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Pick of the Week #466 – Afterlife with Archie #7

Show Notes

It’s the last Pick of the Week Podcast of the year, and Paul Montgomery, Conor Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan celebrate with a discussion of Afterlife with Archie #7, and a detailed look at 2014’s Picks of the Week by the numbers!

Running Time: 01:00:44

Pick of the Week:
Afterlife with Archie #7

Southern Bastards #6
Astro City #18
Thor #3
Bitch Planet #1
Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #7
Wild’s End #4
Batgirl #37
The Valiant #1

The Picks of the Week, By The Numbers!

“Merry Christmas, Baby”
Otis Redding


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  1. If you need to break your addiction to Serial.
    Try this- it’s a cold water splash and a slap across the face all rolled into one.


    Plus- it’s hilarious.

  2. Nice to see that the Valiant #1 was mentioned. That was my pick of the week for sure. Thanks to Paul for being the voice for Valiant on the show. Valiant is my favorite publisher as well and they are putting out some killer books with some very interesting and promising books in 2015.

  3. Bitch Planet was pretty odd. Written by a dyed-in-the-wool feminist, but totally exploitive!?

    I should look as good as the “paunchy” Crackerjack. What a lovable dick that guy is!

    I’m the anti-radpuppy71. I want nothing to do with Valiant and am tired of that sad universe constantly being revived. Sucked up too much money from me back in the Shooter days. Why not create a new universe with new characters. Hell, ask Kurt Busiek to set it up if you have so little creativity.

    • Well to each their own. Plenty of other universes to get into. I love what the new Valiant is doing but I was way into the old Valiant of the early 90s. There is just enough of the old but with new takes on each character for me to not feel like I am reading the same thing over again. Plus they are finally creating new characters for the new Valiant. Good stuff in my opinion.

  4. paul: “i wanted to talk about the valiant #1”

    josh: “well, that makes sense”

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