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Pick of the Week #457 – Batman #35

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan off attempting to sabotage a wedding and ruin dozens of lives, Conor Kilpatrick and Panels‘ own Paul Montgomery© bond over an unexpected mutual appreciation for — you’ll never believe it — the comic books.

Running Time: 00:55:21

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Batman #35

00:12:10 – Wytches #1
00:23:09 – Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #1
00:28:40 – Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1
00:33:25 – Superman/Wonder Woman #12
00:35:15 – Astro City #16
00:37:07 – Savage Hulk #5
00:40:13 – War Stories #1

Audience Questions:
00:43:13 – Wes from Newport, MN wants to know why a favorite book’s cancellation is his fault, for gosh sakes.

“But It’s Alright”
Huey Lewis and the News


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  1. No mention of the Batman backup? Kelley Jones is sort of a big deal.

  2. Batman #35 was a good start, but not PotW worthy IMO. I don’t know how I feel about JOKER’s return. Atleast this issue was already better than Zero year as a whole.

    You guys should have talked about Birthright #1. it was AWESOME just like all the series Williamson is writing right now (NAILBITER & GHOSTED) my #BESTWRITEROFTHEYEAR

    My PotW was Sex Criminals. Favorite issue so far.

  3. Batman #35 was fantastic but my pick of the week was Ragnarok #2 from IDW.I almost forgot about this issue because it was delayed for quite a while.

  4. I very much enjoyed Batman, but I have to say I could have used a few more one shots like last month before a big arc again. And as much as I liked the twist, I wish they had held out another year or two before bringing him back.

    Now since I saw the previews of the new Batgirl outfit I’ve thought that’s a Steph outfit with a red wig, it just had her personality with it. And now that I’ve read the issue I feel the same. She is written much more like how Steph has been portrayed then how Barbara has. It is what it is, but that reworking going into the new 52 was a huge miss step for both those charcters, and probably the greatest tragedy to come out of it. I can’t believe I think it’s a greater tragedy for some one to get out of a wheel chair then to have been put in it to begin with, I’d feel bad about that if she wasn’t fictional. 😉

    Do you think the creators would mind if I collared her hair blond in my issue, and did a find and replace of Steph for Babs?

  5. Axis-
    Did you really think it was fun Conor?
    It sounded like you hated it.
    And I would have to agree.
    I was nodding my head as you broke down it’s many problems.
    If Remender doesn’t want to write a sell out event comic- then don’t.
    But being the kid in the corner of the party- saying- ‘This party sucks’- is just tired.
    Falcon Cap was a total fail- you have to earn that a bit more.
    And the Quips ALL the quips- when Blackwidow talked about Real Housewives…
    Come on.
    There is a comic for everyone, but this was bad.

  6. Batman looks awesome. Will we ever get a Superman/Spawn crossover drawn by Capullo?

    Comicbook Writing

  7. Are any of you Fanboys reading the current events of Batman and Robin? Kinda ruined this issue for me because a lot of the ideas in this issue were already touched on over there: Batman v Justice League and an awesome mech suit (actually a kinda cooler one, I think its called the Hellbat or something). Anyways, kinda felt like, “Didn’t I just read this story? “. Batman #35 was a good issue though, see how it all plays out.

    My POTW was Spawn #247. Great art, lots of drama, creepy feel (and yes I read Wytches- it was better than I expected but not POTW). Al Simmons is coming back in 250, and it feels like its being set-up very well. Its gonna be sad to see the art team go, Kudranski and FCO are doing some of their best work right now.

  8. What’s Al been up to? Whatever happened to his taking over hell and becoming Omega Spawn?

    • I never got into Image United and. I think that whole thing got scrapped. But as far as “Spawn proper” goes I’d have to reread the issue where they explain it to tell you exactly what they said, but its something along the lines of “Al has been using Downing to disrupt the whole Heaven/ Hell/ Symbiote because he’d been to both Heaven and Hell, but is the first living being to be a Spawn. Basically Al knew what he was doing when he blew his head off in 185 and has been using Jim Downing from behind the scenes, like a weapon. We’ll start to see the details in #250 I hope.

  9. I had been reading “Uncanny Avengers”, so “Axis” just felt like a continuation of that series with Remender working in the Hickman Avengers’ members for this grand finale of the series. Yeah, it was a little jokey, but no more than other issues of “UA” (I loved it, but “hard of hearing Cap” pushed the limit way back).

    Seeing Alex & Scott come together as brothers was kinda heartwarming and taking Tony straight back to being an unintentional villain didn’t feel wrong to me at all (although ironically, I really don’t want to see “Civil War” revisited in film).

    With that said, much like “Infinity” was with the Hickman books, I can’t imagine jumping into this story cold or at least without reading the first arc of “UA”… I hope that’s the reason I’ve heard so much negative coverage, but hey, we all love what we love…

    • I too have been reading UA and I have to disagree on the jokey part. There hasn’t been anything in the recent arc to joke about. I think the early issues were rocky and jokey but that was long time ago. Much like X-force I think UA found it’s way into the straightforward character core arcs that made X-Force great.
      I think Remender did a great job of staying true to the seriousness of that mission.
      I get what you’re saying with the blue print extending from his UA work.
      But Remender is gong for something else here with characters and dialogue.
      Original Sin was an awful idea with good dialogue.
      Axis is a great idea with characters almost written as What If versions.
      We know that Remender loves to play mad scientist with everything he does and is increasingly injecting some deep rooted personal issues into his writing.
      Here for a marvel event- i Just feel it’s totally out of place.

    • Sorry for the seeming rant- I had just finished Issue 2.
      Man- so frustrating.

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