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Pick of the Week #424 – Daredevil #36

Show Notes

No love life talk this week. Just comics, and only comics take over, as we get in deep with an excellent week of sequentials and raccoon based cinema.

Running Time: 01:11:23

Pick of the Week:
00:01:25 – Daredevil #36

00:10:22 – Amazing X-Men #4
00:14:24 – The Unwritten: Apocalypse #2
00:19:24 – Harley Quinn #4
00:22:42 – The Shadow Hero #1
00:32:10 – Adventures of Superman #43
00:38:37 – Undertow #1
00:40:46 – Alex and Ada #4
00:42:02 – Captain America #17
00:43:35 – Justice League #28

Book of the Month:
00:49:05 – God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne

Audience Question:
00:57:37 – Randy asks what books he needs to read beforeĀ Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters.

“The Time of the Preacher”
Willie Nelson


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  1. I love Chris Samnee’s cartooning. It’s art and storytelling like this that keeps my love for superhero comics alive and burning.

  2. I am hooked on a feeling. I loved the trailer.

  3. Great picks, guys, for both the music and the pick of the week. I am going to miss the $3 price point but I’m glad that that’s virtually all I’m going to miss when the new Daredevil starts because this was an utterly fantastic end to a fantastic volume of Daredevil. I actually was never much of a fan of DD before Waid came on board but not only has this proven time and time to be the textbook example of how to do a modern superhero comic book, but I also came to really like Matt Murdoch in the process.

    A few notes on Unwritten, though: First, the Fables storyline had nothing to do with Fables itself. It was an alternate reality story that apparently was entirely divorced from what’s going on in Fables right now. I dropped Fables around the same time as Josh but I read up on it and this seems to be the case. As for the reboot of Unwritten, I’m assuming it was just a way to up the price point but it is actually the twelve part finale of the story.

    However, technicalities aside, though I too was disappointed with the Fables crossover, I have really been enjoying the Apocolyse story so far as it actually feels more like Unwritten than the book has in at least a year. And I don’t think the literary allusions are that out there, especially since the characters basically explain what they’re referring to in this issue. I don’t think The Unwritten is going to go down as being anywhere near as good as the same team’s work on Lucifer, but I do think it looks to at least end pretty strongly.

    Other than that, great work as always, fellas!

    • Thank you Ilash. I wasn’t sure if the unwritten was ending or this was just an ongoing reboot. I did speak to Al Davidson last year (he did some finishes for Peter Gross) and he seemed to think that it wouldn’t even get this far. So I’m glad that the story seems to be getting a proper end.
      I felt the same about the fables crossover; It really felt like a last ditch attempt to get the numbers up.

  4. Doesn’t Big Hero Six come out at the end of this year too?

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