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Pick of the Week #446 – Ragnarok #1

Show Notes

With Conor Kilpatrick off at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Ali Colluccio steps in to join Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery to talk the very serious business of comic books. At some point a toilet is flushed. Oh my!

Running Time: 01:05:49

Pick of the Week:
00:01:20 – Ragnarok #1

00:14:15 – Batman #33
00:23:08 – 100th Anniversary Special: Avengers #1
00:28:30 – Wonder Woman #33
00:33:31 – Saga #21
00:39:56 – Afterlife with Archie #6
00:44:52 – Letter 44 #8
00:46:40 – Supreme Blue Rose #1
00:49:06 – Storm #1
00:51:17 – Velvet #6
00:52:30 – Zero #9

Audience Questions:
00:53:56 – Brian from Atlanta, GA is running out of walls for his artwork.
00:57:30 – Will from Norwalk, CA wonders which characters might make great podcasters.

“Twilight of the Thunder God”
Amon Amarth


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  1. Wish you guys covered G.I. Zombie #1 from Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray. I picked that one up at the last minute and was surprised how good it was. The art was also fantastic. This felt like an iMAGE book rather than a DC comic. This series is gonna fill in for All Star Western for me. You guys should check it out. It was also my PotW.

    And Superman was also great. This is the first time I’m enjoying reading a Superman story. Geoff Johns is a genius.

  2. I would love that Wildcat podcast. I think currently New 52 Billy Batson is the only podcasting superhero; I imagine Tawky Tawny sounds like Jim Carter from Downton Abbey and he should be played by him should they ever get that off the ground.

  3. I think a comics review podcast like iFanboy hosted by Deadpool would be a lot of fun!

  4. I really enjoyed the hell out of Ragnarock.That was my pick of the week as well.

  5. When you were talking about Batman, I kept thinking how much I would love to see a Batman/Riddler dance-off as drawn by Mike Allred…

  6. Thanks for answering my question guys! And yeah, the wife early on said, “My home will NOT look like we decorated in early dorm.”

    I ended up getting the Itoya 13 x 19 portfolio folder and while I only have a few pieces in it so far — a couple of Kevin Maguire prints, a Rafael Albuquerque print, and a Neal Adams print, it’s working out great. That said, I now totally understand the issues involved with shelving DC’s Wednesday Comics.

  7. Ali mentioned getting artists’ sketchbooks as an alternative to original art and I just wanted to point out that Jim Rugg just came out with one and it’s fantastic.

    • Yeah, I’ve picked a couple up and Ali is right, it’s definitely an affordable option for creators that may be out of your budget.

  8. I was thinking Dick Grayson hosting a conversation podcast like Aisha Tyler’s Girl on Guy would be great since he’s the guy everyone in the DCU seems to know.

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