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Pick of the Week #447 – Low #1

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Conor Kilpatrick is still on hols, and we’ve still got a bloody show to do, eh wot? Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery are joined by the sultan of sloth science himself, Ryan Haupt, in which he talks of some science. It’s a good time, fraught with many comics indeed. Plus squid knowledge!

Running Time: 01:02:01

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – Low #1

00:15:55 – Black Science #7
00:19:51 – Deep Gravity #1
00:23:30 – Hawkeye #19
00:28:25 – Bodies #1
00:33:04 – Cyclops #3
00:36:04 – Guardians of the Galaxy #17
00:40:00 – The Wake #10
00:41:35 – Samurai Jack #10
00:43:07 – The Sandman Overture #3
00:44:28 – The Fuse
00:45:45 – Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1

Audience Questions:
00:47:28 – Kyle asks which Marvel movies in different periods we’d like to see.

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“Too Young to Die”
Agent Orange


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  1. Thanks for reading my question on the show, guys! Those were great answers. A 1960s FF or a 1970s Heroes for Hire film would be really fun. I wish those were on the table. Oddly enough, I hadn’t even thought about Namor!

    One that I thought of that could maybe work was an Agents of Atlas film in the 1950s as a sort of precursor to the Avengers. It could draw from classic 1950s sci-fi and play with the Red Scare and the early Cold War. Bucky, Peggy Carter, and Howard Stark could probably play a role in the film as well. Also, with Namora on the team, you can deal with Namor and Atlantis. Marvel Boy can be an early showing of the Marvel Cosmic we saw in GotG, the Human Robot could be a Howard Stark invention as a precursor to Ultron, Venus can be a counterpoint to the Asgardian mythology…lots of possibilities.

    • Only problem is that Universal owns the Namor rights. Why, of all the possible characters, they chose him, I don’t know. Maybe Stan held out a bowl full of names and said, “Here, pick one! They’re all great, you’ll love ’em, each one’s a million-dollar idea!”

  2. I think Ryan’s idea for Ghost Rider could be expanded to included other characters like Blade and Elsa Bloodstone to do a whole 60s/70s Marvel Horror tale

  3. They could set The Runaways in the 90’s with the sensibilities of Saved by the Bell or like Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

  4. I think a 60s (or 80s) Fantastic Four could work like this:

    Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben undertake a space mission to investigate Reed’s theories on cosmic rays (like in every other origin). They end up in the Negative Zone and their powers develop. They take on Annihilus or Blastaar or something in the Negative Zone and eventually find their way back to our dimension. But they quickly realize that what was a matter of weeks in the Negative Zone was actually years for everyone back on earth. It’s now 20-whatever, they’ve all been thought dead for decades, and there are all these super-powered beings running around.

    So I guess that’s borrowing a little of Cap’s “Man Out of Time” theme, but it gets you a period FF movie, and enables them to not be senior citizens in the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    A running gag with Reed getting annoyed at discovering all of his inventions that ended up getting invented by others (like Stark, Banner, Pym) could be fun. Johnny would be at a loss with the ladies, given the changes in the dating game. And Ben might be surprised at how a society that has seen a Hulk and an alien invasion isn’t all that freaked out by a rock dude. And Sue (with spy-ready invisibility powers) becomes a part-time agent of SHIELD.

    And by introducing the Negative Zone, this could plant the seeds for an Annihiliation film with the Avengers, FF, Guardians, etc. (They’ll need something big after The Infinity Gauntlet, right?)

    It sounds like it would take something unprecedented for Fox to give up the film rights, but if it ever happened, that’s a movie franchise I’d like to see.

    • I like your take Ken. Another option is just to put the FF in the same basic time period as the X-Men First Class film. That way Fox gets to have cameos and crossovers with that awesome First Class cast. Are there any solid details (or even rumors) on what the new FF film is about or the time period? I know some of the actors have been cast, but otherwise I’m out of the loop.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’d also be down for the FF coexisting with the Fox X-Men franchise (but that’s getting convoluted enough on it’s own after DOFP, so I’d be surprised if they went that way).

      The current word on the new FF film is that it will take a lot of liberties with the source material. Which — not being much of an FF fan — I’m okay with, provided it’s still a good movie.

      I just saw a posting somewhere that Kate Mara (Sue Storm) has wrapped her work on set, so unless she has a super-small part (makes sense if she’s invisible a lot?), they’re close to being done filming.

      There’s also a leaked image alleging to be a look at The Thing floating around out there. I thought it looked like The Thing. *shrug*

  5. I hated Low. Seems like Deadly Class is the only Remender book I enjoy reading.

    • If it’s the science fiction setting you don’t like, you should check out Bitter March, Remender’s retro SHIELD mini. It really captured the feel of 60’s Bond perfectly.

    • @Monty I’m right there with ya. I didnt read Low #1 but just about everything I’ve read from Remender has been a miss for me. Deadly Class on the other hand? I LOVE THE HELL OUT OF IT!

  6. Remender’s X-Force was a thing of beauty and to a same but lesser extent Uncanny Avengers as well.
    Because it was a rich story line done with an economy of words.
    His Cap and most creator owned stuff is Endless father issues and post punk angst.
    It’s too much. Tapping those veins makes for depth- smothering the reader with emotional confessions page after page after comic after comic I have just about reached my Remender limit for a while.

  7. I’m really curious to hear about what Ryan has to say about Southern Bastards, partly because it’s by far my favorite book this year (granted only three issues have come out so far so we’re still waiting for the conclusion to the first arc), but mostly just because he said he wanted to talk about it which intrigues me. Maybe when #4 does finally come out you can have him back.

    As far as the books that actually came out, man I’ll take as much Remender as I can get, I don’t think there’s a single thing he’s putting out that I’m not digging.

  8. I have to say that your commet on Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode 446, about Supreme Blue Rose , needed a better undertanding of the title.
    Every time that Supreme is relaunched, the drawing get that 3dimensions effect. It was established at the beginning of the Alan Moore’s seasson.
    I would like to add that the time of Erik Larsen after Moore should have been more appreciated, I enjoyed it a lot.

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  9. Josh, I think the book Paul mentioned to you about Russell Dauterman may have been Supurbia from BOOM!

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