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Pick of the Week #442 – Superman #32

Show Notes

This week: terrible costume designs, hair metal, polar bears, and polar madness! Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and temp host Josh Flanagan get into all the comics of the week and perform jokes at a very low hit rate. This week, we’ve got 100% less scientific points of view and Ghostbuster discussions. Plus, we do the July Book of the Month super early.

Running Time: 01:11:24

Pick of the Week:
00:01:23 – Superman #32

00:12:16 – Outcast #1
00:18:33 – Sex #14
00:23:31 – Avengers: Undercover #6
00:28:21 – Trees #2
00:38:25 – Batman #32
00:40:12 – Revival #21
00:42:31 – Ms. Marvel #5
00:45:45 – Justice League #32
00:48:38 – Stray Bullets: The Killers #4

Book of the Month:
00:50:53 – Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones

Audience Question:
00:57:21 – Adam has a theory about The New 52, and asks what we’d like to have happen.

“(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection”


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  1. Deadly Class #6 was my pick of the week again. This series is INCREDIBLE! Outcast was behind it. It was also an awesome first issue. Superman #32 is also up there for this. This might have been the first Superman comic I actually really rally enjoyed reading and I’m not a fan of him at all. I believe in Geoff Johns.

  2. It was Flash Gordon by a mile for me this week. Holy crap that book is fun. I can’t stop smiling when I read it.

  3. “Crisis on the Infinite Earths” didn’t wipe the slate very clean, either. I suppose they had less history to compress than they did with the New 52, but I think the real difference between the two is that they followed up “Crisis” with a lot of good comics.

    • Correct.

      At this point, I’m sick of events and continuity in general. If we can just ditch some of the costumes and just have people start telling good stories in the individual comics without worrying about what’s going on in other places, I’d be fine with that. I’ve kind of enjoyed how its been done in Swamp Thing. At the beginning of that series, we were clearly dealing with reconciling the New 52/White Lantern related new origin mashup but that has just completely been forgotten about and just doesn’t come up anymore. It feels like its all a mashup of the best aspects of Swamp Thing stories of the past and just doesn’t deal with the details. I like the mini-events that crossover between just a couple of titles because I think there’s more editorial focus and its something the creators of the participating books come up with themselves rather than an editorial edict of participation that doesn’t always work for what the issue’s individual creators are doing. They have written themselves into a corner with Batman. I think a lot of what I’ve liked about Zero Year is that we’re just not having to deal with it. I’d rather just have some retcons clear things up and not have to deal with a line-wide event that never seems to clean things ups as well as they’d like.

    • “They have written themselves into a corner with Batman. I think a lot of what I’ve liked about Zero Year is that we’re just not having to deal with it.”

      This is a great point.

  4. I’m right there with you on Stray Bullets, Paul. If you like it each month don’t stop.

  5. DC is indeed marketing Superman #32 as Romita’s first DC Comics work, but they’re conveniently forgetting about an official Batman / Punisher crossover he drew in ’94 or so. They may technically still be right, as I believe Marvel published that specific issue while DC published a different Punisher / Batman crossover around the same time.

  6. can’t get Nelson out of my head either, thanks…

  7. Hey guys, thanks for answering my question! That was nearly the exact discussion I was hoping to hear. Actually, it inspired me to expand my pin and string diagram out of my DC Investigations Room and into the adjoining hallway! On a slightly related matter, you all will be called as witnesses at my divorce hearing….

  8. Mark Waid as DC’s EIC? Yes, please.

  9. Haven’t listened to the episode yet but will there be a Transformers Special Edition podcast? I’ve hated all those movies and went back and relistened to the Special Edition podcasts for the first three and they are so funny.

    I like Paul on the podcast but do miss Ron’s laugh. Maybe you guys should sample it and trigger it during the episodes.

  10. Wow (spoilers)!! That WAS the happiest ending to a “Stray Bullets” issue ever…

  11. That Nelson song is stuck in my head on repeat. “Here She Comes…” But great podcast nonetheless.

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