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Pick of the Week #443 – Moon Knight #5

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Paul from Philadelphia, you’re on the air! Mere moments before the show was set to record, Tropical Storm Arthur, making its way up the east coast, knocked out Paul Montgomery’s power. But he’s a professional and won’t let that stop him talking about the week in comics with Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan!

Running Time: 01:00:51

Pick of the Week:
00:02:19 – Moon Knight #5

Comics:Moon Knight_5
00:12:43 – Satellite Sam #9
00:17:35 – Action Comics #33
00:21:24 – Tech Jacket #1
00:24:39 – Rocket Raccoon #1
00:28:11 – Star-Lord #1
00:31:00 – Thor: God of Thunder #24
00:34:13 – Captain America #22
00:35:55 – Superman: Unchained #7
00:37:43 – Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #3

Audience Question:
00:39:55 – Bryan wants to know how the iFanboys decide which collections to purchase/keep.
00:44:30 – Rick from Minot, ND is finally going to jump into Marvel and wants to know which stories to read.
00:50:34 – K has a problem with Rick Remender on Captain America.

“Hurricane II”


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  1. I think the “Person dressed as 616 Character ranting in the Police Station” is just a running gag in Ultimate Spider-Man

    • It’s a running gag in Bendis books — he did that a few times in POWERS — the question is it a sly reference to the online hysteria or is it a sly clue as to what is coming?

    • 6 of One? Also, regarding Jet, if you’re not gonna buy Remender’s defense that Jet is aged at least 23 because her time in Dimension Z – then well we have a long standing problem with Impulse and Superboy’s relationships that has never been called out because both of those guys are really only a few years old chronologically.

  2. Glad to see Moon Knight get some love. He’s one of those under appreciated characters that I’ve always loved, so I’m glad to see such a strong creative team on it, and a lot of the redesigns they have done with his costumes have been stellar.

    In fact, at this last C2E2, I cosplayed as the “Mr Knight” version of Moon Knight:


    Are you guys going to continue to read when Wood starts on the title? I tend to like his stuff, but don’t know if he’ll be able to keep up the high quality of the stories Ellis was writing. Also, Shelvey is such an integral part of the book that I can’t really see it staying as good without him.

  3. “Comics is a constant, swirling, connected miasma of hyper-attention details all the time.” I plan on using this someday, though I can’t predict in what context I’ll break out this gem. Thanks Josh.

    My take on Rick’s question: If the goal is catching up with Marvel and not necessarily just reading the “great” stuff, Marvel’s big-event books generally introduce you to a lot of characters and the major goings-on of the universe. Although the storytelling quality is a mixed bag, newer event stuff like Avengers vs. X-Men, Age of Ultron, Infinity, and Original Sin might be a way to go. And a few important events from the previous decade, House of M, Annihilation, and Civil War, might be worthwhile as well. And I agree that Infinity Gauntlet from the 90’s is a must-read. And just for kicks, why not top it all off with Secret Wars from the 80’s?

    • Of those, I would say these are the “essential” Marvel events to understand modern continuity:

      House of M
      Civil War
      Fear Itself (only if you care about Thor-related stuff)
      X-Men Schism
      Avengers vs. X-men
      Original Sin

      Josh is absolutely right that Marvel generally allows great jumping on points in many of their books with their new Marvel Now season-type runs. Much more than DC, Marvel also has those lovely recap pages that DC lacks (and shame on them for that). Josh’s recommendations for great stuff is super solid (Ultimate Spider-man, Daredevil by Bendis or Waid, Annihilation cosmic crossover, Thor, etc.)

      I felt Age of Ultron was largely unnecessary and tangential. Secret Invasion is meh, but I really enjoyed all of the Dark Reign stuff and Siege stuff that followed. With all of this, mileage may — of course — vary.

  4. Re: Supergirl/Red Lanterns. Supergirl became a red lantern in her own book and is also appearing in the Red Lanterns book. I think it’s only going to be this one arc. Red Lanterns is actually really good. It’s being written by Charles Soule and it features Guy Gardner as the leader of the Red Lanterns. Soule described it as his “biker gang” book. I’d recommend giving the Red Lanterns book a shot if you like Charles Soule’s work and if you’ve liked “Green Lantern” stuff in the past. It’s really not connected to whatever is going on in the other books, as far as I can tell. In any case, it’s the only Lantern book I’m reading, and I’ve been enjoying it. Soule’s run starts with issue #21 – there’s a couple of cross-over issues (24-25). I think you can safely start at issue 26 and get up to speed pretty quick if you want to avoid the cross-over and the old GL universe.

  5. Another great show…

    Wasn’t paying complete attention to the email issue you guys are having with the site but I just signed up for the yearly membership and I hope my 30 smackers helps out a little bit.

    I can get over busy and stressed (and forget what the word ‘humor’ means) but week in and week out its shows like yours that keep me company at my desk. thanks.

    Also… Moon Knight has been amazing. Im so bummed the team is leaving but Ive heard a lot of good things about the new artist coming on so I will def be at least checking it out. On the flip side… When the Wonder Woman team leaves I am OUT!!! Funny how some creative changes can spur on interest and others can just straight up turn you off.

  6. I love the Marvel Unlimited app, there’s a ton of great stuff on there. they’re always adding new and old issues. and its recently been improved a lot too.
    I would recommend starting with Bendis’s All New X-Men. Immonen’s art is great and having the original X-men come to the future is a great way to get new readers into the convoluted x-verse.

  7. On Bryan’s question, I treat comics like I do movies. The individual issues are like going to the theater, trades and hard covers are DVDs, and deluxe, omnibus and absolute edition are blurays. If I like a book enough while it’s “in theater” I’ll buy the trade which, like a DVD, is nice way to have the collected story in a volume a can display on a shelf. If I really like a book I’ll get the “bluray”, which usually offers higher standard of production along with a slew of bonus materials. As for the issues, every few months I’ll cull those books I know for a fact I’ll never read again in issue format or have no plans on getting bound, then I’ll either sell them or give them away, whether it be to friends, family, or charity This system a has worked out pretty well for me and with it, I was able to halve my number of long and short boxes.

  8. I’m really happy with Marvel Unlimited. The app itself was greatly improved a few months ago. Thanks for the great reading suggestions. I recommend Busiek’s Marvels or Millar’s 1985. The collection goes really deep. I’m even reading Gene Colan’s Tomb of Dracula. The comparison to Netflix is accurate. I’m reading so many series that my library looks like my Netflix queue. I think the membership is a great deal.

  9. Any of you guys still reading East of West (Paul??) This week’s issue was AMAZING. Layouts, storytelling, color. Great, great comic booking from Hickman, Dragotta, and Martin.

  10. K, depiction of an act does equate to sanction of an act. People in stories make all kinds of choices and mistakes, as they do in life. Even if the scene is as you said (and there is considerable disagreement on that), so what? All of the things you describe happen on a daily basis in life, and the people involved frequently escape justice or consequence.

    K, if you are disgusted with a character’s actions, consider that you are supposed to be. K, would you have characters only make choices approved by K? Should statutory rape, teenage girls behaving sexy, and intoxicated virgin sex never be depicted in stories? How about genocide, planetary destruction, being eaten alive by zombies, child molestation and torture? All of these evils are depicted in the best comics ever made.

    I think what we have here is an example of false, disproportionate or unmerited outrage, a very prominent part of the current Western culture.

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