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Pick of the Week #463 – The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1

Show Notes

The holiday season kicks off with Josh Flanagan being a jerk, Conor Kilpatrick getting emotional about Morrison and Quitely, and Paul Montgomery doing his best to hold it all together.

Running Time: 00:56:21

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1

Comics:The Multiversity_Pax Amricana_1
00:12:54 – Batman / Superman #16
00:15:47 – Superman / Wonder Woman #13
00:19:35 – Wonder Woman #1
00:23:14 – Black Widow #12
00:29:50 – Spider-Woman #1
00:32:19 – Universe! #1
00:35:16 – Invincible #115
00:37:11 – Guardians of the Galaxy #21

Book of the Month:
00:38:14 – Josh brings us the November Book of the Month in… November? By golly, it’s Art Schooled by Jamie Cole.

Audience Questions:
00:44:01 – Clint from Las Vegas, NV wants to switch to digital comics but worries about missing out on investment opportunities.
00:48:40 – Danny from Shanghai, China has a question about “production.”

“Way Down in the Hole”
Steve Earle


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  1. Speculating on Image comics huh? I vaguely recall doing that myself once. I spent my $ buying multiple copies of “hot” books instead of stuff I enjoyed reading. And then, as with many others around that time, I wasn’t enjoying comics like I had been before I started speculating, and just gave up for a long spell.

    On a related note, anyone looking to buy a dozen copies of Youngblood #1?

  2. I go hot and cold with Multi-Versity. I’m always a sucker for a good parallel earth characterization but if One more person waxes college freshman philosophy style about the nature of comic books I am out. ‘What does it all mean- everything nothing?” It is just borderline insufferable.
    I mean if Morrison kidding or is he really taking it this seriously?

    • Not sure what you mean by the ‘college freshman philosophy style’, aside from being incredibly condescending, but Multiversity is a project that has been stewing in Morrison’s head for a long time and he has had the time to put a hell of a lot into this one issue. I’ve read it a few times now and it is incredible just how much the book changes with every read, how many little details emerge. If you take issue with something in the book please shout it out, don’t put up a lazy comment about how people are over-analysing a text, which is precisely what literature and film and comic studies are all about, if you don’t like insight and analysis you can enjoy your parallel earth characterisation without all the rest of the material and Easter eggs, that is the beauty of talents like Morrison and Quitely, they can be read on many different levels.

  3. Question:
    is “War Corner” podcast going to have a book of the month?

    because just curious if you’re saving Joe Sacco’s “The Great War” for that episode, or if an amazingly meticulous 20′ accordion comic about a WWI battle is just too much of your favorite things, or a case of them not going well together…
    like kittens and almond butter.

    also was josh’s slow-burn stroke Wire impressions mean the podcast where you review the potw saying only variations of “f*ck” going to happen?

    viva el Bunk!

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