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Pick of the Week #451 – All-Star Western #34

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iFanboy continues to blaze trails with a milestone 451st episode. In a fit of jubilation, Joshua A. Flanagan ventures out for another of his wilderness jags, only for Jeff Cannata to turn up on the next train from Carson City. Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery toss him a tin star and we’re off, little dogies!

Running Time: 01:01:38

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – All-Star Western #34

All Star Western_34Comics:
00:12:11 – All-New X-Men #31
00:18:54 – Batman / Superman #13
00:21:23 – Guardians of the Galaxy #18
00:24:45 – Outcast #3
00:28:25 – Silver Surfer #5
00:31:55 – Star Wars: Legacy #18
00:35:24 – Fantastic Four #9
00:37:30 – Batman: Eternal #21
00:38:42 – Superman #34
00:41:47 – Low #2

Audience Question:
00:46:25 – Andrew from Canada is curious about licensed comics, especially when those licenses change hands.

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Roy Rogers & Dale Evans


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  1. Great podcast guys. I too got back into comics as a high schooler when I saw and then read, “Dark Empire”. I remember I had a Web of SpiderMan number 1 and I traded it to my friend for Dark Empire number 1. Maybe I got the bad end of the deal but I think I would still make the same trade as this is what got me into comics AND star wars. (this must have been 1995ish)

    This is still one of my favorite Star Wars stories. Its a shame that Dark Horse is losing the license but hopefully Marvel will bring something new to the table. I

  2. I’ve never read a Star Wars comic, not being into the films, but I love that they’re out there for folks.

    Interesting comments on colouring putting Jeff off Low. On an intellectual level, I love that the recent issues of Captain Marvel have used a different palette for the world Carol is on; on a gut level, the overwhelmingly yellow tones have made me feel a bit ill and lessened the fun of the book for me … mind, it’s still a great read, Kelly Sue DeConnick writes such sharp scripts, David Lopez just gets better on art, and yellows or no, Leigh Loughridge is a king of colour.

    Thanks or another great episode, lads.

  3. GREAT PICK guys. Superman #33 would have been my pick but All Star Western came very close. I’m loving Geoff Johns’ SUperman SOOOO MUCH right now and I’m not a huge fan of his at all.

  4. On the question of licenses moving and if it’s been good or not:

    Gold Key – those characters have bounced around a lot. They seem to be in good hands now (I think at IDW) in the hands of creators like Van Lente.

    Charlton – these characters are certainly more memorable as DC characters than from their original owner.

    Malibu – yep, that was a bad deal all around. Does Marvel even use that coloring process anymore?

    Wildstorm – really wish DC could figure out some way to bring all these back in a way that works. I applaud them for trying the “Grifter” and “Stormwatch” series, but maybe too much inside baseball too soon?

    Transformers – Marvel and IDW did a great job with them, Dreamwave was really hit or miss before it folded.

    Star Trek – there seems to be a fondness for John Byrne’s work and some of the IDW stuff, but it has bounced to pretty much every major publisher except Image at this point.

    Anybody else have a favorite licensed property that’s not Star Wars or G. I. Joe that’s bounced around?

    • Battle of the Planets was at Gold Key in the late 70’s and then revived at Top Cow in the 00’s. I heard an interview, maybe a year or so ago (with Paul?) where Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman said they’d like to do BotP someday. That would be incredible. It seems like a property that could work great in the comics medium, but it’s been way underutilized.

    • TMNT. I don’t know the exact lineage since it’s creator owned but I really enjoyed the Mirage and Dark Horse days. Was it also at Fantagraphics, or did they just put out the trades? I appreciate that IDW is trying to do something new (origin wise) but I have not been able to get into it. That said I’ve only read the first issue but it really did not do it for me.

    • I want to say Dell or Gold Key did some Ripley’s Believe it or Not comics in the 60’s or 70’s that were pretty darn good. That said the longest I’ve followed a licensed title had to have been Transformers. The entire Marvel run, a fair amount of Dreamwave, and a smattering of the IDW titles.

    • Has Planet of the Apes been discussed?
      The POA property has bounced around to lots of different publishers – including Gold Key, Marvel, Dark Horse and now Boom!

      (My exclamation point at the end covers Boom!’s actual name as well as my excitement to hang out on these boards again.)

  5. Yep, I’ve finally hit an episode I’m avoiding — completely because my shop didn’t get All Star Western last week. And while I’ve got an idea of how things will play out because of teasers, I can’t listen until I’ve read this issue.

  6. I do like myself a good, weird licensed comic. I sometimes wonder who has the Quik license because I’m demanding a Superman Meets the Quik Bunny sequel. I mean, Speedball Meets the Quik Bunny practically writes itself.

  7. In #450 you guys were talking about the name of the website and how you didn’t like it. I only realised then, eight years after I started listening to you guys, that it wasn’t meant to be I, Fanboy. I always thought that was a brilliant name for a website.

    • While the name primarily utilizes the internet nomenclature of the time, one of the things we talked about in those early discussions WAS that it has multiple meanings, and “I, Fanboy” was specifically called out as one of them.

  8. I always hear it in my head as ‘I, Fanboy’ like “I, Spartacus”

    This probably isn’t the place for this but I just finished Original Sin.
    Just- not good. I stuck with it because of Aron but I feel almost cheated with how badly almost all of the story elements paid off.
    I think Marvel needs to rethink the strategy of giving one ‘architect’ the reigns of a whole event.
    Just more often than not it seems to end up being some of their worst work.

  9. Am I crazy or does Jeff Cannata not sound like Jeff Cannata?

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