – Agree 100%. And I’d jump for joy if Snyder’s next Batman story arc is called “Two And Done”

  2. I know the response if any would be something like -‘Not reading it.’ or ‘Tried it didn’t care for it’ “Not into Slott’s run’
    But I will still maintain that you are missing out on a A Lot of fun not reading the Spider-Verse run.
    iFanboy has often made remarks like- “Giant robots and Monkeys- I’m in!”
    Well in addition to a solid and intricate story how about the Hostess Spider-Man fighting along side the Japanese 70’s live action Spider-Man?!
    That, is comics fun.

  3. ANTMAN should have been the pick of the week dammit!!! It was sooooooo awesometacular! What is this comic called STOOOPID comic Fadeout?

  4. Another recommendation for Aaron: Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley. A recent, self-contained, ‘slice-of-life’ story with a strong supernatural (surreal) element that might fill in for the superhero fix. And it’s just really good. It was book of the month of a few months ago,

    • For Aaron I would recommend Unknown Soldier by Joshua Dysart & Alberto Ponticelli. Based in reality, with a super human soldier taking on a real life super villain.

  5. So Conor, you know “someone” who recently read DKR and loved it? Hmmmm. So did you have the ring at the ready when she told you?

    That reminds me, you guys doing another Valentines Day show this year?

  6. Great show, love the movie talk!

    Both Johns Ford and Huston did amazing war docs, filmed as-it-happned. Camera shakes from explosions. YouTube has Ford’s Battle of Midway (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8l5DOurqR-4) and Huston’s Battle of San Pietro (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1pAPOifAaQY). They’re not a big time commitment: 18 and 32 min respectively.

    And anyone interested in how the old studio system should listen to Jimmy Stewart’s DVD commentary for Winchester ’73 (directed by Anthony Mann, one of movies’ best visual storytellers, I’d say best western and film noir director).

    Also fascinating because Stewart talks about his PTSD from WWII, which helps explain his transition from pre-war “aw shucks” to post-war frenzied and scary.

  7. Great show guys. I only had 2 books this week, and hands-down Deadly Class was the best. Its my pick of the month most months though, so go figure. I literally laughed out loud for all 3 pages of the diarrhea scene and I found it so fitting, first I laughed that he was going to fart in the kids face and then when he “didn’t fart” it was just awful. That, and the end blew me away. Very much a karma issue.

    What about Carla-Speed Mc-Neil’s “Finder” you guys read any of those. I really like them and would recommend them to a new reader, or DMZ? What about the first Grendel Omnibus that came out a couple years back? That can be read as one solid story about Hunter Rose, but its a little long. I did like the All-Star Superman suggestion (good choice Josh). I would also recommend King City by Brandon Graham or Day Tripper by the Moon brothers. All good reading.

    Have a great week!

  8. As one of the five people, I can attest to thoroughly enjoying old callbacks.


  9. At first I thought The Fade Out was going to tread similar ground to Satellite Sam (not that that would be a bad thing as I really like Satellite Sam), but it’s definitely a very different book. It was weird however reading the issue right after Men of Wrath and getting confused for a split second by Earl Rath. I would buy that crossover by the way.

  10. Listening to this show prompted me to watch the iFanboy Miracle Man video. You guys did good work. I would love to see them back

  11. Regarding Sean Philips’ art on The Fade Out, I believe he said he was drawing this series digitally, which would explain the slight difference from his past work. This was in the back matter of the Magazine variant of #1.

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