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Pick of the Week #452 – God Hates Astronauts #1

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Doing a show about comic books for 452 straight weeks takes dedication — and none are more dedicated than Josh Flanagan who calls in this week from a secret bunker location in the American northeast! Conor Kilpatrick and Panels.net‘s Paul Montgomery are also on the show but, you know, they just dialed in like normal.

Running Time: 01:05:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:16 – God Hates Astronauts #1

Comics:God Hates-Astronauts_1
00:12:13 – Southern Bastards #4
00:19:23 – The Punisher #10
00:26:14 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #15
00:31:13 – Death of Wolverine #1
00:39:06 – The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage #1
00:41:24 – The Names #1
00:43:19 – Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0
00:45:11 – She-Hulk #8

Book of the Month:
00:47:27 – Seconds: A Graphic Novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley

“77 Satellites”
Jimmy Eat World


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  1. I trade wait for a lot of Image books, I’m skipping all of the Future’s End stuff, and I’m not reading any Marvel books at the moment, so this was the first week in a long time that I had no new books to read. I have Seconds, but haven’t read it yet though I look forward to it, as I do listening to this weeks show. Should be fun for me!

  2. I went to C2E2 this year, and spent more time in Artist’s Alley than I had the previous year. Probably the most down to earth and cool person that I got to talk to there was Ryan Browne. I had God Hates Astronauts on my list of books to look for at the convention, and was glad I got a chance to purchase it directly from him. He signed it and drew a little funny face in it.

    At the hotel that night after the convention, I read the whole book and went back to him the next day. I told him how much I liked the book, and got him to sign an issue of Manhattan Projects he had drawn. We chatted for a bit and he drew a little sketch of an alien on my MP cover. While I was at his table, he was also talking to a convention goer about the guy’s comic work, and Browne offered to have a cup of coffee with the guy to help him out. He was just a really cool dude.

    Even though I wasn’t able to pick up this comic, I rooting for him, because comics needs more people like him. Glad to hear the new series keeps up the fun of the previous collection.

  3. No love for Grayson: Future’s End #1? That comic was amazing.

    • Nope. Skipped all the FUTURE’S END books. No interest.

    • You should pick it up. It is a really well crafted comic.

    • @Scarlet-Batman: I heard similar praise on another podcast which piqued my interest a bit. It got a pretty wide range of critical reviews, but seems like some folks really loved it:


      I have Batman Future’s End pre-ordered, mainly due to Snyder’s involvement. Also I’ve yet to see one of these linticular covers in the flesh, so I’m mildly curious to check the latest gimmick. It should hold me over until linticular holographic glow-in-the-dark technology is perfected.

    • @Master Destructo: All of the bad reviews can be distilled down to “I skimmed the book and it made no sense, so I hate it”. It is really one of those books you need to read at least twice to pick up on all the hidden clues. This is probably the best written stand alone comic I have read in years. It is just deep and complex. Great talking about it on the internet to, to see what other people picked up on and you may have missed.

      The Batman: Future’s End comic looks pretty good. Obviously inspired by Snyder’s story in Detective #27 (at least based off the cover).

      The Detective Comics: Future’s End comic was pretty good and directly tied into the happenings of the main title (although the ending alludes to a very different status quo for a certain character (which makes sense, given what has happened between now and 5 years from now)).

      So far, I would say this is better than last year’s gimmick month. DC definitely learned from their mistakes.

      The covers themselves are nice, I like them more than Villain’s Month’s covers.

    • I dropped most titles for 52 month, but I quite enjoyed the Detective issue.

    • @Scarlet-Batman: Completely agree that this is one of the best stand alone issues I’ve read in years. Really excellent use of the medium and what can be done with it and so much packed in to 20 odd pages! Even though I don’t particularly care about a Dick/Helena relationship it was amazing the depth Seely and King were able to give them considering it’s basically the 3rd issue of the series.

  4. GREAT SHOW! I sincerely look forward to listening to it. I always love the discussions with Conor, Jeff Cannata, and PanelsDotNet’sPaulMontgomery!

