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Pick of the Week #458 – Deadpool’s Art of War #1

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Hey! All three hosts are on the show… at the same time! Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Josh Flanagan discuss the week in comics, Josh’s college roommate, stories from the Civil War, and comic book movies. So many comic book movies.

Running Time: 00:57:16

Pick of the Week:
00:02:19 – Deadpool’s Art of War #1

Comics:Deadpools_Art of War_1
00:12:25 – Deadly Class #8
00:17:45 – Daredevil #9
00:21:00 – Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #6
00:23:27 – Death of Wolverine #4
00:29:10 – Edge of Spider-Verse #5
00:31:21 – Wild’s End #2
00:33:45 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16
00:35:55 – Veil #5
00:37:04 – Batman: Eternal #28

Movie News:
00:38:39 – Warner Bros. announced so many DC Comics movies!

“Art of Dying”
George Harrison


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  1. 1) There’s actually one more issue of Superior Foes to go next month. How they are going to end it after this issues finale I have no idea, but I can’t wait and I’ll savor every page.

    2) You may have inadvertently came up with an excellent idea for a new Wolverine series. The hell with this legacy crap. I want to see “A day with Logan”, a series of one shots where a different hero or mutant spends the day parading around the encased Logan and where they go and what they do with him. He’s like the freaking Stanley Cup now.

  2. Deadly Class continues o be the best damn comic out there!!!!!!!1

  3. Catwoman gets a new run this week with a new-to-comics young female author. I’m excited. Hope you guys check it out.
    Also Arkham Manor from Gerry Duggan and Multiversity.

  4. Anyone reading Amazing X-men?The Bendis stuff is cool but I think Amazing is the best X-Men book out there in my opinion. Also Deathstroke #1 is debuting this week and the final issue of Starlight will be out.

    • Avatar photo ethanharrison">ethanharrison (@twitter.com/nixonrodeo) says:

      I was reading Amazing X-men but just recently dropped it. I loved what they were doing in the beginning but now I have lost all interest unfortunately. It seems so throw away as of late for me. I also dropped X-Men as well, the all female character line that I was enjoying in the beginning.

  5. Secret Wars,Civil War,Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies,Planet Hulk,Armor Wars and now House of M all for 2015. What the hell is going on with Marvel and these retro-events?

    • Oh, and I left out Years of Future Past.Hooray.

    • Aaaannnd they just announced Infinity Gauntlet. Which makes sense considering the film direction but, still, what the heck?

      Unless … if they redo the story, then when the movies come out they can say “It’s based on THIS Civil War, not the 2006 one.” Same for Infinity Gauntlet. Then they can make the story focus solely on the characters that they own, rather than all the other ones that they don’t (like writing out Dr. Doom and Galactus from “Secret Wars”). I hope not, because that would be really stupid, but the way Marvel’s been lately, I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • It’s getting way out of hand.Old Man Logan has been announced as well.

    • You know with all these events planned for Summer 2015.I think all these titles Marvel mentioned are nothing but one-shots or 2 issue runs tied in with the main event which is Secret Wars.Since it will be Multiverse involvement these will be quick stories of all those individual worlds tied with Secret Wars.Kind of what Edge of Spiderverse and DC’s Multiversity is doing.

  6. Superman #38 in January, Johns and Romita Jr. will be upgrading Superman’s powers and giving him a new costume.

  7. Starlight #6 was great.That’s my Pick Of The Week.

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