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Pick of the Week #455 – Sex #16

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With Paul Montgomery off on assignment this week, Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan plow forward into the world of comic books… as a duo! Are they Simon & Garfunkel… or Simon & Simon? Or both? There’s only one way to find out!

Running Time: 00:58:59

Pick of the Week:
00:03:44 – Sex #16

00:13:00 – Saga #23
00:17:22 – Superman: Doomed #2
00:19:48 – Deadpool #35
00:24:23 – G.I. Joe #1
00:30:05 – All-New Invaders #10
00:36:02 – Secret Avengers #8
00:39:39 – Bodies #3
00:42:59 – Batman: Eternal #25

Audience Questions:
00:47:02 – Alex from Somerville, MA asks about character spin-offs and divergences.

Here’s the Somerville statue that Josh was talking about on the show!

“Best of Friends (Theme Song from Simon & Simon)”
Thrasher Brothers


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  1. Glad to hear a shout-out for Secret Avengers. It took me a bit to get used to its tone, but I’ve been really digging the unexpected weirdness and twists. Nicely matched story and art.

  2. Man, the show starts and I’m like, “damn, what’s that song…!” Nice job guys as always.

    I’ve dropped off of Saga, it all just seemed too random. Haven’t been getting Sex but you’re tempting me to pick up a trade.

    The Avengers talk reminds me that Conor, you would have enjoyed parts of New Avengers these last few months as Bendis has been having fun slaying universes. The Illuminati killing the Justice League a few weeks ago, and this week opened with them killing Straczynski’s Squadron Supreme. The other highlight was a few weeks back, to emphasize that only Namor had the balls to use the super bomb Tony, Hank, and Reed built, Bendis and the artist use a camera worm’s eye view straight up the royal groin full page final splash of Namor firing the weapon. Too funny by half!

  3. Can you guys be more specific when talking about ‘Certain people at DC’?I sent in a listener question regarding this. It seems like Marvel has a far more inclusive and creative nature, while DC seems more restrictive and as a consequence, their line has gone downhill drastically, something that pains me a lot as a ‘DC guy’. Can you elaborate further on what you think are the reasons for DC’s creative decline? Also, I have heard from other podcasts that many creators do not think very highly of Dan Didio, do you know what the reasons are for this?

    • Not sure if the guys will touch this and actually don’t blame them if they don’t, but I’ve been having these thoughts on DC for awhile as well.

      I may be speaking out of turn and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost certain that the “Certain People at DC” are Diane Nelson, Bob Harras, Dan Didio, Jim Lee, & Geoff Johns. The horrible thing is that outside of Bob Harras I don’t know who they could lose to actually improve their books.

      All I know about Diane Nelson is that she was in charge of licensing the Harry Potter franchise, which leads me to believe that she knows how to best exploit a “timeless” story-based property in other media and beyond. I’m sure she’s happy Johns is making all these TV deals happen, but I just can’t imagine that the same person who knew what she had with Harry Potter and apparently did a great job with it can look at the totality of DC’s comic book line and think, “We’re nailing it for a wide-net mass audience and doing work that will elevate the lesser characters and help the more popular ones endure…”

      Jim Lee’s okay. If anything, all of his former Wildstorm folks have done a great job on the digital stuff and if those books were the norm for the quality of the print line I doubt we’d even be feeling so glum about DC.

      As for Johns, while he’s probably as harmless is Lee, I think he’s been hurt the worst by The New 52’s near-universal tone and the distinct lack of foundation to pull from without yanking his reader straight back into The Old 52 (which apparently he’s doing on “Superman” to all the ifanboys’ pleasant surprise). Despite all the post-New 52 work, he is the Chief Creative Officer and is making those TV deals happen but I do wonder how focused he is on comics with all of that on his plate.

      Didio I’d really have to lump in with Harras. He’s always struck me as guy who wants superhero books to be one way, but then he goes and does stuff like “Omac” and “Infinity Man” so I really have no handle on him other than he really hates Dick Grayson…

      As for Harras, his tenure at Marvel before Quesada came in and rocked the boat with “Marvel Knights” kinda speaks for itself. That Marvel era is pretty consistent with The New 52 in tone, look, overall misunderstanding/mismanaging of characters, lack of focus or priority on cultivating/keeping new talent, and complete disregard for the identity of an individual book.

      So yeah, Harras is definitely the one certain person who could leave where I think we’d see at least see some improvement but as I’ve made allusions to above, comics is game of talent and Image, Marvel, & Dark Horse seem to have far more of an appetite for that than any of the other premier publishers… After some pretty abrupt and negative public departures DC has brought in Cullen Bunn and Gerry Duggan but lost Jeff Lemire (he didn’t re-up his exclusive), Charles Soule (the one writer who left on semi-good terms), Andrea Sorrentino, Marco Rudy, Steve Pugh, and probably others I’m forgetting to Marvel. Then again, I don’t know if that’s more him Didio/Lee letting those guys go. All I know is that their lack of a CB Cebulski-esque figure and nearly identical art on all but a handful of books is a problem that at this point I assume they’re just fine with. Still, props to whoever has those new Bat-books looking so bold.

      Apologies for the long post, but I’m not even a “DC Guy” and I find myself scanning the DC section of the Previews catalog doing my monthly DCBS order and thinking “How much longer does this go on?”. I mean, I thought that page with all the Pre-52 characters Conor was talking about was cool, but then I thought, “Okay, but who writes and draws those stories of these awesome characters???” and frowned….

    • The fact is, we can’t tell you with certainty who is responsible for decisions, so we’re not going to speculate names to thousands of people when we can’t back that up. There’s a lot of people in management at DC. I don’t know who makes the final calls. So the correct answer is “certain people”.

    • Well, we’ve had people at DC tell us stories that would implicate certain people but it’s not our place to pass on those names.

  4. In my assessment. Yeah there are a few standouts.
    And the Digital line could really be the considered the actual New 52. Injustice is my Justice League book.
    But what really ails the New 52 is that despite it’s monotonous tone both in both art and scripts
    what “Certain people’ failed to do was to create a new Universe. New titles but not a new universe.
    This version lacks cohesion – character – details.
    The Earth 2 book has more individuality than the new proper universe/dimension.
    Where is Coast city- Bludhaven- Keystone.
    Where is the overall feel of connectivity, the little things, the culture that makes it believable as it’s own entity instead of an Elseworlds that ran too long.

  5. You guys didn’t review ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #14?

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