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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #464 – Rasputin #2

Show Notes

It’s a special Thansgiving-shortened episode!

Running Time: 00:40:40

Comics: Rasputin_2
00:01:50 – Rasputin #2
00:07:51 – Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #16
00:13:47 – Shadow Show #1
00:16:57 – Gotham by Midnight #1
00:19:27 – Trees #7
00:23:48 – Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17

Book of the Month:
00:28:41 – Paul closes out the year with the December Book of the Month: Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Don Rosa Library, Vols. 1 & 2 Gift Box Set!

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“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love


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  1. No Catwoman? It is so good now! You guys would actually like it! The new creative team is solid!

  2. Interested to hear what you guys thought of ODY-C?

  3. Thanks for the (Darlene) Love. Can’t wait for her live annual appearance on Letterman this season.

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