  5. Great podcast, lot of great books this week!

    Southern Bastards was outstanding. Really strong emotional story, writing, and art. Kinda surprised you guys didn’t mention what I thought could be the most important part of that last page reveal, his daughter is black. If this series didn’t have enough tension already, I’m really interested to see if they are going to tackle the ugliness of racial tensions and prejudices.

    Superior Foes, oh how I’m going to miss the. Just a brilliantly funny and clever series. Every page genuinely has something to make me laugh. Hammerhead’s psychiatrist session and Overdrive turning the mobility scooter into a steam-roller in the bar fight were this issues highlights for me.

    Anybody read the new issue of Moon Knight with the new creative team? Any thoughts or opinions?

    Lastly, how long until you’re pushing the inevitable iFanboy/Oh, Comics crossover? Don’t follow that dark path, but seriously, I look forward to checking it out.

    • Brian2Staples: Moon Knight by Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood (there’s gotta be a pun in there) is really good. It still has the feel and atmosphere of the Ellis run though it looks like it might do more than just stand alones going forward. Absolutely still worth reading.

  6. Nitpick=Not sure how Nuke could have “gone to seed” isn’t he basically a cyborg with synthetic skin?

  7. Southern Bastards #4 would have been my pick. THis issue was pretty brutal and awesome.
    Green Arrow needs more love. His Fututr’e ENd book was probably the only readable book from DC this week.
    She Hulk was great.
    Also liked Names a lot.
    Punisher and Black widow were also great.
    Superior Foes continues to be one of my favorites.
    Uncanny X-Men and Justice League were great
    Death of Wolverine was surprisingly great.
    Man, there wasn’t a single comic book that I read this week which was bad or mediocre.

  8. Hey, just letting you know the Panels.net link doesn’t work, it’s got a ifanboy ‘page not found’ (you can delete this after if you want)

  9. Love the show as always but my gawd, “77 Satellites”, hell of a way to start an album and hell of a way to start a podcast. You (Conor, I think?) just fueled a deep dive into the early Jimmy Eat World discography…

  10. Southern Bastards #4 was also my pick of the week. I haven’t been as excited for a new book as I have been for Southern Bastards in literally years and this was my favorite issue by far. Everything about this series is just so perfectly crafted and the wait for the final issue of this first arc was painful for me. Like Conor I was really surprised that it wasn’t pick of the week. However, as a testament to how good God Hates Astronauts was, when I saw that it was pick of the week I smiled. There was a split second at first when I saw the post and saw that Southern Bastards #4 didn’t get the pick and I was about to get mad and if it were any other book I probably would have seen flashes of Blackest Night/Scalped (I was glad Scalped got the pick back then for the record). However, when I processed that God Hates Astronauts was the book getting the pick I was totally okay. There just isn’t another book like this out there and I love it.

  11. Original Sin #8 was a big disappointment as the series wraps up here.I enjoyed every issue leading up to this but the event fell flat on its face for me with this conclusion.

  12. Am I the only one who picked up that the daughter from the Southern Bastards looked like Sonja Sohn (Kima from The Wire)? I thought you guys were big fans of The Wire?

  13. Great to see a Valiant book mentioned on this week’s show! Thanks to Paul for taking the time to read it and include it. Valiant books should be included on the show more often. There are great books being made that are not DC, Marvel or Image. The first issue of Dr. Mirage was really good and the art was what stood out for me. I read all the Valiant books and this is a nice change of pace from a lot of their other titles.

  14. I think God Hates Astronauts was a ballsy pick, but just not a very good one! I couldn’t even finish the thing and I found it desperately pretentious and unfunny. I realise that it’s going to be one of those polarising titles, a real love it or hate it book, but I really struggled to see the appeal. It’s definitely different though, that’s for sure.
    My pick of the week would either be Southern Bastards (wish I had read it before listening to the podcast, though – normally I couldn’t care less about spoilers, but this one would’ve really floored me!) or Grendel/Shadow – so good to see Matt Wagner interiors again, it’s been a while.

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