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Pick of the Week #454 – Thor: God of Thunder #25

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Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery skedaddled and left Josh Flanagan to fill your earbuds with the sounds of guests Ali Colluccio and Ryan Haupt. Right off, fatigue has rendered Josh a bumbling fool, and then he exits the show in some sort of low grade medical emergency. But before all that, there’s talk of the consumption of fermented sharks, the value of coloring, and even some comic book talk. It’s a humdinger, clearly. Bonus for finding the hidden Spider-Verse talk!

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:26 – Thor: God of Thunder #25

Comics: thorgot25
00:14:41 – Daredevil #8
00:21:50 – The Wicked + The Divine #4
00:29:20 – All-New X-Men #32
00:36:10 – Satellite Sam #10
00:40:48 – Uncanny Avengers #24
00:46:37 – Trees #5

Audience Questions:
00:49:18 – Joe has been thinking about the DC reboot, and what might happen if they’d gone full reboot. Really thinking.

“I Don’t Want No Woman”
Magic Sam


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  1. Nice to see the show up so early but no Multiversity talk? That’s surprising!

  2. Yea..um…what happened to Multiversity? What happened to any DC books, actually?

    • Well, to be fair, it’s Future’s End month so if you don’t read any of that stuff, there’s not much DC left to talk about. I just thought that the iFanboy guys were big Morrison fans so I was surprised that we’ve had so little discussion about the series so far.

    • If I had been on the show there would have been a lot of MULTIVERSITY talk. This issues was by far my Pick of the Week. Both of them probably were my Picks.

    • You don’t show up, you shut your trap!

    • …….!

    • There’s nothing wrong with that per say, it’s just as a DC guy, it’s a little off putting to see so many Marvel titles get reviewed. All the books reviewed above are very good and there’s a nice mix of Indy stuff, but it kind of sucks to see very little DC get any attention the past few weeks.

      I will say this, there are a lot of gems in the New 52 that a lot of people aren’t or just flat out won’t check out because it has the New 52 banner and that’s a shame. Talon was a really good book that had a very Goodwin/Simonson Manhunter flavor to it. The Flash has always been exciting to read; the guys at Ifanboy have also talked about Earth-2 which has been consistently good and Superman and Action Comics have been fantastic as of late.

      Again, I know this is mostly my personal preferences and me wanting to see DC Comics get their due rather than see mostly Marvel and Indy comics show up on the list every week.

    • @JoseRivera83: As soon as FUTURE’S END is over, you’ll see DC books return to the show rundown just as they have always been.

    • We make a real effort every week to even things out as much as possible. Doesn’t work every week.

    • I think it’s cool that each week’s podcasters simply talk about the books toward which they naturally gravitated in that week; they shouldn’t have to go down a checklist to give each publisher balanced time, that’s lame. If a publisher gets the short-shrift on a cool title, then odds are that title will be mentioned in a following podcast, if it was truly that great. I, for one, was grateful that Ryan explained (and Josh confirmed) how fermentation is merely the controlled decomposition of food and drink.

  3. Deadly Class came back and guess what? It was my PotW again!!!!!! Best comic right now!!!!!!!!

    • I’m with you Monty! There’s nothing like it out there. I’m constantly surprised that its even as mainstream as an Image book because it feels so indy and deep (not that mainstream comics can’t be deep) but this is like some real $#!t dressed up like a comic. How could I ever read “Gotham Academy” when I have Deadly Class? Maybe its just that I relate, but there is some damn fine comic-booking in this issue (Wes Craig lays out a comic as well as anyone right now) and I’m happy there won’t be another hiatus for 5 months.

  4. I think a major problem with DC is all the reticence and bad blood they kicked up at the very launch of their reboot sent people so far away that they screwed themselves out of positive press when they started doing really good things. All of that negativity drowned out the chance to find some real gems. Even now where’s the talk about The Forever People or the upcoming Klarion series? The Batgirl announcement might tip things a bit but it might be too little too late for them.

    • Honestly, it’s precisely that for me. I’ve moved on to primarily reading Image stuff and it’s going to take a lot to get me to invest time and money in a comics line of which I have very little faith – especially when I am so much more satisfied with creator-owned comics. Multiversity excepting, of course!

  5. I think DC still has some bright spots! Who ever thought we’d be able to say Action Comics and Superman are both awesome? That said, I made a new pull list at my lcs and it’s 80% Image books.

    On the same side of the coin, how long before Vertigo is strictly a reprint publisher? I’ve gone from 3 monthly Vertigo titles to 0.

  6. ethanharrison (@twitter.com/nixonrodeo) says:

    Did anyone else read ‘Transclucid’ from Claudio Sanchez published by BOOM? I thought it was a really great depiction of a hero and villain relationship and the creation process of a hero. It is just a 6 part series and just finished up last week.

  7. What about Shutter? It showed up on the cast a few months back and no one talked about it again. Just finished the first arc and it hasn’t slowed down at all.

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