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Pick of the Week #459 – She-Hulk #9

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Yeah, so Conor Kilpatrick’s gone again, and he’s the one who usually keeps time, so this show ran a little long, because Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery can’t shut their yaps. And we’re not kidding. Josh definitely overshares. But there are also wonderful comics to be parsed, and this couple of snobs does just that.

Running Time: 01:07:54

Pick of the Week:
00:02:23 – She-Hulk #9

00:14:46 – The Multiversity: The Just #1
00:19:28 – Starlight #6
00:22:49 – Arkham Manor #1
00:26:51 – Lazarus #12
00:34:30 – Stray Bullets: Killers #8
00:36:38 – Stumptown #2
00:39:40 – Edward Scissorhands #1
00:43:22 – The Wicked + The Divine #5
00:46:37 – Cyclops #6

Audience Questions:
00:50:48 – Heiko asks about our favorite and least favorite one-and-done stories.
00:56:40 – Monty wants to know what superhero movie Wes Anderson should direct.

“Black Swan”
Thom Yorke


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  1. I just flip through the pages with She-Hulk
    Amazing to look at – but this issues especially was tough to read.
    50 word balloons a page?
    It was was like reading a comic written by George Perez.
    Look I get it it’s a procedural. Charles SOule is a lawyer, this is his thing.
    But if I want Sam Waterston to put on a cave and punch Doomsday- wait I don’t want that.
    Jennifer Walters is a lawyer and noone cares- for good reason.
    It’s a small character element of the larger composite of a HULK.
    Strongest lawyer there is?!
    Her being a lawyer is an added dimension but as the primary focus, frankly it’s a bore.
    Great art- but I am glad this is over.
    Hopefully someone can come along and find the right proportion/formula for Jennifer Walters She-Hulk.
    Because like a Savage She-Hulk clone of the original this Lawyering Lawyer is just off too.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. Just because the word “Hulk” is in the title, doesn’t mean it needs to be a smashy-smash book of smashing proportions. If you’re looking for that, Hulk, Savage Hulk, and soon coming Hulk VERSUS Thanos mini have that for you. This book isn’t -trying- to be that.

      I don’t think her being a lawyer is “added dimension” – I think that her being a “hulk” is added dimension to a book about a lawyer. And, looking at numbers, it appears that you’re correct that MANY people don’t care, I think this book was fantastic from start to finish and I, for one, am sad to see it go.

    • WheresTheBoof-
      I don’t think you read my comment all the way through.
      I was trying to say that this portrayal was just as much in error as a Savage Hulk- all hulked out Hulk.
      Lawyer Jen is a part of it- but there’s a reason she chooses to stay green. She can change if she wants to full human form but being a Hulk is something she enjoys- something she wants. Ignoring that almost entirely for 8-12 issues is mis-characterization.

  2. This was my potw too. It felt like a story from a different era but in the best way imaginable. I wish there were more stories like this going on at the big 2. I’ve been feeling a little lost with super hero comics lately and this reaffirmed my faith.

  3. I’ve been super gun-shy on Millar since Nemesis. I hated that comic so much. Logically, I know Millar can do other stuff. His time on Superman Adventures was solid Superman-ing. He has other sides. But Nemesis left such a terrible taste in my mouth. Starlight sounds like I might like it. Maybe I’ll see if my library can get it.

  4. Josh, if Lazarus were to get cancelled, I’ll be going to ifanboy.com/amazon and order some pitchforks to march next to you. Seriously, if I could only read one book now it would be Lazarus. Just amazing character and world building issue after issue and Larks’ art is as impressive as ever. The subtleties in his facial expressions and the emotions they convey never cease to amaze. I’ll lose all faith in the comic reading public if it gets cancelled before Rucka and Lark finish this story.

  5. As a giant history nerd, I always have a very quick answer to my favorite one-and-done single issue comic: Sandman #31, Three Septembers and a January, which tells the story of Emperor Norton.

    Also, yes, Lazarus must go on until Rucka and Lark are good and done and not before.

  6. You joked, but I actually just recently purchased Zumba for the Kinect on the Xbox for my mother on Amazon.

    P.S. Paul keep up the Stray Bullets, iI’m right there with you.

    • P.P.S. The movie where Winona Ryder is old and does an old voice is Edward Scissorhands at the end. Also in regards to seeing Pacific Rim after seeing Sons of Anarchy, I’ve never seen Sons of Anarchy, but I by chance rewatched Undeclared during the week before Pacific Rim came out and for the whole movie could only picture Lloyd.

  7. I think too many critics gave Seoule a free pass on She-Hulk. At the end of the day we have to care about the characters, and that never happened for me. I have a close affiliation with the legal profession and really wanted this book to succeed. If anyone cares for my analysis:

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