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Pick of the Week #439 – Smallville: Lantern #12

Show Notes

Paul is going to watch Ghostbusters! Also, we talk about comics. We’ll have to talk about Ghostbusters later. We suppose it’s still worth listening to, if you’re into that thing.

Running Time: 01:09:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:46 – Smallville: Lantern #12

Smallville_Lantern_12 copy

00:12:07 – Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2
00:15:41 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2
00:19:38 – Green Arrow #32
00:22:17 – Original Sin #3
00:26:44 – Big Trouble in Little China #1
00:30:52 – Cyclops #2
00:32:33 – Earth 2 #24
00:33:43 – Moon Knight #4

Book of the Month:
00:38:54 – The Love Bunglers by Jamie Hernandez

Audience Question:
00:51:11 – Monica asks about sports and comics, and why the two rarely mix.

“Hands Up!”
Walking Concert


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  1. I think the only thing keeping on Moon Knight is the art but other than that its been such a lackluster and disjointed story.

    • I disagree pretty strongly. I think this is a very different take on the character. He has never had the smart gadgets the way he does now. While he is more a loner than ever, he is not acting as a mysterious vigilante, but instead seems to work in tandem with the police department. He is driven in a self-driving limo about the town without really hiding his presence. The way he uses his car, his glider, his helicopter, etc, etc, are completely different from anything we’ve seen in the past (Frenchie adds to growing French unemployment problem). And it appears he scrapped (for the better) what I thought was the ham-handed way that Bendis (who otherwise wrote a great Moon Knight in the recent series) used Cap, Wolverine, and Spidey to showcase his multiple personalities.

      Overall, I don’t think anyone has nearly captured the idea that it is Marc Spector’s ‘insanity’ that is his biggest asset. He seems to have no self-doubt.

      And I think you have to give the writer credit for some of the art too…I mean, it must be his idea to have MK in a white suit and hoodless mask, and to have variations on the uniform.

      I’ve been shocked how this book has jumped to the top of my reading pile. The previous issue where he fought the dead by donning armor for fighting ghosts showed how this character can do things wouldn’t feel right with Batman.

      But, yea, that art IS gorgeous!

  2. Just started listening. I think there is a mistake in the show notes. It should be Earth 2 #24, not #4 (unless you are reviewing a comic from the by gone days of 2012). 🙂

  3. I’d recommend HEART by Blair Butler, Kevin Mellon, and Crank. It’s a great story about MMA, but it touches on the raw emotive nature of the semi-pro amautuer sports life.

  4. Sports has a huge niche in manga, but why not in western comics?

  5. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    The question this week reminded me how much I want to track down the entire NFL SuperPro series.

    • IMPORTANT UPDATE: I just bought the entire NFL SuperPro series. It should be arriving to my hunger little hands in the next few weeks.

  6. I tried out the first volume of Superior Foes of Spider-Man and I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t a fan of Steve Leiber’s art. I’d like to see if Leiber’s art in Whiteout is more to my taste.

  7. Greg Smallwood is not only the new guy on Moon Knight, he’s also a member of the iFanbase and he did the pencils for Dream Thief.

  8. A British sports comic was Roy of the Rovers about a soccer player.

    • There’s quiet a history of British comics featuring sport. Along with Roy of the Rovers there was Billy’s Boots, Hotshot MacHamish (all footie).

      2000AD had lots of Future sports stories (not the same thing I know) Inferno, Harlem Heroes & Mean Machine.

  9. Thanks for reading my question.
    Great recomendations in the comments, I’ll check them out.

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